10 Nov 2018
Midterm Elections showed the good side of Trump
in America

The entire country is focused on who won and who lost in the Midterm Elections … one thing that you must have missed out is … the Midterm Elections showed the good side of Trump. Just two years ago, Trump was representing a Party that had totally abandoned him because of some silly sex scandals that the Establishment had unleashed against him.

  • Everyone had abandoned Trump
  • The Establishment Media was ridiculing Trump
  • Democrats were pouncing at Trump
  • Republicans were either against him or went totally silent
  • There was no one campaigning for him other than his own daughter and sons
  • He was all alone fending for himself on the International stage facing nothing but humiliation and abandonment

Today, the Trump’s Presidency was not on the ballot. Trump is already President. He has already won and he doesn’t need to do shit for anyone … especially for the same assholes that stood against him, ridiculed him and abandoned him. But just look at his Twitter feed since a few months … look at his rallies again and again in several cities:

  • I endorse this guy
  • I strongly support this guy
  • He has my full endorsement
  • He has my strongest support

Not only via tweets but via speeches & rallies … Trump literally went to each guy’s campaign rallies and pushed voters to vote for them. He did all of this for the same assholes who had abandoned him. Just two years ago … there was no one by his side other than his family … and today he is going to each and everyone’s rally that he possibly can … to help each guy win.

What changed?
Did the sex scandals go away? Did the Pornstars and playmates go away? Trump is still the same guy being chased by the same Establishment sex scandals. Nothing changed in his sex scandals … the same sex scandal politician is going around helping and campaigning for his fellow mates … so that they can win and so that they can succeed.

Trump’s character under question?
People who say that Trump’s character is under question … they should go and screw themselves. Trump has just shown the best character that is possible. He himself is rattled and shaken in various ways … in this terrible situation … he is taking out time to save others from their sinking ships … this is one of the best characteristics of a leader.

Trump has shown leadership not just for himself but for the entire Republican Party. The Republican Party owes Trump.

Sex scandals is Establishment mischief
Tell me which born millionaire or billionaire has not banged a few hot women. This is how the Establishment is making money “using women”.

  • Pose Nude. First, the women pose nude in Playboy magazines. The Establishment makes money by selling these nude photos to the masses.
  • Hook up. Then these Playboy women are hooked up with millionaires and billionaires as “dates”. These companies again get paid for these “dates”.
  • Hush money. Once these dates are successful … the information on these dates is released to the Establishment owned media. And then the millionaires and billionaires pay tens of thousands of dollars as “hush money” to kill the story.
  • Political blackmail. And just in case, this millionaire or billionaire runs for office and becomes a Politician … then same Establishment blackmails this politician to the tune of millions of dollars using the same nude woman from the magazine.

The above is a 4 level money making scheme where the same Establishment is operating at the:

  • Business level … they own the porn and playboy companies
  • Media level … they own the media companies
  • Political level … by leaking information to the media from their businesses, they are controlling the political level
  • Legal level … and they also launch lawsuits against the politician to pressurize him

Interestingly, in Trump’s case the same Playboy woman … Karen McDougal …

  • Poses nude in the Playboy Magazine
  • Was hooked up with several businessmen
  • Was paid hush money to kill the story
  • And now she is being used to rattle Trump’s political career

This is an open Establishment scheme being run not only on Trump … but it is used on dozens and dozens of millionaires and billionaires in every city. The core issue here is not Trump … but it is “Porn and Playboy” industries. The question should not be whether to terminate Trump’s Presidency … but the question should be whether to terminate the “Porn and Playboy” industries. That is … if you actually want to work at the root of the problem. But the Establishment’s key interest is to use their schemes to delegitimize Trump and terminate his Presidency … and that is what they keep the focus on using their monopoly.

The Plus Things to be noted about the Midterms
Coming back to the Midterms … there are many things we can learn from the Midterm Elections. Here are some of the Plus Things.

  • Fresh Blood moving into the Congress. It is great to see the rooting out of Establishment puppets from politics and fresh blood moving into Congress. This is great for the country and the people.
  • Muslim Women Senators. Just one Presidency ago … we were afraid of Islam and Muslims … but today we are electing Muslim Women as Senators in the American Congress. America is definitely moving forward … slowly but surely.
  • Trump’s fight for the Party. Trump has shown a beautiful character of a leader that fights for his Party … despite the same assholes abandoning him just two years ago. Trump is a good person.
  • Trump’s interactivity with the People. Not only Trump has shown good leadership in the Party but he has proven himself to be the most interactive Presidents ever. With thousands of Tweets and hundreds of rallies, speeches, interviews and campaigns … Trump has surpassed all Presidents in being connected with the people. And the good thing is … the American people are responding to his approach and reaching out.
  • Single fighter in action. Though having the opposition of thousands of Establishment media outlets against him … with the entire Democratic Party against him … Trump has shown that he can stand up against the wave and wage a fight of his own. He has been fighting solo since the past 3 years now. He has definitely shown a lot of courage.

We must give it up to Trump for his leadership, interactivity and courage since the past 3 years. And these qualities have shown a lot of fruit in the Midterm Elections.

The Minus Things to be noted
We are on a path to a Great America. In order to move forward, we have to recognize the plus and minus. These are the Minus Things that must be noted.

