26 Nov 2018
Migrant Caravan is a Termination Strategy
in America

Another thing that you are not aware is that … the migrant caravan of more than 10,000 people is an Establishment termination strategy designed to self-destruct the Trump Presidency. This is how it is set up.

  • Sensitive to Migrants and Border Wall. The Establishment knows very well that Trump is very sensitive to illegal immigrants crossing the borders and that he will use every opportunity to ask funding for his Border Wall.
  • Migrant Caravan before Midterms. So what the Establishment did was … they set up a migrant “caravan” of thousands of immigrants just before the Midterm Elections.
  • Promoted in Establishment Media. This caravan was widely promoted in the Establishment media all across North America … which resulted in the caravan increasing to more than 10,000 immigrants. When in reality if you see … illegal immigration is carried out in the dark and complete silence. No one forms a “caravan” and provide it maximum publicity to cross borders illegally. The whole thing is a setup.
  • Show Trump as racist, divisive and narrow minded. They knew that Trump will fall for the bait which he did. Trump goes all offensive against the migrants … via Tweets, threats, cutting off funding for other countries, sending soldiers to the border, making speeches and also formulate policies and laws against migrants. What the Establishment is showing the world is … on one side we have the richest and most powerful President of the world … and he is at war with poor, hungry and scared Christians who are looking for help and a better life.
  • Self-Destruct Strategy. It is a designed as a “self-destruct” strategy where “Trump will himself fall for the bait and start his divisive rhetoric against immigrants. He will lose public support … and thereby lose a lot of votes and we will be able to get rid of Trump using his own hands.”

Well, now if you look at it … did their strategy work? Hell yes, it did ... and you did not even know that it was a self-destruct termination strategy. It was one of the reasons that you got a whopping loss in the Midterms. It was designed only to showcase Trump’s anger, division and how he uses his powers against weak people of the society.

Why do you think that we are alerting you of an “advanced stage of termination” in process? You are not even realizing how they are using you to terminate your own Presidency. Illegal immigration is definitely an issue but your tactics are wrong in handling the same.

Low Inflation and Rising Salaries

Happy about the low inflation and increasing salaries? So, how much is the increase in salaries? 2%? 3%? This is what you need to know.

  • Progress is relative. You are getting an increase in salaries by 2-3% but the American people are in debt by 100-200% of their income. An increment of 2-3% does not change anything. You have to work on strategies that will bring change by 100-200% in the lives of the people. That’s point number one.
  • Borrowing Trillions. You are borrowing trillions just to keep the country running. Why do you think there is a catastrophe in Greece and France? Because these countries do not want to borrow more and they want to clear off the debt. Try not borrowing any more money and try to start clearing off the debt that you have … and America will end up in France’s position in no time. Why? Because there is no way in hell that you can generate 21.5 Trillion to pay off the debt based on the current wealth drain systems. The only thing you can do is … raise taxes and make the people pay for it. And once you start making the people pay for it … that’s when you get violent protests on the streets against the government.
  • Lenders Decreasing. Many countries are already dumping US Securities … your lenders are already decreasing day by day. The moment America will not be able to borrow more money that’s when the catastrophe will be begin.

In this scenario, what the Trump Administration is doing is … borrowing the highest amounts possible and spending the highest amounts possible … which is sending red alerts all across the Matrix.

There are many issues out there that interconnect the world. What your Dad does not realize is that … he doesn’t have to lead America alone … he has to lead the entire world in many aspects.

Some Background Info
This is basically what happened. Trump was getting a huge backlash early in his Presidency, mainly because of his racist policies against the minorities … against Blacks, Muslims, Latin and Mexican people. The Establishment was banking on this rhetoric from Trump to create anti-Trump rallies and demonize Trump at the National scale.

But owing to Ivanka’s continuous cooperation with us … she understood how the Establishment was playing the game against the Trump Presidency and she successfully molded many of Trump’s strategies … especially the ones that involved addressing the minorities. And this resulted in Trump very rarely addressing these issues and the “chaos” that the Establishment was planning under the Trump Presidency was failed. Ivanka’s cooperation and molding of the Trump Presidency helped in failing the Establishment’s preplanned chaos.

Then we got continuous improvement in jobs and economy … which we again suggested Trump to take credit for. As a result … what the people were seeing was:

  • No more racist talk against minorities and
  • A winning economy

The people were like … if Trump is doing good and there is no more racism from him … then that’s a good thing. Trump’s approval ratings started to improve. The Establishment was very disturbed at this turn of events and they wanted to fail Trump in the Midterms.

  • Media Monopoly. They already have tens of thousands of media outlets controlled by them. But they needed hardcore racist and anti-minority statements from Trump.
  • Migrant Caravan. The Establishment runs its strategies with “real events”. Just like all terrorist events were real events … similarly, this “migrant caravan” is a real event designed only to push Trump to start his anti-migrant racist talk again.

They are getting real statements from Trump which they are using in their media to self-destruct the Trump Presidency. The whole thing is a gimmick and a trap. Trump seriously needs to revise his tactics and techniques of handling this issue.