22 Nov 2018
America Stands at a Critical Turning Point
in America

The current American scenario is where … the Establishment’s anti-Trump agenda is winning … SM is pissed off at Trump for inaction … people are waiting eagerly, many of whom are even frustrated … Democrats are moving into majority and planning various actions. But there is one thing that we are not noticing …

  • There are no more wars
  • There are no more politics of hate, fear and division
  • There is no more War on Terror or terrorism or ISIS
  • We are living in a peaceful world where we can actually focus on what’s important for the people.

Today, America is standing at a critical turning point in its history … where we are going to move into a new, modern and fantastic America that will keep People First. It was literally impossible for us to imagine to have such a turning point during George Bush. We couldn’t even think that this guy would ever listen to the people and change anything at all. And that’s how it was … millions of Americans poured onto the streets … demanding that our troops come back from Iraq and demanding that these wars should stop. Our cries fell on deaf ears … we were living in a dark era … we got absolutely no change throughout Bush’s two terms.

But today … America is changing … slowly but surely and beautifully … and moving onto a beautiful path … a path of peace, progress and prosperity for all. There are certain fantastic and bold elements we must be thankful for … who dared to go against the flow … who dared to do what is right … who stood up to what is wrong and did what is right for the people.

  • Obamas. Thanks to Obama’s understanding of the crisis and having the courage to make the right moves … and stand up to this malice … it has helped in a global movement involving world’s top politicians in this issue.
  • Putin. Thanks to Putin for stepping forward and shooting down American missiles … not once but twice … over Syria. This was something totally historic … that never ever happened before … that Russia shoots down American missiles over a Muslim country. It is because of this beautiful and bold move from Putin that we have peace in the world. Otherwise, we would be locked into another 8 years of war under some stupid pretext.
  • Ivanka Trump. She has been fabulous in initiating bold and courageous moves from the Trump Presidency. Otherwise, the probability was … destruction under Hillary or chaos under Trump. We avoided destruction by avoiding Hillary … and Ivanka was the one that managed the chaos under Trump.
    • Immigrants. It might be molding Trump’s approach towards 11 million illegal immigrants and how to address the border wall issue.
    • Police Violence. It might be addressing of the police violence issues against blacks.
    • Stopping Wars. Or it might be stopping wars against Syria and North Korea.

It was owing to her coordination and intervention that America is standing at this beautiful turning point.

  • We have saved trillions of dollars which would be spent on silly wars
  • We have saved hundreds of thousands of our soldiers from PTSD and unnecessary wars
  • We have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in other countries
  • We have saved several cities from destruction

It is because of Obamas, Putin and Ivanka … and God, of course … that we are standing today … with a “normal America” that can think logically and move forward with common sense.

So, the people who are totally frustrated with Trump … don’t be soooo frustrated. Yes, nothing much positive has been done … but what’s important here is that … we have stopped many many negative things. Because before Trump … during Bush and Obama … America was only occupied with total bullshit. It took a lot of effort from Obamas, Putin and Ivanka to end the bullshit.

Today, we know who the assholes are … who to listen and not to listen … and what are all of the malicious systems and techniques that our lovely criminal Establishment uses.

It is actually not bad that within two years of the Trump Presidency we are standing at this critical turning point. If Trump plays his role properly then it can be fabulous 6 years ahead for Trump and the American people. It can be a critical changing point for the entire world. We have almost all of the parameters in place to move into a beautiful and fabulous new era.

Happy Thanksgiving!