11 Dec 2018
Sky with a Million Shining Stars
in America

I did not enter the scene and put the sharks in the water. The sharks were already there … they were carrying out massive catastrophes around the world. I entered the scene only to save the world from these sharks. And no, my work is not illegal.

  • It is not illegal to stop world wars
  • It is not illegal to save millions of lives
  • It is not illegal to save trillions of tax payer money
  • It is not illegal to save countries from destruction
  • It is not illegal to introduce great policies that will take the world into a new era

You might be sitting there and thinking:

  • Why the hell do I have to follow this guy?
  • Why did he start this work in the first place?
  • Because I am not following him, I am getting so many problems.

You are thinking like that because you entered the scene just a couple of years ago. We have been saving America and Europe from destruction continuously since the past 10 years. The problem is that … you thought that it was a beautiful and clean beach … and you went for a swim. You had no idea about the sharks in the water. We alerted you about this even before you stepped in the White House. But still you went for a swim when there are sharks in the water.

So, if someone goes for a swim where there are sharks in the water … even when he is warned that there are sharks in the water … then whose fault is it? The Lifeguard who warned you about the sharks … who is saving you from the sharks every now and then … or the guy who went for a swim when there are sharks in the water?

You have two options.

  • Quit. You can simply quit. Say that you don’t want any more of this shit. It simply requires a resignation on one paper and you will be out of the waters. But I am not sure about cent percent safety after you quit because you have already made so many deals and being anti-Trump is a major Establishment agenda. The disadvantage of this option is that … the Establishment will have an upper hand and you will have no power to combat any Establishment aggression later on. It could be the beginning of a nightmare. And on top of that … you are not a quitter. If you had to quit … you would have quit a long time ago.
  • Rise to greatness. Deal with the damn sharks and come out winning. Get fabulous victories and rise to greatness.

A bunch of guys sitting under a rock in China
This is the truth that you should know about the Establishment. It is comprised of nothing but a handful of families. The moment governments start getting activated on their malicious systems … these guys will be sitting under a rock in China and try to run their show from there. The Establishment Monopoly is nothing but a structure built with hollow straws. While we run our policies, the only thing that they can do from China is empty “noise making”. It will be a clean cut victory.

A Sky with a Million Shining Stars
You are facing trouble because you are remaining stagnant in waters surrounded by sharks. This is not a time to remain stagnant in the White House. Till date … your entire Presidency is like a dot on the blackboard. Because of which, any allegation against Trump is coming out to be like a strike on the blackboard. Any strike is bigger than a dot … which is why it is making a lot of news. Your policies, your Presidency, your work … is not big enough to contain the aggression against you.

Your Presidency should not be a dot on the blackboard … but it should be a huge clear sky with a million shining stars in it. That’s how your policies should be … that’s how your Presidency should be … that’s how your work should be ... a million shining stars in the Sky.

Anyone talking against Trump should be treated like a fart in the air. Your magnificence should reach such heights that anyone speaking against you should be looked down upon as a moron. I will give you a living example. There are some people who criticize the work of Mother Teresa. Her work around the world is so fabulous, lovely, caring and fantastic that everyone hold her in the highest esteem. Love and respect for her is to such an extent that her critics are seen as morons.

Mother Teresa’s activities were of a different line. But you as the President of the United States … as the leader of the Free World … at such a critical time … trust me … you have the capability and the potential to create a million shining stars in the sky. People will be awestruck at the scale and heights that you will reach very soon.

Criminalize being human
What this petty Establishment is trying to do right now is … criminalize being human. So what if you slept with a few women? You are an adult … she is an adult … you had sex … so what, get over it. It is simply petty crappy stuff that they are using to create headlines. In fact, they are doing their best to criminalize being human. They are trying to hunt for an excuse to show that, something in there must be illegal … which is utterly ridiculous.

If you see the activities of this very malicious Establishment … then see what they have been doing since the past two Administrations. Since the past 16 years, they have been killing hundreds of thousands of people, blowing up hard earned American tax payer money by the trillions, destroying countries and rendering millions of people homeless. President Trump has stopped all of that within 2 years of his Presidency. Something that could not be done during the Bush Administration … millions of people poured onto the streets and their cries fell on deaf ears … something that could not be done under the Obama Administration … something that could not be stopped for the past 16 years … Trump got it done within 2 years.

And the worst thing that they can find under the Trump Administration is that … Trump slept with some hottie? Seriously, is that the worst thing that has ever happened under the previous Administrations? All of this is nothing but plain bullshit and pathetic attempts to criminalize basic human behavior by the worst criminals of all time. Trump should never give in to these Establishment Criminals … rise and fight … we will give you stunning victories.