  • Lack of change and policies. The American people are craving for change since the past 10 years. There are no major changes delivered to the people at the ground level yet under the Trump Presidency either. Doing nothing and just saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” does not work. The American people are the most talented and educated people in the world … they know what is going on and it is not that easy to fool them. It is a must to lead the country with good policies that will deliver real change for the people at the ground level to pull their full support. This is where we are still missing out in the Trump Presidency. The people like him a lot … he just needs to deliver.
  • Over Estimating Support. Getting out of the Establishment Media ridicule and entering an auditorium filled with people that love you … is generally a good feeling. But then these 20-30K people are not the entire America. There are 200 Million voters in America. An auditorium full of people does not mean that your message is reaching 200 Million voters across America. Campaign rallies are not enough to pull America’s support on your side. It helps but definitely not enough when you have a widespread Establishment media that ridicules you across the country.
  • Fighting against Systemic Control. This is not something that can be won by “one man”. It is not a one man show. Trump’s biggest opposition is the Establishment. Trump is doing great as far as one man is concerned … but the fact that the Democrats got an overwhelming victory in the House and for Governors … it only shows the success of the widespread reach of the Establishment that cannot be covered by one single person. Trump’s major opposition is “Establishment Systems”. He needs to work on creating his own “systems” that will beat Establishment systems. That’s how he can easily win in 2020. If he allows the Establishment to sustain its monopoly … especially in the media … then 2020 is a big question mark for Trump.
  • You get votes if you are not Trump. The Establishment’s demonization agenda against Trump is having a simple effect in elections … “you get votes if you are not Trump”. The same thing happened to Hillary … she is the most hated politician in America right now … but she got more votes than Trump only because of the Establishment media’s demonization of Trump. The same thing happened in the Midterms … Democrats got a huge victory mostly because they are not Trump. Democrats got a victory with the least effort possible. Most of the job was done by the Establishment media itself … all Democrats had to be is Not-Trump. Based on this pattern … if Elizabeth Warren runs in 2020 … she will get a sweeping victory … because she is Not-Trump and she is freaking awesome Warren. There will be a huge tide in favor of Warren.
  • Misled by the Establishment. Trump was mainly misled by the Establishment this year. He wasted an entire year … campaigning for others when his own seat was not up for elections … mainly because he was made to believe that he would be impeached if Democrats win. Instead of creating new policies and winning public support … Trump went around campaigning for himself and his Party. The Establishment clearly knew that a single person will never have the required effect on the entire country and their army of thousands of media outlets would eventually win. Trump ended up wasting one year and also lost the House to the Democrats. Trump fell for Establishment misleading. Trump feared that the Democrats will impeach him if they got the majority … and now the Democrats have the majority. But till now, there is no reason to impeach Trump.
  • Establishment’s Systems are winning. This is an interesting phase … were SM Elements are winning in getting Fresh Blood in the Congress … Trump is winning in connecting with the people … but the Establishment is also winning in its overall agenda of being anti-Trump. They are using their widespread network across the country to promote their anti-Trump agenda. Trump has faced the biggest loss in the Midterms owing to this activity.

Alerts and warnings given ahead of time
We had already given a lot of alerts and warnings ahead of time … of what is going on, how the Establishment is using its monopoly … what will be their next steps and what will eventually happen.

  • Use Policies to win in Midterms. We had repeatedly told Trump to “use policies” to win the Midterms. It would be incredibly easy because all of our policies would create armies that would fight for Trump. Instead of being on the receiving side of an Establishment Monopoly in the Media … Trump would have his own massive army to easily fight off the Establishment systems. Since he failed to understand and implement any policies … he remained a single fighter owing to which he is facing losses.
  • No way to win against the Establishment other than changing policies. If you truly understand the Establishment Networks then you will know that there is absolutely no way that you will win against them … doesn’t matter how powerful you are or how right you are. You have to use your powers and rights to create new policies and systems in order to win. You need a system to fight against another system. You will lose if you try to run a one man show.
  • Nothing new for Warren. Here is the interesting part. Yes, Warren might win owing to Establishment’s anti-Trump agenda … but then again, nothing will change for the people just because Warren won. Establishment’s malicious systems will still exist … wealth drain will still continue … debt crisis will increase and Warren will be maintained in other deviation tactics. She will face an Establishment aggression of her own. She will also eventually have to turn around and fix these systems. A Warren Presidency doesn’t automatically mean success, peace and prosperity … the core issues and crisis must be addressed.
  • Success through Active Democracy. Luckily, there is a chance of success via God and Active Democracy. It might be Trump or Warren … eventually they will have to work through us only to fix these problems … because there is no one else other than God and us … that understands these problems and can solve these problems. The other guys in Washington … either they are puppeted by the Establishment or misled by the Establishment or have no freaking idea of what is going on.
  • Path through Warren. The path through Trump can begin right now. The path through Warren will mean that … Trump will lose in 2020 and then it will take one or two years for Warren to realize the shit that is going on … which means that the path through Warren could be 3-4 years from now.
  • Path through Putin. Putin is actually the most powerful politician in the world that can lead this change. The Establishment basically has zero influence on Putin. He is the ideal President that can lead this change immediately.

But the great thing accomplished till date with all elements active in this chemistry is that … we have successfully averted the destruction of America and Europe via a war against Russia. The Establishment is on extreme defense as all war attempts have failed. They are busy attacking one President or the other politically in order to keep them busy defending themselves. The real guys who are scared in this equation are Establishment elements. It is just a matter of time before the fall of these malicious elements begins … it might be via Trump, Putin or Warren.