10 Oct 2018
UN Ambassador & Eliminating Establishment Puppets from Politics
in America

This is what you need to note … about being “pro-Israel”. Israel is one of the Establishment entities … it is the central house of the bankers. Actually “it was” … until the gold was shipped off to South China Sea. This shipping of gold happened during the last months of Obama Administration. Until then, the Establishment would use politicians to promote their entities … entities and policies such as:

  • Free Trade and Global Trade … helps Establishment industries in China
  • Drugs, LGBTQ and Porn … helps the Establishment supply drug and promote decadence in the country
  • Gun supply in the country … creates civilians as a customer base for the weapons industry and promotes violence in the country
  • Wars against other countries … provides big business for the Establishment weapons industry
  • Supporting Israel … was the base of the Central Bankers
  • Being Pro Life … creates more unwanted children and thus creates more violence in the country
  • NSA Spying … mass surveillance of the common people

All of these are Establishment policies that help them and create violence, decadence and death at mass levels at the domestic level and at the international level.

Promoting Puppets
Until George Bush, you can say that … this was the norm … promoting politicians who supported, endorsed or remained silent on the above issues. These were the “core Establishment puppets” being installed at various key positions in politics, media and legal systems. This is how the Establishment was running America for its own interests while using people for the same.

The Establishment was using its monopoly to facilitate the rise of such puppets in America. And some politicians understood the “formula” of rising in American politics. And this formula was:

  • Blindly supporting guns, drugs and LGBTQ
  • Blindly supporting Israel
  • Blindly endorsing all wars and violence
  • Blindly endorsing every policy that helped the Establishment and its interests

If you had to rise in American politics, then this was your formula … until I showed up in America that is. What we did was … we activated SM and showed them what the hell was going on … and how the country and people were being ripped off. And one of the ways to contain and control Establishment malice is by eliminating “Establishment puppets” from key decision making points.

We gave SM this “formula” that was being used by the Establishment … in order to identify Establishment puppets placed in politics, media and legal systems. All of the above is actually a formula to identify and eliminate Establishment puppets.

Puppet Identification Process
This puppet identification process began during Obama’s Second Term. This was extremely important to understand and identify “misleading” elements. These puppets would be placed at high places such as, Hillary Clinton herself … she was one of the highest placed Establishment puppet in American politics. And look at her, she supports all of those damn policies that destroy the country.

Knocking out such Establishment puppets began by firing Hillary Clinton herself. She will never win the Presidential Election, God willing. Doesn’t matter how many times she may try … she will never make it. Because the scene in American politics has changed. The formula that was being used to rise in American politics … today the same formula is being used to knock out Establishment puppets. It is very unlikely that Hillary will even get the nomination this time, forget about entering the White House.

How does this help the Trump Presidency?
The interesting question is … how does this help the Trump Presidency? If you see the most active aggressive forces against your Presidency are Establishment puppets.

  • The Establishment owned media
  • The Establishment run Hollywood
  • Establishment controlled Republicans and Democrats
  • Puppets in Legal and Intelligence spheres

The country was already a major victim of Establishment control and monopoly … even before you became President. When Trump won the nomination, the Establishment viciously turned against Trump. It started off with sex scandals … then media demonization and then FBI investigations. The Establishment is able to run this whole “scheme of aggression” against the Trump family and Presidency mainly via its puppets.

Getting rid of Establishment puppets is good for the Trump family and Presidency. It reduces the points of aggression and weakens the Establishment’s aggressive agenda. This is the main reason why you are seeing that there is a new wave of politicians entering the Congress. Fresh blood and new faces are being brought into the game. This is going to help the country to a great extent in the long run and it will also help the Trump Presidency.

Understanding how to deal with Israel
It is a very complicated situation out there with a lot of parameters at play. You have Jared Kushner who wants to support Israel at all costs. And you have Establishment aggression against you. Then you have the SM Network that is automatically running its own clean up agenda. And you have the international community looking at your policies … who are deciding whether to support or resist your moves. There are a lot of parameters involved.

This is what you should know about being pro-Israel, right now. The bankers themselves don’t give a damn about being pro-Israel. It is a fading policy. The gold has moved to South China Sea and the Bankers themselves are trying to use Israel as bait to start World War III. Which is why … the Establishment doesn’t really care if the new politicians are pro-Israel or not. That emphasis is gone … the security of Israel is no more a high priority for the Establishment. As of now, it is nothing more than a formality.

Balancing the right and wrong
The whole of Europe and the world knows that Israel is the world’s Satanic center. Europe literally expelled most of its Jews during World War II. Europe has thousands of years of experience with Jews and devil worship. One third of Europe’s population was wiped out during the Bubonic plague. Everybody knows the core truth about Israel. And everybody knows that the more you follow Israel … the more the violence, decadence and death you will facilitate in the world.

Israel is a very complicated subject and you have to be very tactical in handling the subject. If you want to come out right and be viewed as a just leader in the international community then you have to balance the right and wrong appropriately.

