08 Dec 2018
And the anti-Trump year begins
in America

Mueller making a lot of noise lately? Yeah … we told you. They used your second year in wasting time and campaigning for the Midterms. They knew very well that they can easily help the Democrats win. Hillary, the most hated politician of our time, got more votes than Trump. Helping other Dems win was a piece of cake for them … especially when you are one person campaigning and the Establishment has tens of thousands of media outlets spread across the country that do the campaigning for them.

It was a piece of cake for them and a total waste of time for you. One of the main reasons why they misled you and wasted your time is that … “the more time you have in your Presidency, the more powerful you are to lead the change”. If you had acted in the first year of your Presidency itself … then you had 4 full years of time to lead the change, to connect with the people, to develop your support, to root out the anti-Trump Establishment elements and make enormous changes. The more time you have, the better it was for you.

That’s why they misled you and stagnated an entire year. Two years have already passed … you have already lost 50% of your time in action. As per their plans, this year is going to be an even more aggressive anti-Trump agenda. Don’t be under the impression that “Mueller is going to wind up” … nothing is winding up. If they even wind up one investigation then they will unleash 10 others. The Establishment’s agenda is to eliminate the Trump Presidency. They will be actively working to knock out Trump from the White House.

Another thing that you should know is that … nothing will be sudden. Even though it is going to be an aggressive anti-Trump year … impeachment or jail will not come suddenly, as of now. That is mainly because they want you impeached at the end of 2019 or early 2020. That’ the ideal planned time to impeach Trump. The only thing they will do now is facilitate a track and provide enough demonization to impeach you at the right time.

That’s the worst outcome possible. If you dodge impeachment by any chance … then they will guarantee a sweeping victory by the Dems. But that will not be the end game for you … they will still continue the lawsuits and investigations … and put a microscope on every deal that you made and show the world how you benefited from the Presidency. They will try to brand you as a thief and this bad image will lead to people, companies and political leaders abandoning your businesses or any deals that they might have made with you. These criminal cases of emoluments and stealing from public funds will lead to bankruptcy for Trump businesses worldwide. This is what’s planned during the first term of the Democrats after your Dad is defeated in 2020.

I know … it’s a tipsy turvy world out there and you don’t know who is pulling what string. There are 3 sharks in the waters now. Later on, the waters will be so roughed up that you will not even know who is pulling what string. The only thing that I can tell you is that … the more you waste time, the weaker your position will be to do anything.

  • Full Power. At first, you were the elected President with a full term … with only some sex scandals at your hand
  • Half Power. Now, you have a huge pile of lawsuits, demonization, investigations and you have already lost half of your Presidency
  • Zero Power. If you keep wasting time like this … then you will pretty much lose in 2020 … which means no more Presidential powers, no more White House, no more Executive Branch in your hands, no access to any government powers and you will be under the hammer of everyone around you. This is how they are planning to begin 2021 … a powerless Trump with no access to anything and you will not be able to stop them or change anything at that time. You will simply be on the receiving side.

If you are thinking that you are in the worst situation possible. No my dear friend, the real nightmare is planned to begin in 2021 for the Trumps. Just giving you a heads up. You need to wake up … if not for your people … if not for your country … then at least for yourself and your family.

We warn you about things before they happen. We predict what the Establishment will do in the next steps … because we understand their ideology and we know their tools and techniques … and how they will use these tools and techniques in the next steps. Right in the beginning of your Presidency … we warned you about demonization and lawsuits … you did nothing. During the Midterms itself, we told you that you were being misled and that they were wasting your time. We warned you of an aggressive anti-Trump year next. You lost in the Midterms and the aggressive anti-Trump year has also begun. This is still not the worst … the worst will come in 2021 … where, even if you want to do anything then you will have no powers.

I will let you know later how the 3 sharks are designed … so that it will give you some level of understanding. You will know who is playing what move and how each element functions in the system.