12 Dec 2018
France is a major Establishment center in Europe
in America

Its good that some news channels are covering the protests in France. But 95% of them are still censoring the protests. 95% of them are still focused on anti-Trump news. However, these protests have been going on since the past 5-6 years … and now they are getting coverage. The world should know why the French people are protesting … what is bringing them on the streets and what they want.

What you should know is that … “France” is a major Establishment center in Europe. France holds the largest number of Jews in Europe and France has been afflicted by almost all of the same Establishment systems that have been implemented in America. It faces the same nature of wealth drain, jobs and industry losses … just like America is facing. The French people have been taxed to the max … they are paying about 50% in taxes … the country and people have enormous amount of debt and the people cannot take it anymore.

If America starts clearing its debt or even tries to stop borrowing more money … then it will have no choice but to tax the people to pay for the difference. On this path, America will turn into France in no time. America is literally looking at its future in these French protests. We have successfully held off a World War … thanks to Trump’s and Putin’s cooperation. Now America and Europe is going to face the biggest problem of the century … and that is the Debt Crisis.

Coverage of these French protests is nothing but the coverage of the debt crisis. The French National Debt is only about $2.6 Trillion. America has about 10 times the debt and it hasn’t done shit about it. We are accumulating more and more and more debt. Seeing the riots and protests in France will help the American people realize what this debt crisis does. It is this realization that terrorizes the Establishment. This is the main reason why these protests are still censored in 95% of the mainstream media in the US.

If there was one Muslim guy with a knife on the streets of France then the US media would be going ballistic about it. They would go on and on and rant about it for several days. If someone was hurt then politicians would hold solidarity marches for them. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of French people on the streets in several cities in France … rioting, protesting and wanting to be heard … and guess what … the Establishment media is censoring everything and trying to turn a blind eye … as if nothing even happened. This is the difference between an Establishment agenda run for the benefit of the Establishment … and people stepping out on the streets against Establishment agendas and systems.

If one guy gets hurt … the Establishment will make big news about it. If millions are being hurt by Establishment systems … the Establishment will censor it and pretend that it did not even happen. You can verify this right now in the US media … just check, how many US media outlets are covering the protests in France.


And voila! We got an AllahuAkbar guy in France today. Check the coverage given to this event.