21 Dec 2018
Trump is right on troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan
in America

We should accept, support and encourage the right steps taken by Trump. Yes, Trump has not been very appreciative of our works and support … however, for the greater good of the world … we have to separate the right from the wrong. This is a right move and it should be appreciated and Trump should be given the right credit for it.

Some pointers why this is a right move

  • Saves American tax payer money by the trillions
  • These countries will never be able to repay what we have spent there
  • Our activities and presence is not resulting in anything constructive … it is only destroying these countries more
  • Very little local appreciation … no one likes the war and destruction created by America in these countries.
  • Russia is doing a fantastic job ... fighting off terrorist forces and stabilizing countries … costing American tax payers zero dollars
  • America is a victim of a "rigged system" … aggressive military activity in any other country is not guaranteed to result into anything positive … look what is happening since the past 16 years
  • Allowing Russia to lead the world is creating peace for everyone
  • Pulling off troops from Syria eliminates one front that could be used to create a world war … Russia attacking American bases or America attacking Russian bases in Syria could result in a massive war
  • A divided Syria would only mean terrorists would thrive in other zones and could create ISIS like problems in the future
  • American withdrawal of troops means a "unified Syria" … a unified, peaceful and stable Syria
  • There is no more ISIS or Al Qaeda … why waste hundreds of billions of tax payer money being where there is no work to do?
  • We should have never gone there in the first place
  • No, Russia is not winning … it is world peace and stability that is winning … thanks to Russia's cooperation

Afghanistan is not the same as Syria
Syria has Russia's support. Trump should encourage Afghan leaders to connect and use Russia's support in fighting off terrorist groups and to handle the Taliban. Don't make any public statements for this to avoid negative interference. Do it behind the scenes. Tell Afghan leaders to tie up with Russia for:

  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • And even combat operations

Why Russian involvement?

  • Firstly, Afghanistan will never pay us the trillions that we have spent there
  • Secondly, our systems are rigged. As long as it is going to be an American military operation … it will be doomed to failure. Until and unless our systems are fixed … we have to use Russia's support to stablize countries.
  • Thirdly, Russian operations are more cost effective.
  • Fourthly, the Establishment terrorist elements start fleeing and winding up operations the moment Russia comes into the scene. Russia easily surpasses Establishment malice.
  • This way, you can minimize your presence and reduce your expenses in Afghanistan … as well as secure & stabilize the country.

If Afghanistan is directly tying up with Russia then it is not Trump's or America's problem. They are doing what is good for their country. They are trying to keep their people safe and they have every right to do so. This way … you will also avoid any negative backlash. There shouldn't be much negative backlash … it is just some Establishment puppets … they will try to make some noise and try to show that your decision is wrong. When in reality, it is the right move.

If you pull off the above then you get the credit for peace and stability in 3 countries:

  • In the Koreas … already making history there
  • A unified and stable Syria
  • A peaceful and stable Afghanistan

Do this and I will tell you what to do about Yemen as well … this will put 4 victories under your fold.