30 Oct 2018
The Satanic Criminal Establishment trying to hide behind the cloak of “anti-Semitism”
in America

This is what you should know about the Pittsburgh shooting at the Synagogue. This is the Satanic criminal Establishment trying to hide behind the cloak of anti-Semitism. Killing a few Jews to run their programs is quite routine for the Establishment Bankers. They do it all the time in Israel and they have done it several times at large scale in Europe.

Establishment Gimmick
They kill a few common people to show that the threat is against the people … to show that the people are in danger. And then they use government sources and justify government action to run their own agenda. It’s a simple three step process.

  1. Kill a few people
  2. Promote it massively in the media
  3. Initiate government action for their own personal agenda

Examples will help.

  • The War on Terror. The exact same gimmick was used in the War on Terror. They would kill a few Americans or Europeans … show that there is a threat against these countries … and then use billions of their tax payer money to wage wars. It was a total rip off strategy … initiated by the killing of a few Americans or Europeans. This is how these “terror events” were routinely used to support and promote the Establishment agenda of wars against countries that did no harm to America. It was nothing but an Establishment gimmick.
  • Terror in Israel. The War on Terror came later on. Since the past 70 years, the Bankers have been maintaining Israel and the common Jews in Israel under threat. Routinely, a few Jews are killed or harmed … and this terror is used to justify the continuous occupation and expansion operations of the Israeli Government. Israel is literally built on the blood of common Jews. Tell me which country in the world remains at war for 70 years? No country in its proper mind remains at constant non-stop war.

This is nothing but an Establishment Banker gimmick which ultimately benefits their own personal agenda. Using this non-stop conflict:

  • They get to show that Israel is under threat
  • Carry out continuous territory occupation
  • Get rid of Palestinians from their own land
  • Get billions in aid from America
  • Get military, political and technology support from America

Let’s assume that Israel made peace and there was no conflict at all … then:

  • No more Israel under threat
  • No more territory occupation
  • No more taking neighbor’s land
  • No more aid from America
  • No more military, political or technology support from America

The “killing of Jews” at a constant pace since the past 70 years is literally “maintained as a policy” by the Establishment Bankers that have created Israel. They literally shed the blood of their own people again and again for their own malicious interests.

These guys that throw rockets in Israel … this team is actually maintained by the Israeli Government itself. The maintenance of the scenarios of war requires a two sided effort. And they maintain the moves of both sides. This is the Israel-Palestine problem … which is why it never gets solved. The objectives of the country with the greater power are totally different.

Coming to the event at Pittsburgh
The Establishment is actually “Satanic” at its base. Its first defense strategy to protect itself will be to hide under the cloak of “anti-Semitism”. If you start exposing their policies and systems … and show that the complete monopoly is held by a Satanic Establishment … the first thing that they will do is cry:

  • We are Jews!
  • This is anti-Semitism!
  • We have to stop this anti-Semitism!
  • Look what is going on in the country!
  • We have to defend ourselves!

They will use this as a rallying cry to activate millions of Jews in their support and make this a “race based” propaganda to defend their malicious criminal and Satanic systems. They killed a few innocent beautiful simple common Jews that did not harm anyone … just to run their propaganda to defend themselves.

The Establishment knows very well that we are very close to launching our work. The wars have been stopped. There is a strong cooperation and understanding between the White House and the Kremlin. There is no more chance for the destruction of America, Europe and Russia … it’s a terribly rare chance that it will happen. Now, the movement will begin towards their malice, crime, abuse and exploitation of the common people and the common Jews.

The first step that the Establishment Bankers are taking is “killing a few of their own innocent common Jews”. So that they can hide under the cloak of anti-Semitism. Well, what they have done is totally drastic and simply evil … and they have totally under estimated what we are going to do in our project. They have no freaking idea of the moves that we will be making.

This move only shows their petty mindset and pathetic tactics of defending themselves at the expense of the lives of the innocent.

How was it actually done?
Its Matrix Based Technologies. Many of these public shootings can be facilitated via Matrix Based Technologies. I will give you a brief idea of how the technologies function.

The Matrix doesn’t just track what is going on at each place … using electricity and EMF signals … but this biotechnology has been advanced to such a level that they can literally screen the body of the person … scan his brain … know what he is thinking and even push thoughts in his brain. That’s the level of technology that is used in the Matrix to “manage and control” human beings.

The whole thing was designed by the Establishment Ideology that they are the Masters and everyone else including common Jews should be controlled and managed by them.

There are 3 main elements used here:

  • Electricity to detect what is going on
  • EMF Signals to transfer data
  • And drugs to customize the subject

For example, if they need a guy to go out there and carry out a mass shooting. They drug him to make him aggressive and they push thoughts in his brain to carry on with his agenda. They will facilitate each step of his … by providing him:

  • The necessary information
  • He will learn how to operate guns
  • His buying of guns will be facilitated
  • His reaching of the venue and carrying out the event will also be facilitated

What proof do we have that the “Establishment” is involved in this?

  • The Timing. Look at the timing of the event. Look at the timing of the events where guys were shouting “Allahu Akbar!” All of these events were placed at proper times when the Establishment needed these events.
  • The Place. Look at the place where these events happen. Most of the “Allahu Akbar” events happened in America and Europe because that’s where they needed the funding to run the War on Terror. Now, they are placing this event in America because America is the biggest victim of Establishment’s malicious systems. America is the most powerful country, after Russia, that can take action against these malicious systems.
  • Event Type. Look at the type of event that has been placed. When they needed an anti-Muslim agenda … in all events Muslims were being used. They have tactically not used a Muslim in this event … because they don’t want to continue with the failed anti-Muslim agenda and the focus of this event should be “anti-Semitism” … which is exactly what they are promoting in the Establishment media right now.

General Technology Stream and Know How
As per the General Technology that is available in the routine stream of investigations … they will just say that … “hey, there was a crank involved. It was a hater and bla bla bla. This is racism”. And they will probably hang the guy. But in reality this guy was just a pawn and he himself does not know that. The guys who are investigating have no freaking idea what the Matrix is or what Matrix Technologies are … or how the Establishment tracks and pushes thoughts into people’s minds.

The main culprits get away with this mass murder that they just carried out. And they get to run a bigger plan to defend themselves by shedding the blood of common Jews. Because we have not organized or worked on understanding this Establishment, its tactics and its technologies.

Evidence of this technology being used in mass murders
The guy Santiago … in the airport shooting in America. He kept saying that “the American government wants me to join ISIS … the American government wants me to kill people … the government is controlling me via mind control”.

Santiago had no idea of who was controlling him. He thought it was the government. You already have a guy who went through it and experienced it … and carried out a mass murder. Other guys who have lesser knowledge about technology … they think that it is their idea because the idea is coming in their brain. They don’t have even basic technology know how to understand that they were being pushed for this.

Good and Bad News
The good news about this is that the Establishment has mostly accepted that their efforts for a war against Russia will be failed by SM Networks. There is a very very rare chance that they will be able to pull off this war. The Establishment’s war moves have been successfully failed thanks to Russian world leadership, SM and the Almighty God.

And the bad news is that … we are in a weird phase of Matrix Technologies being activated … where it will be very difficult to track the events to the main culprits. Innocent lives may suffer and the main culprits may remain free.

Heartfelt condolences to all of the innocent Common Jews that were adversely affected due to this recent event. Your pain and loss will not be forgotten. We have to end the massacre of common Jews by this Satanic Establishment and end their malicious systems for good.