27 Oct 2018
The Lady in Red
in America

The Establishment is evolving its strategies
Megyn Kelly is a major time bomb in the making. This is what you should know. The Establishment is evolving its strategies. Many elements have been activated against Establishment malice. There is a massive investigation on all events and Establishment’s patterns are being tracked routinely.

Failure of bogus sponsored Radical elements
The War on Terror and most terrorism related activities have been successfully failed because of these investigations. We know exactly who the main culprits are and the tactics that they were using to run the terror events. Most of the time it would be some sponsored criminals who would carry out the act and the Establishment media would blame it on an entire religion or country. This gimmick ran for more than 16 years. However, it was figured out and failed successfully.

The Establishment faced massive failures in terror events because:

  • The main culprit who carried out the event would never be caught
  • He would be at the crime scene but somehow he would be killed during the event which showed the termination of the chain to the main command center
  • And if someone would was caught then he would blame “mind control” for carrying out the event … which is again an advanced technique of the Establishment which needs detailed study to be tracked and proven to their command center
  • All of the above indicated “sponsored and controlled” activities.

Matrix Based Events
Since their pattern and gimmicks were busted ... the Establishment is upgrading its techniques. The routine of “sponsored and hired” criminals has been failed. Now, they are using Matrix Based events.

  • Matrix based events are far more complicated to detect the Establishment’s involvement
  • They involve real people with real interests
  • Thus creating events with an “actual intent” from the culprit
  • But then again, the whole thing would be setup, created and facilitated by the Establishment for their own personal interests that support their agenda

Examples will help.

Example 01. American Pastor detained in Turkey
Take a look at this event. It has genuinely interested parties carrying out an event with their own personal interest. There are no sponsored or hired individuals in this setup. Turkey was the target in this setup because it is a crucial base for our work and it can provide phenomenal support in changing the West. The Establishment wanted bad relations between Turkey and America … which is exactly what they got.

Turkish Lira plummeted and Turkish economy got affected during this event. American-Turkish relations were strained.

Example 02. The killing of Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate
The Establishment has multiple interests in this event.

  • It helps to worsen Turkish-Saudi relations
  • It helps to worsen Saudi-American relations
  • It helps to demonize the Saudi Royal Family
  • It helps to denigrate Saudi Arabia’s role in the project

It was a well thought of event … pushed and facilitated via the Matrix Network … involving genuine parties with genuine interests. Again in this setup, there are no sponsored or hired individuals involved. But the whole setup caters to Establishment interests.

Megyn Kelly – The Lady in Red
The Establishment was pretty darn successful in its agenda via Matrix Based events. And based upon the above pattern … their next major target is Megyn Kelly. Why Megyn Kelly? What is so important about her that the Establishment is interested in her?

Sex Orgy at Trump Towers
We have no confirmation whether this is true or not … but the report in the Matrix is that:

  • Megyn Kelly is a major anti-Trumper
  • Her show on Fox was getting a lot of attention
  • Trump wanted her fired
  • She wanted to keep her job
  • The condition or deal that was put forward by Trump so that she retains her job is that … she comes to Trump Towers and … let’s just say … gets involved sexually. There was a sex orgy … that was Trump’s way of “punishing her” for being anti-Trump.
  • Based upon this deal … she goes to Trump Towers wearing a “Red Dress” … alone by herself as she was requested to come alone and the above happened that involved Trump himself

Two Scenarios – True or False?

  • The Report is False. Let’s assume that the report is false. Then Trump has nothing to worry about. She remains just a simple anti-Trumper and it doesn’t matter for Trump whether she has a job or not. Trump remains safe and business is as usual.
  • The Report is True. If this report is true … that a sitting President punished a National News Anchor via “sexual acts” for speaking against him … then this is a mega bombastic blunder. And this is exactly what the Establishment is trying to exploit. The Establishment Media will twist this event to be “rape by Trump and gang-rape by Trump” … they will go ballistic in several directions. The media will have a gala time.

The Establishment is going for “real events by real people”
The current trend of the Establishment is going for real events by real people. Again in this event also there was no sponsorship or hired people from the Establishment. The report of this event is in the Matrix. The Establishment is only creating and facilitating the scenarios where Megyn Kelly starts talking.

