28 Oct 2018
Matrix Technologies and the Lady in Red
in America

This alert is only meant for Trump to take precautions. The information was leaked in the Matrix immediately the next day itself … after Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly in his hotel. We did not talk about this event mainly because … firstly, it was a kinky subject. I preferred to keep the curtain over it and I did not want to get involved in it if a settlement was already made. Secondly, there was no reason for Megyn Kelly to flip and go ballistic against the President. She is a decent individual making a decent income and there was no reason for her to use this card.

The Matrix Stream and the General Stream
We told you this before. The Establishment has high end biotechnological research labs in Israel. They are researching and inventing stuff that is far beyond the general available set of technologies. They use these high end technologies to track and manage people in several cities around the world.

They can easily facilitate this because the Establishment owns the majority of the largest corporations and manufacturing industries in America and China. This is where the invention takes place and this is where the manufacturing takes place. They literally own the largest research labs … giving them access to the latest research as and when it is done. This research is further enhanced at Israel’s hidden labs and improvised with their objectives of “tracking and managing” people by the masses. These are Matrix Technologies.

To give you an idea of the extent of their research work and implementation in real life … let’s just say … they can track the activities of any place where there is electricity and a device that can send a signal. The device can be a phone or a television set or even a radio. If there is electricity and a device that can send a signal at any location in America then the Establishment can track what is going on at that location.

It might be a hotel room, a company’s headquarters, a politician’s residence or any government building. The Establishment … via ownership of the products, that all of these people use … they can easily track what you are doing. They make the phones that you use … they design the software that you use on your phones and computers … they supply the electricity and internet to your homes and offices. Via this supply network, it is incredibly easy for them to track anything at any location in the country.

Leaking info from the Matrix Stream to the General Stream
Despite the high end technologies put into place, the Establishment cannot disclose the information that it collects via its systems. Because if they reveal this information then they have to provide evidence as to how this information was collected ... which will bring attention to their spy systems of tracking people. All of these systems and technologies are “criminal and illegal” as the surveillance is done without the consent of the people. This makes it compulsory for the Establishment to hide these technologies and systems.

The Establishment uses two major techniques of releasing information to the “General Stream”.

  • Leaks. They will just send one guy with the information to a media outlet and the media agency will publish the information as news from “uncited sources”. This is a direct leak via uncited sources. The Trump Presidency has been a major victim of “leaks”. His private conversations and meetings are being leaked to the media. This is not because there are one or two bad apples in his team. It is because this is how the Establishment interfaces its spy systems to the general world. It is the Establishment tracking the President and leaking info to its own media companies.
  • Flips. The second technique that the Establishment uses is “flips”. At places where just leaks are not enough or when leaks will not work … they use flips. Since the Establishment has to protect its technologies and systems from exposure … they will work on creating scenarios of flipping one person who was present in the scene. This person will lose his job or something adverse will happen to him … he will come out of the Trump Administration and start talking. The Trump Presidency has again been a victim of this tactic as well.

Sequence of Leaks and Flips
There has not been one leak or one flip … but there has been a regular sequence of leaks and flips against the Trump Presidency. Trying to make Megyn Kelly flip is nothing new for the Establishment.

  • Steve Bannon. A childhood friend and close confidant … flips against the President and works with one Author to create a best selling novel that humiliates the Trump Presidency and his family.
  • Omarosa. Another favored candidate in the Trump Administration flips against the President and goes on live television doing interviews on several shows.

There is a long list of people who have flipped against Trump. Its not because this is what people do … that they start demonizing the person they worked for. This has been happening repeatedly because it is an Establishment tactic.

The Establishment going after Megyn Kelly
Till date, we did not write about Megyn Kelly’s episode because there wouldn’t be a reason for her to flip and start talking what happened at Trump’s hotel. But now since NBC has canceled her show … it creates an urgent scenario that needs attention.

