02 Dec 2018
The Establishment prioritizes defending itself over attacking Trump
in America

The good thing about Bush dying right now is that ... this will be one of the few International trips of Trump ... where he will be returning without the media running a massive anti-Trump agenda.  The Establishment probably pushed the death of Bush in order to cover the protests in Paris ... but at the same time they ended up helping Trump. Lol.

I guess censoring protests in France was more important this time as CNN has already started covering the mass protests in France against Macron. Before this ... the Establishment had nothing to defend themselves against ... they used to go on a full swing offensive against Trump. Now, since CNN is covering the protests, since the past few days ... which is a major threat for the Establishment in America ... the Establishment quickly prioritizes its own defense over attacking Trump.

An interesting lesson to learn from here is:

  • Attack the Establishment's systems and
  • The Establishment stops attacking Trump and provides full focus on defending themselves.

Just look at all media channels since two days ... everyone is covering Bush's death in all headlines ... as if he is Abraham Lincoln ... giving him so much importance and respect. In fact, all of this "importance and respect" is total garbage ... it is nothing but a cover-up for the protests in France. Since the Establishment media has nothing to write about ... they are making up stuff to show great importance and respect for Bush ... only to justify the hyped up coverage.

The only thing that the Establishment is clamoring here is to save its own ass and to make sure that there is no coverage of the French protests in America. Its very interesting to see that the Establishment prioritizes defending itself over attacking Trump. This is living proof that anti-Trumpism and the anti-Russian propaganda will vaporize the moment we bring the focus on the Establishment's malicious systems. The Establishment will have no time or scope for any anti-Trump or anti-Russian activity, the moment their systems come under threat. They will be busy clamoring to defend themselves, backing off, aborting their policies & systems and start defending themselves in all possible ways.