Making the Lady in Red Speak Up
This is what the Establishment is trying to target when it comes to Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is a respectable and well known news anchor … based on her current record that is. As long as she has a job … as long as she is making her money … then:

  • She will not go on Live Television and narrate this story
  • She will not insult herself and be called a tramp that agreed to sexual acts just to keep her job
  • But if her career is totally destroyed … she loses all her jobs
  • And this destruction of career is blamed on Trump … telling her that Trump was the one who made this happen … then she has nothing to lose
  • She already knows that Trump was after her job … she lost her work at Fox and she was transferred to NBC
  • Having lost her career and have nothing else to lose … this is what will create the circumstance to make the “Lady in Red Speak Up”
  • Trump destroyed her career and she will be pushed to go after Trump’s career
  • Which means destroying the Trump Presidency and talking about what happened in Trump Towers.

A Clear Establishment Setup
This is a clear Establishment setup with very clear Establishment objectives that are “demonizing and terminating” the Trump Presidency. There are not sponsored elements. All people are real with real intent creating a real event. And they are terminating Megyn Kelly’s job at NBC using a ridiculous statement that they are promoting to be “racist” somehow. It was a simple and innocent mistake … she never intended to hurt anyone. But they have taken the drastic action of terminating her show for a simple mistake.

The Establishment is very clearly facilitating a scenario where Megyn Kelly’s career is destroyed. The Establishment’s objective is to make the Lady in Red speak up … which is exactly what they are working on.

The Problem for the Trump Presidency
These pornstars and playmates coming after the Trump Presidency … is nothing but an Establishment setup. The pornstars and playmates are not having the required impact that the Establishment expected. Now, they are pulling in a highly respected and popular media figure and say that … Trump sexually abused a National TV News Anchor as punishment for speaking against him. And this news can be simply bombastic at a National and International level. It can greatly diminish the positive momentum that the Trump Presidency is getting recently.

Establishment Presentation of the Event
The Establishment will use its media to present the event with a complete twist like this.

  • In this setup, the President is the aggressor
  • The President used his power to fire a new anchor that was simply doing her job
  • The President threatened the media company to fire Megyn Kelly
  • Megyn Kelly was helpless and powerless. Megyn Kelly is the victim.
  • She was made to go through a rape or a possible gang-rape by the President. They will launch media headlines something like this:
  • “Trump rapes Megyn Kelly”
  • “Trump gang rapes Megyn Kelly for speaking against him”
  • “The President gang rapes News Anchor as punishment for speaking against him”.

In the entire presentation, Megyn Kelly will be shown as the helpless victim, which she is … and they will show Trump as the aggressive predator who used his powers to sexually assault a news anchor. In one way or the other … Megyn Kelly will get the public’s support and Trump will be the one paying in every way for this oncoming setup.

Two major entities that will support Megyn Kelly
There are two major entities that will support and help Megyn Kelly.

  • The Establishment Media. If Megyn Kelly is not going to have a job then the Establishment Media will lure her with a lot of cash to hear her story.
  • Democrats. Another keenly interested entity would be the Democrats for political mileage.

How to manage this?
This setup is on a fast-track … where Megyn Kelly is being demonized by the Establishment Media which has led to her losing the job. You have to act real fast. If the report is true … then Megyn Kelly is not just any anti-Trumper … she is basically one of the victims of the President. Saving Megyn Kelly is saving your Presidency.

Option 01. Give her a job in your Administration
The best option would be to make her a pro-Trumper. This will kill the Establishment setup. They want to infuriate Megyn Kelly to push her against you. She has just lost her job. Step right in … offer her a job. See if she can drop her anti-status and support the Trump Presidency. Tell her that you need people who will fight for the country. We have great works ahead and she can be a major part of the media team that will fight for our cause.

If she accepts then:

  • You have just killed a major Establishment setup being pulled off against you
  • You got a strong player in your team
  • And you have saved your Presidency from a major catastrophe

Option 02. Get her a job
If she does not agree to Option 01 then get her a job. See that she is placed at a prominent place in a major media agency. Because as long as Megyn Kelly has a job … as long as her career is safe … as long as millions of people are listening to her … she will have no reason to expose her sexual acts in front of the public. There will be no reason for her to go with that humiliation.

Make sure that she knows that “you were the one” who got her the job. So that there is some gratitude created and she can let go of what happened. She is in a moment of crisis … step in and help her. Hopefully, she will appreciate it.

Kill the setup before it is activated
In both of the above options … you will successfully kill the Establishment’s setup. But if her career gets destroyed and she has nothing to lose … then you are looking at a major ticking bomb. And once she starts talking … both … the Establishment Media and the Democrats will jump at the opportunity and provide her with maximum support. Instead of your opponents supporting her … you step in first and support her.

And it really does not matter if she continues to speak against Trump. There are hundreds of anti-Trumpers … so what if there is one more. At least, we will not have another major bombastic sex scandal to deal with. Help her only if the report is true … if the report is not true then you have nothing to worry about.