20 Nov 2018
Keep an open mind, be flexible and be very very patient
in America

Always keep this in mind … we love you and we will help you win. I repeat … we love you and we will help you win. This is the bottom line of all of our works and efforts … well almost.

No Democracy in a Hotel
You are coming from a hotel business background. There is very little Democracy in a hotel business. Freedom of speech, the freedom to hold your opinion or the freedom to criticize the top guy … all of these are very limited in the corporate culture. You are used to obedience, respect, loyalty, praise and compliments. And you get rattled the moment any negative input is given … mainly because it impacts your hotel’s image and affects your business. You are used to maintaining everything in 5 Star condition … promoting your hotel as the best and yourself as the best in the industry.

You are doing the same thing in politics and it is not adding up well.

  • The enormous praise that you give yourself even before you do anything … does not add up well
  • Getting rattled and disturbed when the opposition party or your own people comment against you or your policies … does not add up well
  • Running politics only in plus-minus mode … it is a very limited approach and does not add up well

Listen to your people
The most important thing for any leader is to “listen to the people”. Don’t expect only positive inputs and praises … we are not living in Paradise. There will always be positive and negative inputs … this is life … this is how it is. What matters is … what you do with the negative inputs … what you do with the problems and issues presented in front of you … that’s what’s most important.

If you can respond to your people … if you can solve the crisis and issues that your people face … then you will be loved, adored and end up being a great leader. Just look at Obamas. Today, you are afraid to stand up to the Establishment. But the Obamas openly stood up to the Establishment at many levels … they are loved and adored by their people. They entered with nothing in the White House and today they are becoming a billion dollar brand. Even after their Presidency, they are becoming a powerful force that will guide and help their Party’s leadership for years to come. They are getting everything … love, respect, fame and money. Why? They had a genuine concern for their people and they stood up to the malicious powerful assholes.

Not a top down operation
Don’t think that Obama was the leader of our project and that’s why the project succeeded. No, Obama was not the leader of our project. Our project has no leader. It is a “People Power” based project … where everyone contributes and gets involved in doing what is right for the people and the country … using their own skillsets and capabilities. It might be the media, the celebrities, the corporations, the intelligence, the legal networks, the politicians or the people themselves. Everyone makes a move using their own skills, resources and powers.

In fact, the White House was the last point to get involved in the project. Obamas do a fantastic job in terms of security but the White House was pulled in the last phases of networking. The project is not run by Obamas or the White House … they just played their role to help the project.

So, if you are thinking that … “hey, the Obama Presidency is over. This is my Presidency … I will not support you and shut you down.” That’s a mistake … mainly because this is not a company or an organization. It is literally your own people and country. The network is so widespread that it literally forms your own people and country. And you cannot shut down your people or country. Lol.

That’s why I laugh when you threaten us with “shutting us down or deporting us”. Because you still don’t know the scale of the work. And every time you try to take action against us … it will backfire. You might be able to pull off something in the short run but then the entire network will come after you in the long run.

SM Networks are holding off impeachment
This is something that you don’t know … you should not be scared of this network because they are the ones who are protecting you from impeachment … because I asked them to. The Establishment was planning to impeach you within the first year itself and install Mike Pence in the White House. They had already created a division within the Republican Party to support Mike Pence. Paul Ryan was one of the key leaders of this division against you. The guy is a back stabber.

What we showed SM Networks was that … “impeaching Trump so early does not help. Firstly, he has immense potential to be a great leader. We can give him fabulous victories. These are only initial stage mistakes … just overlook them. Secondly, if Trump gets impeached then who would be President? What is guarantee that Mike Pence will not start a war with Russia? Having Trump in the White House is security for the entire Nation. And Trump is showing very good cooperation with Putin. We can rest assured that America will be safe under Trump.”

It is because of this argument that you are not yet impeached. It is because of the security that SM Networks are providing for you that you are not yet impeached. Otherwise, you would be long gone … and only God knows what would happen next.

Understanding why SM Networks are pissed at Trump
SM Networks are the ones who are protecting you from impeachment. They are protecting Trump Family members from going to jail. They are making sure that doesn’t matter how many lawsuits or investigations or demonization happens for the Trump Presidency … they make sure that the Trump Presidency still survives. So that it can play its critical role in changing the world.

