09 Dec 2018
The Witches are on our side
in America

Since our work targets the Jewish Establishment … Trump is calling our work a “witch hunt” … which means that he is referring to Jews as witches. Just for the sake of understanding … let’s go along with this terminology. What President Trump does not know or understand is that … the witches are on our side. The majority of the witches support and want this project.

Trump is repeatedly demanding an end to the “witch hunt”:

  • Maybe to show loyalty to the Establishment
  • To portray himself as the savior of the Establishment
  • Thinking that it will win Establishment favor and support
  • Thinking that stopping our project will bring the Establishment on his side

Let’s show Trump how this project helps the “witch network” and how they themselves are craving for this project to start.

The Establishment is only a handful of families
The first thing that you should know is that … the Establishment is only a handful of families. Every Jew is not a billionaire … every Jew does not own a bank … and every Jew does not own a manufacturing industry. The entire banking network is maintained within a few families and so are other corporate segments. The entire Establishment network is owned, managed and directed by only a handful of families via think tanks.

These think tanks do all of the analysis and send daily and weekly instructions to media companies and other networks … as to what to promote and what to demote … which agenda must be run in the media and which must be censored. At the top there are just a few hands running the show.

Two Modes of Operation and Control
There are mainly two modes of operation and control over a company:

  • Employer-Employee Relation. This is the open and commonly known relation. Since you are the employee of the company then you are obliged to follow the instructions of your managers and directors. Think Tanks forward daily and weekly agendas to media companies and the media companies collectively create a propaganda across the country.
  • Matrix Mode. There is a second parallel mode of operation via the Matrix. Let’s just say that … if you don’t listen to your employer then you get fired … but if you don’t follow the Matrix then they can ruin your life. They can rattle the shit out of you via legals, health and finances … managers and directors are included in this mode.

The anti-Trump agenda across America is run via the Employer-Employee relation. But almost the entire witch network is very well aware of who the Top Witches are … the schemes that they run and how adversely it will affect them as well. No one is interested in following the Top Witches … mainly because:

  • Anti-Semitism. The trash that the Top Witches do … it affects the common witches. This debt crisis can lead to an economic collapse which will be directly blamed on the banks … everybody knows that Jews run the banks. The entire failure in the system will lead to an enormous increase in anti-Semitism.
  • Mass Killings and Expulsions. This has already happened after World War I and during World War II in Europe. The problems that the Top Witches create, lead to the mass killings and expulsion of the common Witches.

For the common people facing the debt crisis … the issue will be related only to finances. But for the majority of the witches … it will be finance, mass killings as well as expulsions. They will face 3 times more abuse and assault just because their roots are from the witch network.

How to verify this support from the witch network?
Well, the Matrix is a zone that cannot be identified or detected … that’s how it is designed. But if you want factual verification of the support and cooperation from the witch network then this is what you need to see.

Two major reasons why abuse from the Establishment does not stop for Trump

  • The Establishment loves anything anti-Trump. It might be a book or celebrity or news channel or event … if it is anti-Trump then the Establishment loves it and promotes it to the fullest extent. Because they hate Trump to the core and they want him gone. We told you before … these guys are backstabbers. They will send 2 guys to blow your horn and then they will send 20 others to stab you in the back.
  • The majority of the Witch Network is rejecting your Establishment worship. The entire country is watching your favors and support for the Establishment … including the witches. And it is only terrorizing the witches and creating more worry and disturbance for them. They know that the Top Witches will only facilitate destruction and they will not have any support once it begins. Instead of solving the crisis and changing the systems … you are worshiping the Top Witches, who will bring disaster on the majority of the witches. This is the second reason why the ridicule, lawsuits and investigations are only increasing from Establishment elements. They are openly rejecting your favors and worship. They don’t need it and they don’t want it.

Rattling Netanyahu in Israel, the land of the witches
The second major activity in motion that you will see is that … SM Elements are able to rattle Netanyahu on Israeli soil itself. What is Israel? As per your terminology … it is the land of the witches. Why are the witches rattling the shit out of the Chief Witch? Exactly … because they know very well what this Top Witch is up to … he is trying to use Israel as bait to start a world war.

The witches themselves are collectively working and cooperating in knocking out the Top Witches. You are thinking that this is a “witch hunt” … but what you don’t know is that … it is the witches themselves working on rooting out the Top Witches. They are openly rejecting your worship … because they want to be saved and not worshiped.

The need for laws for reform
The thing here is … via the Matrix … any politician, celebrity, company or bank … can very easily be rattled. Here are some live examples for this also:

  • Oil Companies. During the Obama Era, there was a lot of oil being leaked into the Ocean. Oil companies lost billions worth oil and had to pay by the billions for the clean-up and in fines. It didn’t just happen … it was the Matrix trying to shake the Oil Companies a little bit.
  • Hillary Clinton. Firing Hillary Clinton from being Secretary of State, making sure she loses in elections and making sure that she never wins again … is a Matrix based activity.
  • Weapons Industry. Activating more than 3,000 schools all over America against the NRA and demand new gun laws … is a Matrix based activity.
  • Feds flee with the Gold. The Federal Reserve Bankers fleeing with their gold from Israel to South China Sea … this fear was again created via the Matrix.

Rattling anyone via the Matrix is incredibly easy … it might be a top politician, oil company, weapons industry or bankers. But the issue is how many companies are we going to rattle like this? How many politicians will we fire? How many companies will we shut down? How many bankers are we going to chase? There are hundreds of thousands of companies, media outlets and banks that need to be changed. We cannot go around hammering everyone … for this we need “laws and new systems” which can be implemented on everyone across the country.

We don’t need to use a parallel intelligence system like the Matrix to fix problems. We can use the full strength of the government … of the intelligence agencies, police department and legal systems to make everyone follow the new laws and systems. With each new law … you can create an impact over tens of thousands of companies. This is the need of the hour.

This is what everybody knows … this is what everybody already understands … including the witches. And what you are thinking is … “I will stop this witch hunt and become a hero” … when everyone is looking at you as the obstacle and they are openly rejecting your favors and worship.

You have a lot, a lot and a lot to learn. Just be patient and open minded … play your role and rise to greatness.