14 Nov 2018
Lead Your People
in America

Nice to see Trump stand up for America in Europe.

As a single leader … your Dad has a huge lead … he is being given enormous publicity and reach among the people. But then again, your main fight is not against one person or one leader. Your most important and the top most opposition force is the Establishment … which has been vicious and terribly offensive against your Dad, your family, your Presidency and your team members. This super hyped and ridiculous offensive is going on since your Dad won the nomination.

We told you this before … your Dad won against Republicans … he won against Democrats … now his main fight is against the Establishment. If you win against the Establishment then you will be crowned as the greatest leader of modern times. It is going to be a fantastic and historic Presidency.

The issue is … you cannot fight against and defeat this god damn Establishment via normal means. Taking up the fight against the Establishment is a complicated business. Just name-calling, finding weak points, showing them as bad and yourself as good … all of these tactics work to some level against normal politicians … but they don’t work against the Establishment. This is mainly because … the Establishment is not one person … it is a network.

If you take down 1 … 2 will rise … if you take down 2 … 10 will rise … if you take down 10 … then 20 will rise. The key here is that … you are fighting against “systems” … against networks. It cannot be done single-handedly. It is a must to design an entire network of your own. You need to have an entire army of your own.

I will give you an example. The media demonization. Since 3 years, you guys are facing demonization from the Establishment media. You are responding back … calling them Fake News … debunking their false claims and so on. Did anything change on the media front for you? One or two anti-Trumpers were also fired … but did it change how the entire network treats your Dad and your family? Nope.

This is a typical example of “Establishment Networks”. Tens of thousands of media outlets follow the instructions of a few and create a propaganda throughout the country.

You have to work on solutions that will:

  • Dismantle such malicious ownership and monopoly of the Establishment
  • Create armies of networks that will support you and campaign for you
  • Prevent the rise of more outlets controlled by the Establishment

In order to do this … you have to work across several layers stacked in 3 dimensions and each of these layers has its own 3 dimensions. Which is why we told you start working on “people-centric” policies … right in the beginning of your Presidency itself. By now, you would have been a shining star and got a phenomenal victory in the Midterms.

Instead of that … you just sat there saying jobs, jobs, jobs. Its true that we have a record breaking job growth … but just sitting there and doing nothing while this malicious Establishment is running a widespread anti-Trump agenda, is not wise. If someone is telling you that … “this job growth is the most phenomenal since the past 40 years and you don’t need to do anything” … if this is what they are telling you then tell me … how did the Democrats get a whopping victory in the Congress that surpassed their victories in the past 40 years?

If this “jobs” credit belongs to Trump … if people believe that Trump is the one who created this job growth … if they are very very happy with what they have … then why are people voting Democrat? Why did we get such a whopping loss in the Congress?

The Midterms should be an eye opener for us. We should realize what is our main opposition? What is working for us and what is not working for us? We have to adjust accordingly … reformulate our strategy and get back in the game with double the force. You haven’t lost yet. You are still a victor … you are still the President of the United States. You have not lost your seat to anyone. Only half of your term is over … you still have two years at hand. You are still the lead player in the game. You still have the time to revamp and come back into the game with a bang.

We are getting two major inputs about your Presidency from SM Networks.

  • Trump has not launched any major policy or reform
  • Trump is helping the Establishment that wants his Presidency terminated

How can we help him and how can we save such a person? What you should know about SM is that … they love you. They did not bring you in this political game so that you get humiliated or to abuse you or to put you in jail. They brought you in this game because they love you and they believed that you will be a great fighter for your country and people. This is the main reason that they “rigged” the election in your favor against Hillary. If they had not got involved then Hillary would be President today … which would be a total disaster for America and the world.

We knew that … any day, Trump would be a better President than Hillary. We knew that he would keep America safe. We knew that he would never start a war against Russia. We knew that he would step forward in keeping America First. And if you look at the past two years … hell yes, your Dad has done a great job … he is 100 times better than Hillary.

At that time, Trump was definitely the best choice available. We are in a fast-changing world. SM is continuously knocking out Establishment puppets. In 2020, Hillary is not going to get the nomination. In fact, many Democrats are telling Hillary to stay out of the media because it is adversely impacting the Party. With every passing week, month and year … America is getting more and more people-centric.

And guess what … putting your Dad in the White House was the biggest victory of our movement. And since then … everyone is waiting for your Dad to take the lead. Since two years … everyone is waiting for your Dad. We can give this bullshit Establishment network a crushing defeat with overwhelming power and force … they will not stand a chance when we unleash our policies. Your Dad is just a hairline away from stunning and fabulous victories.

Putting you Dad in the White House was our biggest victories. Everyone in the SM Networks loves your Dad … mainly because they are eager and would love to see your Dad lead. Everyone loved putting your Dad in the White House … everyone is going to love you and support you when you lead. Trust me on that.