Info available in the General Stream about the event

  • Megyn Kelly was anti-Trump
  • Trump wanted her fired
  • Megyn was invited alone at Trump’s hotel
  • She wears a hot red dress and visits Trump’s hotel alone
  • An interview follows after the meeting … both of them looking pretty red
  • Megyn talks about a truce with Trump after this meeting
  • Megyn starts pro-Trump coverage after the meeting for a few days or weeks
  • Her job is threatened again after some anti coverage
  • She actually reminds Trump about "her meeting" on live Television about the truce
  • She gets relocated to NBC

The above information is already available in the General Stream.

Several versions were leaked in the Matrix about what happened at the hotel

  • Trump was involved with Megyn Kelly in sexual acts
  • Trump and his sons were also involved
  • It was an orgy, rape and also possible gang rape

If there is any truth to this … then you have to see the best options that you can take and also the best options that your opponent can take.

Trump’s Best Options

  • Give her a job in your Administration and make her a pro-Trump fighter
  • Get her a job elsewhere and make sure that she realizes that it is you who helped her

Megyn Kelly’s Best Options

  • CNN offers her a job to go full swing against Trump
  • Or she goes solo and gets support from the Establishment and the Democrats

The trouble in the game – sex is as you define it to be
Sex is a taboo subject and a lot depends upon how the persons involved define the act.

  • Words can be defined at sexual abuse
  • A simple touch can be defined as sexual assault
  • And sex can be defined as rape

It all depends upon the mental configuration of the person involved during and after the event.

If you look at this event … if it is true … then Trump has trouble on his side because:

  • The sexual act was Trump’s proposition
  • It was his way of punishing her … doesn’t matter if she agreed to it. It was your idea.
  • Trump was the one with the power
  • He used his powers to threaten a News Anchor
  • This indicates force and pressure on the other person
  • And this blurs the line of the act being “consensual” as she was forced into it

If you look at this from Megyn Kelly’s angle then:

  • She was the victim
  • She was not doing anything illegal
  • Being pro-Trump or anti-Trump is protected by law
  • She was forced into a sexual act … which if she would not do then she would face severe consequences for her job or career
  • She can easily define whatever happened at Trump’s hotel as assault or rape
  • She could initiate a lawsuit of rape against Trump and also on his sons, if they were also involved
  • She gets a job at CNN
  • Goes full swing against Trump with a lawsuit
  • Saves her career, loved by her colleagues and adored by the country for coming forward

We are in a #metoo movement age. She is herself a lawyer. If she plays her cards right then she could come out winning … as this is a real event. This is her best case scenario.

Defamation Lawsuit
You will possibly file a counter defamation lawsuit. She will bring up candidates from Fox who made this deal. She will have to provide evidence that the assault or rape actually took place. And bla bla bla. The case will go on and who wins the case is a different issue. But this will be a major PR nightmare for your Presidency.

We are just warning you before it happens so that you can prepare and initiate steps to handle it … if the event is true.

It generally happens in 3 steps

  1. The Establishment tracks the event via the Matrix
  2. Makes one person in the scene flip
  3. This person goes ballistic in the media

They have already done this with Bannon, Omarosa and many others. They are working on making Megyn Kelly flip this time. Step 03 will be Megyn Kelly going ballistic. I am telling you again and again … if there is any truth to it … step in and fix it. Help Megyn Kelly and pull her on your side … before any of your opponents reach her. Don’t sit there in denial trying to show a good image. If it happened then step in and fix it. If it is true and you don’t fix it … then you are looking at potential charges of rape … and there is a lot of information in the general public stream where you have shown hostility to Megyn Kelly. The whole thing will turn out to be a mega nightmare. Better to make your own moves and be ahead of Establishment gimmicks and setups.

The best way to win against the Establishment is to detect their next 10 steps and be ahead of them. Take measures to destroy their setups, gimmicks and systems. You can have an upper edge over them.