29 Oct 2018
Aggressive setups designed to keep us occupied in defense
in America

This is just another aggressive setup designed that keeps us occupied in defense. It is just an Establishment gimmick. They pull data from their spy and surveillance systems … data that can be weak or negative … either they promote that data via leaks or flip people in the scene to use them against you. Either way they are on the offense and we are kept occupied in defense.

They are doing this since George Bush’s first term. You are not the first President to face this. This has been going on since George Bush. They have been maintaining “aggressive action”, under one skin or the other, against others who committed no crime at all. It might be the War on Terror, anti-Russia campaigns or the anti-Trump agenda. This is their way of keeping you occupied and deviating you from the actual ongoing debt crisis.

Look around yourselves … our people and country are sinking in Trillions in debt every year as we speak … but nobody talks about it. Why? Because we are continuously kept occupied in one shocking or horrifying event after another. The Establishment Media is fully utilized in publicizing these events and keeping the people occupied with it. These are deviation gimmicks.

The main reason why everything was blamed on George Bush was because … the Establishment thought that the people will go berserk knowing that there was $10 Trillion debt on their shoulders. They used George Bush to run their entire agenda … but at the end, they made him the blame donkey. They blamed him fearing backlash from the people. They thought the people would protest and demand inquiries and change systems to fix the crisis.

But to their surprise, there was no response from the people. No protests, no investigations and no demand to change anything. The Establishment just laughed at the American people assuming that “this is the success of keeping them occupied in 2-3 jobs per day giving them no time to question anything and keeping them occupied in crime, drugs and LGBTQ decadence. Which is why … during the Obama Administration, the Establishment made a lot of additional efforts in legalizing Gay Marriage in several states and also moved forward in legalizing drugs like Marijuana.

This is mainly being done to keep the people occupied in crime, drugs and decadence or keep them just too busy with jobs … so that no one has the time to question anything. And the Establishment get’s to run their systems of exploitation and destruction unopposed. They are working on legalizing Marijuana as we speak. Israel is planning to supply all of this Marijuana to the American people. They have created the largest Marijuana farms in the world to drug the American people.

What you should realize about the Establishment is that … doesn’t matter how much cash or corporations they might have … all of their tactics and systems are criminal and illegal. They exploit and abuse people. And being the President of America … being the President of Russia … you don’t have to sit there being victims of the Establishment. You don’t have to sit there playing defense with all of their aggressive moves. You guys are actually the most powerful forces that can take action against them.

These guys are criminals and they fear the government. They fear the exposure of their malice and systems. They fear the people rising against them. They fear rules and regulations being created against their malice. They fear the government coming after them.

These guys are running all of these aggressive moves “out of fear”. Because they know that they are under the hammer. There is no way out other than to change the systems or destroy these countries. Destruction of the countries has been successfully averted. So they are busy just pointing the finger here and there … towards others where there is no problem. All of the anti-Russia and anti-Trump campaigns are a part of these deviation gimmicks.

You have to stop playing defense and start leading the country. You did not become President to play defense. You became President to lead your country and your people. Snap out of this aggressive stream that the Establishment is maintaining you in. It’s a plain deviation gimmick. Create your own flow. Leaders don’t go with the flow … leaders create their own flow. Change the direction of your country & people and start leading & winning.