05 Nov 2018
Clear Evidence of Establishment Aggression against Trump
in America

Here is something interesting that you should note. We are, at the moment, at the peak of Midterm Elections. Voting is going on as we speak … results will be announced by tomorrow. The question is what happened to the anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas since a few months? Is Trump a nice leader all of a sudden? Is Russia a nice country all of a sudden?

The truth is … these anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas are not about Trump & Russia at all. Both of them are mainly “deviation tactics” by the Establishment. For 16 years … Islam was bad … Muslims were bad. This agenda failed … and it was molded into an anti-Russian agenda and expanded via an anti-Trump agenda. All of a sudden there is no need to talk about Islam and Muslims … Islam is not preaching bad stuff anymore … all of the bad things are in Russia and Trump.

But now since we are in a Midterm Election frenzy … everyone is occupied in the Midterms. Trump is worried about getting impeached if the Democrats take the House. He is going from one rally to another trying to maintain sufficient Republicans in the House. Everyone is busy saving their ass. This is successfully keeping the people, the politicians and the entire country occupied. Which is why there is no need to run any vicious anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas as of now. This hype created in the Midterms is itself serving as a very good deviation tactic.

Which is why …

  • There is no progress with the Stormy Daniels lawsuit
  • Mueller is chilling
  • No new lawsuits or investigations against Trumps
  • No impeachment talk about Trump
  • No new event targeting Russia
  • No chemical attack in Syria
  • Assad is not killing innocent people now
  • No one is being poisoned by Russian spies in Europe

An easy way to detect “Establishment agendas” is by observing the “time and place” management of the event. All of these events are very carefully managed and placed at the right time and place. And the fact that all of the above events have been stalled during the Midterms … it clearly indicates the direction and management of these events by the Establishment.

Why are these events not carried out right now?

  • No space in the media. Everyone is busy with the elections. The media headlines are fully occupied and there is no more room to add any drastic event. Adding any drastic event right now will only waste the event because everyone is busy with something else. It will not create the required effect.
  • Midterms serving as a deviation. The Establishment fears the focus coming on their abuse and wealth drain systems in this time where America and Americans are going trillions in debt. The main objective of the Establishment is to keep the “American people occupied with deviations”. It might be via wars, terror events, anti-Russia & anti-Trump propagandas or anything else. It must be something that will totally keep the people occupied. Midterm Elections … they themselves are doing a good job in keeping the people occupied … as Trump was made to think that he will be impeached if Republicans don’t win. Since Trump is campaigning in many rallies … it is creating a lot of news.
  • Trump used in the deviation tactic. Trump was actually misled by the Establishment to go around campaigning so that this deviation tactic gets the right mileage. Otherwise, Midterm elections don’t get so much attention at all. Trump does not realize that he himself was an element used in this tactic. Otherwise, nobody cares about Midterm Elections … Trump is already President and all of these elections are for minor positions.
  • A lot of media space in 2019. The hype of the Midterm Elections will vaporize by this weekend itself. And then there is a lot of media space … all the way till the end of 2019. It is after these elections that the Establishment is planning to resume its pre-planned events. It is all about keeping the people occupied with trash, consuming time, keeping people deviated and pushing their agenda in one way or the other.

Keeping their Monopoly Untouched
If you look at all of the below events and agendas run by the Establishment … they consume a lot of time, resources of the country, deviate the people and even maintain terror among the people and the politicians … but all of these events also help in keeping their “monopoly untouched”. Take a look.

  • War on Terror. Did this agenda address Establishment monopoly or change anything that the Establishment owned? Nothing … it only benefited them.
  • Anti-Russia. When we are continuously demonizing Russia and Putin … is our attention towards Establishment Monopoly? Nope.
  • Stormy Daniels. Does Stormy Daniels help with Establishment Monopoly?
  • Lawsuits and Investigations against Trump. The long list of lawsuits and investigations against Trump … do they address Establishment monopoly and help us remove Establishment control over the country?
  • Impeaching Trump. There is an Establishment guy spending tens of millions in campaigning for the impeachment of Trump. Will impeaching Trump help in any way?
  • Chemical Attacks in Syria. Do these chemical attacks help in any way?
  • Chemical poisoning in the UK and Europe. Blaming these events on Russia will help in any way?

If you see all of the above events are run via Establishment Monopoly only to keep Establishment Monopoly untouched … to keep their malicious criminal wealth drain systems untouched. The Establishment’s agenda is to show that the other guy is bad and remove the focus from coming on them. It is literally a wolf crying wolf while pointing to a sheep.

The wolf is pointing to the sheep and saying that the sheep is the bad guy. That’s exactly what the War on Terror was … and this is exactly what anti-Russia and anti-Trump agendas are. The bad guys are trying to demonize the good guys.

Based upon this Establishment pattern … just give it a week or two and they will resume their bullshit agendas again. And the fact that all of these agendas can be systematically controlled based upon the political scenario in America … it clearly shows the control and direction of the Establishment over these events.

The Establishment Fears People
Another thing that you must realize from this pattern is that the Establishment fears the people.

  • It is afraid that its malicious systems will be exposed
  • It is afraid that the people will rise against them
  • It is afraid that new regulations will be created against their systems
  • It is afraid that governments will come after them

It is because of this that the Establishment keeps on running its destructive and terrorizing agendas against the common people and politicians … in order to maintain a deviation. It sits there busy targeting one country or another … and one President or another. It’s a wolf busy crying wolf.