And what is President Trump doing? He is pledging allegiance to the Establishment that wants to destroy his Presidency and supporting an entity that wants to put him and his family members in jail. He is continuously doing favors for the Establishment while ignoring the crisis and issues that his people face. He ending up blowing up cash for the Establishment and on himself while his people burn in debt.

They are literally telling me “Your guy Trump, is ending up being a thief in a burning building. People are burning and crying for help. We pulled him in the White House rigging votes for him so that he can step forward and save his people. And while this building is burning and people are crying … he is busy blowing up cash on himself and the Establishment. We did not put him in the White House for this. We do not want a thief in a burning building.”

If SM Networks are identifying you as a thief in a burning building then it means “investigations in every single penny that you and your businesses ever made using the Presidency. These investigations will last for years to come and track every penny even after your Presidency is over.” Trust me, the Establishment is nothing when compared to SM Networks. These guys can contain the Establishment at any point they want … including rattling Netanyahu on Israeli soil or the bankers or the oil companies.

They wanted to decimate all of these Establishment entities. But decimation is not the solution … just getting rid of the banks or corporations or oil companies does not make sense. We have to reform systems in order to get done everything correctly … keeping people first. We have literally held them off and asked them to cooperate in the creation of new laws and systems that will create great nations for the people. Outright decimation is not a solution.

SM Networks love Trump
SM Networks love Trump … they are doing many things and pulling many strings to keep Trump and his family protected. But they fail to see any proper action or policy from your side. It is the Establishment assholes that go after Trump family members. We had to pull SM Networks into action to safeguard Trump’s family. Right now the only thing that they see is:

  • Trump blows up cash on the Establishment and himself
  • Praises that this is a great America and he is the greatest President
  • And wants to continue the same for 6 more years

And nobody wants 6 more years of this. Nobody wants more of this.

Think Logically
You are favoring the Establishment and the Establishment is sitting there and laughing at you. “We are doing everything to terminate this guy’s Presidency and he keeps favoring us.” Look what happened this year … you were misled into going around campaigning for Republican Candidates. You wasted an entire year on the campaign trail when you were not even on the ballot. Despite all of the campaigning, rallies and speeches … Democrats get a whopping majority. Who is having the last laugh here?

The Establishment is literally laughing at you:

  • At how much aggression they are putting on you
  • At how many lawsuits and investigations they are putting on you
  • At how much misleading you are falling for
  • At how keen they are in terminating your Presidency
  • At how they are keeping you deviated and occupied while you change nothing for your people

Now, they are enjoying getting the support of SM Networks and the Democrats. They are getting to do exactly what they wanted and that is … terminate Trump’s Presidency. They wanted to do this since day one and you are giving all of the reasons to make it happen. They got Trump exactly where they wanted.

  • They got Trump where nobody likes him
  • They got Trump where he does nothing for the people
  • They got Trump where his Presidency is only noise making with no change
  • They got Trump under a pile of lawsuits and investigations
  • They got Trump where SM and Democrats also don’t care to support him

They got Trump at a spot where he is “dispensable”. That’s why I told you again and again … do not follow the Establishment. These guys are evil and malicious. They do not have anything good for you at heart. You should always dodge their malice and verify everything via “facts and logic” and make sure, before you make any move, that it is in favor of the people, in favor of the country and in favor of your Presidency.

They put you through multiple pressure points and made you take moves where you ended up being at a “dispensable spot” … where nobody wants you in the White House. This was their intention and they made it happen using your own hands. Everyone thinks that Trump is bad and that he is no good … when in reality … he was only misled onto a wrong track. The guy actually has immense potential to be a great leader. They took someone great and made him dispensable.

Help yourself to pull other’s help
You have very less time to change this tide against you. You have to help yourself to get out of this “dispensable spot”. You have to take initiatives and make the right moves. Don’t expect anyone to drag you out of this mess against your will. You need to rise and make your moves … and then others will step in to help. You know what they say … God helps those who help themselves.