19 Oct 2018
The Establishment Targets Saudi Arabia in the same style it targeted Trump and Putin
in America

The Establishment is continuing to target Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince … in the same style and pattern that it has been targeting Trump and Putin since the past few years. Apart from using the below elements:

  • Full Scale Publicity in the Media. The Establishment is using the Khashoggi event to provide maximum publicity in the West via its media network.
  • Media pushing Politicians to take action. The Establishment is trying to use its media to push Politicians to take action against Saudi Arabia.
  • Targeting an entire country. And look at the action that they are trying to push forward … they are trying to push for “sanctions on an entire country”. When a crime is committed, the criminal is generally punished … not the entire country. The Establishment is trying to use this event as a demonization campaign against the Saudi Royal Family and Saudi Arabia in general.
  • Place of Promotion. No American was involved … no American was hurt … it did not affect any national interest of America. But this event is being highly publicized in America. Why? American leaders are being pushed to take action. Why? The event did not even happen on American soil. Why is this of so much concern to the Establishment in America?

Not only the Establishment is repeating its routine pattern of gimmicks above but it is also continuing to:

  • Release details of the event using the media … excruciating details are released to the media.
  • Clearly indicating that this event was preplanned and that several elements were placed to record this event.
  • Clearly showing that this event was planned to be used as a demonization tool against Saudi Arabia.

The whole thing was a setup where genuine parties were pulled with genuine interest … the event was placed and created with multiple objectives:

  • Demonize Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family
  • Create friction between Turkey and Saudi Arabia
  • Create friction between Saudi Arabia and America

With one event, the Establishment is driving multiple benefits.

Here’s the interesting part … the exact same pattern of demonization, ridicule and political action were taken repeatedly against:

  • President Trump and his Presidency
  • President Putin and Russia as a whole

The Establishment has repeatedly attacked Trump and Putin … via “events and leaks” … creating false events to target both Presidents and leaking information against both Presidents to run a worldwide demonization campaign. The Establishment has failed in its anti-Russia campaign. Instead of Russia being isolated … Russia is continuously expanding its circle, creating more friends, stabilizing its economy and creating a fantastic world leadership role. The anti-Russian propaganda by the Establishment is a failed propaganda.

Now, the Establishment is running out of options and they have to keep the public occupied & deviated with something gruesome and awful … which is why they are running anti-Turkey and anti-Saudi propagandas since a few months.

Look at all major Establishment targets:

  • Trump and his Presidency
  • Putin and Russia
  • Erdogan and Turkey
  • Saudi Crown Prince and Saudi Arabia

All of the above are fantastic positive people that can do great things for the world. They can provide incredible world leadership. And this vicious criminal and Satanic Establishment is busy throwing dirt on all of the above leaders. They are busy running demonization campaigns to tarnish the image of all of the above fantastic world leaders.

Continuous Leaks
Just like they ran lengthy demonization campaigns via leaks against Trump and Putin … they are doing the same thing to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal Family. The Establishment’s objective is to create a long term demonization campaign to facilitate political action against Saudi Arabia as a country as a whole. These repeated leaks and repeated news articles are designed to create hate and friction against Saudi Arabia.

Unreasonable hateful actions against targets
Just like they wanted Trump to be impeached and they wanted Russia to be isolated from the world … the Establishment is trying to justify large scale action against the Saudis. But if you look at the truth … there is no reason to impeach Trump … Trump has not done anything that warrants his impeachment. In the same manner, Russia has not done anything against America or Europe that warrants world isolation for Russia. Similarly, one person going missing or being killed … does not warrant sanctions or hate against an entire country.

This large scale publicity of the Khashoggi event in the West is designed only to:

  • Demonize the Saudi Royal Family in the West
  • Delegitimize the Saudi Government in the West
  • Create friction between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and America
  • Facilitate large scale hateful actions against Saudi Arabia as a country

This is the Establishment using its monopoly to demonize whichever country or ruler it wants in the world. It might be Trump, Putin or the Saudi Royal Family … anyone can be rattled by the Establishment … this is what they are saying right now.

The main miscreant is the Establishment Monopoly
What we must realize from this event is that … should we take action against the Saudi Royal Family or should we take action against the Establishment Monopoly that is running these massive large scale schemes … that demonize good and positive people … and facilitate hate and friction in the world? The Khashoggi event should show you that the main element that needs to be controlled and checked is “Establishment Monopoly” … and not just the Saudi Government. The main miscreants in this show is the Establishment Monopoly.