Supporting what is right
Don’t hire a UN Ambassador who is ultra pro-Israel and don’t hire someone is ultra anti-Israel either. Both of them will backfire. During this phase of transition … you have to follow a balancing act. You need to hire someone who will support Israel in what is right and also refrain Israel from what is wrong.

  • Support the Common Jews. You must understand that this criminal Satanic mentality of the Establishment lies in the core top leadership … especially with the bankers and the current government of Israel … while millions of common Jews have nothing to do with this shit. Many of them don’t even know about it. When it comes to common Jews, support all of their rights at every level.
  • Security of Israel. Don’t allow any country to attack Israel. It is mainly because of two things. Firstly, the Common Jews don’t deserve it. Secondly, these guys are vicious assholes who work on biological weapons. They wiped out one third of Europe’s population via the bubonic plague … and that was hundreds of years ago. Today, they have incredibly terrible and vicious diseases that they will unleash all across Europe and the Middle East. Trust me, you don’t want war with Israel. They will unleash existential threats for several countries that may spread across entire continents. This viciousness will last for hundreds of years to come … just like the bubonic plague lasted for hundreds of years.
  • One bomb country. Many people think that Israel is a one bomb country. But its not about the size … its more about the ideology and technology. During the bubonic plague they had no country of their own and even then they facilitated it. The Bubonic Plague was a fight between the Church and the Devil Worshippers. The Church was hunting down the culprits of the Bubonic Plague and burning the people who practiced witchcraft … who happened to be Jews. And these guys responded this hate from the Church by spreading the Plague into more areas. The whole damn thing lasted for hundreds of years. Some countries might consider wiping out Israel … but having Israel is good for many bigger reasons.
  • Development and Industries. Try to put Israel on a more constructive path of developing useful and beneficial products … products that are not guns, drugs or mental voodoo. We should look at the national level of the development of Israel in accordance to International Law.

Refraining Israel from what is wrong
While you are helping and guiding Israel … you also need to stop and refrain Israel from criminal and aggressive activities.

  • Settlements. Israel should be encouraged to follow the International Law. And as per International Law, you are not allowed to occupy other’s territories and build your homes over other’s land. This is not acceptable in any part of the world.
  • Die or go away. Israel keeps on building more settlements and keeps on bombing the Palestinians … because their official policy for Palestinians is “die or go away”. Its an ethnic cleansing program. They have absolutely no intention of peace or a Two State Solution. All of the measures and policies that Israel runs against Palestine are designed based upon this formula … “die or go away”.
  • Repeated bombing of Palestine. Bombing a country does not solve crime … war does not solve crime. This is something that we learnt from the War on Terror. If someone is committing a crime against Israel … by firing rockets or whatever … then go catch the criminals. Why bomb cities and civilians? Catch and eliminate the criminals … that’s how you eliminate crime. But this is not what Israel does … they use these “rockets” being launched as an excuse to go out there and run a mass killing expedition against Palestinians in their own land.
  • Tactical measures to catch criminals. You need someone who can encourage Israel to follow tactical measures of catching criminals instead of bombing civilians. Bombing of civilians is illegal and a crime in the laws of any country. The truth behind these “rockets” is that … Israel itself maintains a team that launches these rockets into their country. These rockets are used as an excuse to run their program of “die or go away”. They are trying to wipe out the Palestinian population and create a humanitarian crisis for them in their own country.
  • Bombing of hospitals and schools. Israel will say that they are bombing schools and hospitals because there was a terrorist hiding in that hospital. That is bullshit. The sign of schools and hospitals is the sign of a normal life for the people. The current Israeli government does not want a normal life for Palestinians and wants to maintain them in a crisis … so that they simply go away. That’s why they keep bombing the schools and hospitals. It is an ethnic cleansing strategy.
  • Marijuana. Not only aggression against Palestinians … you also have to control the flow of drugs from Israel to America. Establishment puppet politicians are trying to legalize Marijuana and other drugs in America. And guess who is the largest Marijuana producer in the world? Yes, its Israel. Once Marijuana is legalized, Israel will be the largest and key supplier of these drugs to America. Already 60,000 Americans are dying every year due to drug overdose. And Israel wants to provide tons of more drugs into the country by creating laws for the same.

All of the above activities of Israel create nothing but death and destruction for others. All of them are criminal activities that must be checked, controlled and stopped. And when the Trump Administration is showing blind support for such activities then it delegitimizes your authority in the International Community … especially in Europe. Which is why you are finding a rising resistance to moves from the Trump Administration. Its great the Nikki Haley resigned. Now, you need a good guy that can balance the act.

Firstly, try to control Kushner. He is family and needs the full support that we can give him. But it is your Presidency and you are facing a backlash at an international level. You have to control where to support and where to control Israel. This is one of the key places where the world will be watching you. Don’t pick a guy who is totally anti-Israel … and don’t pick a guy who is totally pro-Israel. Pick someone who will do what is right … very diplomatically and tactically.

Later phases will be easy
In the later phases, dealing with the Establishment and such issues will be very very easy. You are in a phase of a major transition that has not been predicted by anyone. Just try to follow a diplomatic and tactical path … and we will show you how to win.