31 Oct 2018
Ending birthright citizenship for non-citizens
in America

Ending birthright citizenship for non-citizens is a good idea. I support it a 100%.

Mixed Options
You might want to consider the options where:

  • The father is a citizen and the mother is not
  • The mother is a citizen and the father is not

What happens to the citizenship for the children in these cases? Will you give citizenship to the child if either parent is a US citizen? If you say no, both parents should be US citizens … will the child have to wait till the father or mother who is not a citizen gets his or her citizenship?

You will get a weird scenario here where:

  • The child was not given US citizenship because his mother or father was not a US citizen
  • After a few years, both parents get citizenship via marriage
  • The child remains a non-US citizen while both parents are US citizens

Fake Marriages
Why I am talking about this glitch is that … there are many “paid marriages” in the US. The guy pays the girl $5000-7000 to do the paperwork and show it as a genuine marriage. Many people who overstay or enter illegally … try to stay in the US legally via these paid marriages.

There are two ways to handle this.

  1. Give citizenship to the child if any parent is a US citizen or
  2. Give citizenship to the children automatically when both parents get their citizenship

The second option will help you eliminate many fake marriages. What happens is … by the time the non-US citizen parent gets his / her citizenship … the fake marriage is busted. There are many cases where the immigration authorities don’t recognize the marriage and determine it to be a fake or a paid marriage.

In such scenarios where:

  • Marriages fail
  • It’s a fake marriage
  • It’s a paid marriage or
  • The guy / girl gets deported for any criminal reason

Then the children are saved from the mental torture of being a citizen or not being a citizen. Both the parents and children will know that … if both parents successfully get US citizenship then the children automatically get the citizenship.

Managing citizenship of children in divorces
There is another scenario in this.

  • The non-US citizen has a child from his previous marriage with a non-citizen. This child was born in the US and did not get citizenship under the new law.
  • He/she marries a US citizen … and now both parents are US citizens
  • What happens to this child’s citizenship … as his actual father/mother is still a non-US citizen?

In this scenario:

  • The child will have to wait till both “actual parents” get US citizenship
  • Let’s assume one of the parents goes to his/her home country after the divorce
  • The child was born in the US, it is living with US citizen parents but it is not getting US citizenship because one of its actual parents has left the country or does not want US citizenship.
  • This is again unnecessary torture for the child

So, what is justified in this scenario is:

  • See with whom the child is living with
  • If the child is living with US citizen parents then he gets automatic US citizenship … even if one of the actual parent does not have US citizenship
  • If the child is living with the non-US citizen parent then he gets automatic citizenship once this parent gets citizenship

The above scenario will help you manage citizenship of children in cases of divorce.

As per current laws, this is how it will unfold:

  • The guy is a non-US citizen
  • He marries a US citizen
  • They have a child
  • He gets a divorce
  • He ends up having a child who is a US citizen while he is himself not a US citizen
  • If you deport this guy when his visa expires then we are breaking families and separating children from their parents

Illegal Immigrants
The same issue happens with illegal immigrants. In this case, both parents are non-US citizens … but children get citizenship by birth. When you deport parents then the government is the bad guy that is breaking families. In all of these scenarios, if you control the citizenship of the children then you stop this mega problem of breaking families.

Give citizenship to children only when both parents that the child is “living with” get US citizenship. Of course, this child should be born in the US to be eligible for this offer. This will help you eliminate all scenarios of breaking families and separating children from their parents.

Single Parents
The same applies to single parents. What happens if the parent does not want to remarry and remain single?

  • If the single parent is a US citizen then the child gets US citizenship
  • If the single parent is a non-US citizen then the child gets citizenship once the parent gets the citizenship

However, we should put in a time frame to determine the “single-parent” status … of about 3-5 years. If the parent is single for 3-5 years then the parent can apply for citizenship for the child under this criteria.

Citizenship via one parent
Some countries like Germany give citizenship to the child even if only one parent is a citizen. Policy-wise it is an easier option but it ends up taxing the government more. Germany does not mind spending on the child or providing social security money to the non-Citizen parent … because the birth rate in Germany was in the negative and they wanted foreigners to marry Germans and increase the German population.

In scenarios, where marriages fail or the person is criminal and gets deported or when there are fake marriages … Germany doesn’t bother about all of this because it has the money to spend. This is a decision that you have to make.

  • Choose an easier policy and spend more money
  • Choose a detailed policy, control immigration more and spend less money

Whatever Executive Order that you are planning to pass … make sure to address all of the scenarios. Otherwise, your opponents will use these different scenarios to create lawsuits against your Executive Order. It is better for us to analyze all possibilities and forward an Order that addresses all scenarios.

Prepare for media response and lawsuits
Many of the above scenarios are comical but real. Lol. Such situations happen. The main reason why I am giving you this information is because … the moment you issue an Executive Order to ban birthright citizenship then you have to handle the below:

  • Relevant Authorities. You have to tell the relevant authorities how to process all of these combinations that will appear. How to process the case when only one parent is a US citizen … divorce cases … single parents and so on.
  • Media Response. If you are not prepared for all of these scenarios … then the Establishment Media will pick up these scenarios and give you a tough time. You will be seen as the incompetent authority that did not prepare for all of these scenarios.
  • Lawsuits. The Establishment is already doing its best to put Trumps into jail. This has been their repetitive effort since your Presidency. Mueller is a part of the Establishment campaign to terminate your Presidency. They cannot put you guys in jail using this Executive Order but creating lawsuits to challenge your Executive Order and delegitimize your Presidency is one of the things that the Establishment is already working on. As we speak, they are already working on creating lawsuits against your Birthright Citizenship Executive Order.

Allow Birthright Citizenship if one of the Parent is a US Citizen
Let this be a first iteration of changing Birthright Citizenship. To make things easy and get everyone on the same page … allow Birthright Citizenship if one Parent is a US Citizen. In the next few years, we will analyze if this option is being misused in any way and to what proportion. If we find any misuse then we can always issue another Executive Order to address the misuse.

  • Fake or paid marriages. Yes, there are fake marriages but generally they don’t make children together if the marriage is fake.
  • Divorces. Generally, by the time a US Citizen marries, makes a child and gets a divorce … the timeframe is 5-15 years. Generally in this duration, the other non-US citizen parent either gets citizenship or he/she gets a Green Card.

The possibility of a non-US citizen getting married, making a baby, getting divorce and having custody of the child is quite rare. Lol. Its possible but rare. So, why take up the headache for these guys as of now. Just allow birthright Citizenship even if one parent is a US Citizen and then we will study it further.