18 Nov 2018
Try to play your role
in America

I hope you were able to get over the loss in Congress. There are a lot, a lot, a lot and a loooooot of problems planned ahead for you. This is not the time to sit and feel sorry for yourself or waste time in regret or anger. We already told you before your Presidency that … you are entering turbulent waters. Nothing is predictable … anything can happen. This is a very sensitive and crucial phase with weird parameters into play. Just understanding what is going on will be difficult in many cases.

If you were able to get over the loss in Congress … then this is what you need to know.

  • Nobody wants Trump in the White House. All major parameters in play do not want Trump in the White House. Everyone is extremely upset with Trump.
  • The Establishment. They hate you right from the beginning itself. They have been working on pulling elements to terminate your Presidency since day one. Right from using demonization to lawsuits and investigations … they want you out.
  • Silent Majority. Currently, the majority of SM Networks do not support your Presidency. It is mainly because:
    • Appeasing the Establishment. Most of your moves have been only to favor and appease the Establishment despite their aggression against you.
    • Benefit yourself. Anything else if you have done, then it is to benefit yourself.
    • Establishment Utilization. The Establishment is itself trying to show SM Networks that Trump is not doing anything for the people. Just like they misled you in campaigning for the Midterms … they are openly showing your Establishment favors to turn SM against you.
  • People voting Democrat. Another major entity is the American people … who have not seen any major policy from the Trump Presidency. The complaint that we get is that … “yes, we are giving Trump a huge media coverage and responding to his interactivity … but the whole thing is resulting in nothing but ridiculous noise making … with absolutely no change for the people. We are ending up promoting Trump blunders and occupying the people’s lives with noise. We want a leader who can give us change … and not just ridiculous noise making.”

We had alerted you about all of these moves much before they happened.

  • First Year. In the first year itself … we told you about the Establishment issues. We told you that you have to play your role … come into action and lead your country. You lagged severely in making any move successfully.
  • Second Year. SM is the only entity that can actively defend you from Establishment malice while we create the new laws and systems. You entered the Second Year without making any moves. Nobody wants a guy in the White House who will not do anything. We told you that SM is already working on replacements for Trump. This is a network based approach … no one is going to sit and wait for one guy to play his role. They gave you sufficient time and they have already started working on replacements.

The loss in Congress is mainly because of:

  • Your Inaction. You have not played your role in leading the country. Favoring the Establishment and praising yourself is not impressing anyone.
  • Establishment Monopoly. The Establishment is running a widespread anti-Trump agenda across America and the world. Their tens of thousands of outlets are easily able to reach 200M voters. The anti-Trump agenda is successful because Trump cannot reach 200M voters via Twitter or campaign rallies.

Loss in Congress is only 50% of the planned loss
You need to come out of your negativity and regret very soon … because this is just the 50% of the loss successfully delivered. As per the Establishment Think Tanks … the plan is to terminate your Presidency in early 2020. There is only 50-60% chance that you will be the Republican Candidate in 2020.

  • Indictments. Trump Presidency is planned to be terminated via indictments in early 2020.
  • Impeachment. The indictments or the Congress will be used for your impeachment.
  • Anti-Trumpism post-Trump. That’s not all … once you are impeached and the Democrats win … anti-Trumpism is planned to be continued for the next 3-4 years of the next President.

Just like George Bush was demonized throughout Obama’s First Term … Trump is planned to be demonized, investigated and criminalized from 2020-2024. Why is the Establishment planning this? Because it is very likely that Warren will be the next President. Finding scandals on Warren is nearly impossible and the Establishment needs a scapegoat as a deviation from their malicious systems. The perfect scapegoat is Trump and his dealings. Which is why they are planning scores and scores of investigations into almost everything you are doing in your Presidency.

  • Deals with countries
  • Cash moving into Trump businesses worldwide
  • Domestic and International contracts signed by Trump
  • Trade Agreements facilitated by Trump

They are planning to criminalize and make Trump go bankrupt after the Presidency. We were warning you a few months ago that the Establishment is planning a very “ugly exit” for your Presidency. You were busy calling us Fake News and did not bother to take any action or initiate any policy to lead the country. While the Establishment successfully stalled you and misled you in campaigning for Midterms … they have already moved ahead by 50% in their plan.

Now, the more advanced stages of the termination of the Trump Presidency are planned to begin. The “ugly” in our dictionary is defined as “necessary” in their dictionary. As per your idea … you still have a two year term left … but they are not planning to have you in the White House for the full two years.

Democrat Lead was approved by both Entities
SM approved the Democrat lead because you did not take the lead in changing the country. We need leaders who can work on change. And the Establishment also approved the Democrat lead because they hate you to the core.

The main difference between SM and the Establishment is that … SM loves you. They can help you, protect you and help you win in every step of the way. Which is why … we keep telling you … take the lead, take the lead … lead your country. Your people need you … your people will love you … be their shining light.

Whenever, we request SM to protect Trump from the Establishment … the routine questions that we get are:

  • What is he doing for the country that we should protect him?
  • What has he done for the people?
  • He has changed nothing in education, healthcare, infrastructure, cost of living, crime, drugs or anything. Why should we keep protecting and promoting a do-nothing guy?

It is because of these questions that I ask you to take the lead. Once you take the lead, you will get a lot of networks in your support. Doing nothing will not help you at all. Remember, everything is “team work”. No one can win this on their own. Everyone has to play their role.

  • Trump has to play their role
  • Putin has to play his role
  • SM has to play their role
  • People have to play their role
  • And we have to play our role

It is then that things will move forward. If you sit there doing nothing … it is very obvious that your people and networks will start looking for alternate options that will play the required role. You cannot expect their support when you do nothing. You have to show initiatives in leading and saving your country. Your people need you … they will love you and protect you for your key leadership.