03 Nov 2018
Establishment’s Blame Game
in America

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I think you already did. You know what this is? This is the Establishment maintaining your Dad as the “Know-Nothing-Brag-All” candidate. America is in a major crisis and your Dad is going around campaigning saying “I am the greatest and America is the greatest”.

What the Establishment is planning to do is … the moment any crisis appears … they will blame everything on Trump. And they are recording all of your statements … they will use all of these statements as “reference” to show that Trump did not know anything and he took no action.

Establishment’s Blame Game
It is very difficult to win the Establishment’s Blame Game … because they own 90% of the media. And when the people are rattled with any crisis … the first thing that happens is … “pointing blame”. They will immediately start hammering the blame donkey.

This is what they did to George Bush. They used him for all wars and then made him the blame donkey. They put all of the blame on him … made him the Worst President of all Time … and then they totally destroyed any possibility of another Bush running for office.

The Establishment has an entire Think Tank that continuously works on all possible scenarios. They will keep all of their media agencies ready with each and every script that has to be read day by day to run the agenda in each scenario. This is how the Establishment controls 90% of the US media. This is how the media forms a united front in creating a propaganda in the country.

Brag-All-Do-Nothing Candidate
The Establishment is back stabbing you again and again. Pleasing them and favoring them is not working out. They maintained Bush as the “Crazy War Guy” who started wars that were not required. Look at the setup that they are maintaining you in. There is a long list of crises in America in almost every field … starting from healthcare, education, infrastructure to cost of living, debt, crime and gun violence and on and on and on. You are leading a country filled with crises in almost every field.

And these crises are so worse that the Establishment has been trying to push for war against Russia in order to terminate America and Europe. That’s the level of crises in America. The Establishment has designed all of these malicious systems and they know all of this very well.

Getting ready for the blame donkey
Since the options of war have been successfully stopped. Their second option is … what to do if any crisis appears? Their simple solution is blame everything on Trump. They are working on it as we speak. How are they planning to do this? To show you as the Brag-All-Do-Nothing candidate.

They will immediately use all of the lines from your campaign rallies that:

  • America is great!
  • The country is thriving!
  • I am the greatest President
  • I have already accomplished more than any US President
  • America is in its best form
  • The only thing we need to do is “Keep America Great”

They will use all of these statements to show that:

  • Trump did not know anything
  • He took no action
  • It is because of Trump’s lack of leadership and inaction that this crisis appeared

Their solution will be to replace Trump. Till date, they were trying to get rid of you via demonization and lawsuits … now, they will blame the crisis on you and use the crisis to get rid of you.

The Ruling Party is Responsible
Do you think you will stand any chance of blaming the Establishment or the Deep State when a crisis unfolds? The entire country will say … “hello, you are the President. You were elected to run the country. You are the one who is supposed to fix the problems.”

Nobody elected the Establishment … nobody expects the Deep State to fix any problems. The entire responsibility is of the Ruling Party. You will be held responsible for any problems that will appear in the country. And if you can’t show leadership in fixing the problem … then you get replaced. That’s how Democracy works. Nobody expects criminals to fix any problems. It’s the responsibility of the President.

Ivanka Options
Ivanka has the potential to be the next Republican President. But if your Dad shows no leadership and remains inactive … and delivers $30 Trillion in debt to the people. Then an Ivanka Presidency will mean $40 Trillion in debt and no change for the people. And nobody will want another Trump in office based upon the massive demonization and blame game that the Establishment will run on Trump. This is exactly what you are looking at in the next few years.

If Trump leads and starts fixing each crisis after another … then Trump becomes the greatest reformer that America has seen. In that light, Ivanka will be seen as the next greatest reformer that will only do good or even better.

As of now, Trump is being maintained as a “Know-Nothing-Brag-All Candidate”. And this will lead to a clear setup of Trump being used as the blame donkey for all of the abuse and exploitation systems that the Establishment has setup. Trump has not setup all of these abusive exploitation systems. But his awareness and inaction makes him complicit … which is exactly what the Establishment will use.

Try to be 10 steps ahead and don’t wait for the catastrophe to fall on your head. This is an easy way to win against Establishment malice. This is exactly how we rooted out all of their war options … by being 10 steps ahead. Plan 10 steps ahead and you can win fabulously.