15 Oct 2018
Jamal Khashoggi is an Establishment Setup
in America

The Saudi Journalist issue is a setup … it has been deliberately designed. Look at the countries that they are involving. America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia … all three are crucial countries in the project.

  • Turkey-Saudi Arabia. A Saudi journalist being killed or disappearing in Turkey, among all nations in the world. They are using this event to worsen relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia when both of these countries should be on good terms. One is the financier and another is a base country. If they don’t get along well together … then Saudis will not want to finance something in Turkey and Turkey might not want to support a Saudi sponsored project.
  • Heavy Marketing in America. They are not stopping at this and they are heavily marketing this event in America … pushing Trump to take action against the Saudis. America is the major victim country of Establishment malice and it will be the highest beneficiary of the project. If America takes out the whip against Saudi Arabia then it would be pushing away an important sponsor that will save America.
  • Timing of the Event. They are placing this event at a critical time when we can easily launch our project.

They are trying to worsen relations between all 3 important countries in the project … America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia … at a critical time when it is incredibly easy to launch our project. And you can directly see the Establishment’s interest in this by:

  • Media Marketing. The immense marketing that they are giving this in the US media. Why is this journalist so important for the US? Why is the US media interested in this? This event did not happen in the US. No American was involved. Why is this event of so immense importance to the Establishment media in the US? There are scores of journalists being locked up or killed around the world … why not pay attention to their cases as well? Especially journalists who are being jailed for questioning the holocaust or who are researching the holocaust … how about putting some light on their cases?
  • Media pushing Politicians for action. Not only the Establishment uses the media to do the marketing … but they also use the media to push American politicians to take unreasonable aggressive action against other countries. You can also see this in live action in this case. Many top politicians … who are mostly Establishment puppets are being pushed to take action on this case.

This was a very carefully preplanned event using the Matrix system where genuine interest might lie and genuine parties might get involved. A similar case created recently was of the American Pastor held up at Turkey. This case created tensions between America and Turkey. Now another event is designed to create tensions between 3 important countries in the project.

The question is … if they had to go after this journalist then why now? Why not a few years ago? Why are they creating events continuously to create friction in the relations between these countries?

How to handle it?

  • Keep it proportionate. If there is genuine evidence that some Saudi officials are involved in this … then keep it proportionate. Do not follow the Establishment’s path of unreasonable and out of proportion aggressive actions against other countries.
  • Don’t target a country or religion. The Establishment creates friction around the world by targeting the masses. They target countries and religions to create a whole mess. Do not allow them to use any event to target a country or religion. Saudi Arabia as a whole should not be punished for the acts of a few individuals. An entire country should not be targeted.
  • Punish actual culprits. The best way of dealing any crime is to punish the actual culprit who committed the crime … if the crime is proven that is. Go after the culprit and punish the culprit … do not punish an entire country. And if it is proven that Saudi officials are involved … maybe the Saudis will want to give a handsome insurance payout to the close family members of the victim (a few hundred million should do it, I guess). The world will know that the culprit was punished and the close kin were taken care of. This is justice.
  • Maintain good relations. It is very important that in this phase we maintain good relations between countries like Turkey, America, Saudi Arabia and Russia. All of these are critical countries in the project. Whatever measure is taken … it should be proportionate and just. It should not hurt international relations and it should not hurt the entire country as a whole.

The Establishment is scared and scrambling
Another interesting thing that you should observe by these events that the Establishment is designing in these critical countries is that …

  • The Establishment is scared, afraid and guilty
  • They know very well that our project will succeed
  • They are at a desperate low owing to which they are resorting to such gimmicks
  • There is nothing more that they can do … other than sow discord and friction among the main team members

This is one of the reasons why they were maintaining a massive anti-Russian campaign … so that relations between Trump and Putin are spoilt. It has been two years and their propaganda has failed. So what our lovely Establishment is doing is … taking a break from Russia … and creating discord between Turkey, America and Saudis.

Please do not fall for these gimmicks. All of these are setups designed to create friction among fantastic nations that will do beautiful things in the world. Have a backend channel to maintain strong relations among each other and ward off these gimmicks and setups designed by malicious Establishment elements.