30 Sep 2018
Satanism is self-destructive
in America

This is what you need to keep in mind when you are dealing with the Jewish Establishment. The hardcore center of the Establishment that designs all of these policies, propaganda and systems for self-benefit … these guys are not Jews at all. These guys are actually Satanists living under the cover of Judaism. They are running Satanic systems and promoting Satanic ideology under various pretexts and skins. This is the key problem with the Establishment. They follow Satan.

And what happens when you follow Satan? Satan will show you that doing all of the wrong things are good for you. That is how Satan runs its game … it “misleads” the people in doing wrong things. If you keep on following Satan in everything then what happens to you in the end? You end up in hell. You thought that you were doing good … but you were misled onto a wrong path … where you only destroyed yourself. Satan facilitates destruction. And everyone who follow Satan are following a path of “self-destruction”.

This is not just ideological talk. This is by facts. You can see it live … around you and repeatedly through history. Jewish expulsions happened dozens of times repeatedly from almost every prominent European nation in history. Why? They will say that … “we were expelled because we were Jews”. No, that is a lie. The core truth about their expulsion is that:

  • They came from Kazaria where devil worship was the norm … it was the culture
  • Using drugs and decadent activities were the norm
  • There was absolutely no check on crime and cheating others

And when they did all of this in Europe … when they were practicing their “culture” … the governments and Kings got repeated complaints from these communities about drugs, crime, decadence and devil worship. The government could not kill all of these thousands of people … so they simply expelled them. This was the core reason why Jews were expelled repeatedly throughout history. Owing to their devil worship, criminal activities and decadence.

They followed Satan … they did everything that Satan misled them into. But then what happened to them in the end? It led to their expulsion. It led to their self-destruction. And when these Kazarian Jews got educated and started living in modern cities in Europe … they still continued on their Satan worship and continued to design systems to exploit others. Who do you think that Rothschild is? He is a Kazarian Jew.

Wide spectrum of Jews
Today there is a wide spectrum of Jews. Especially in America where they are following “Reformed Judaism”. This version of Judaism has already shunned a lot of Satanic beliefs and practices. There is a huge section of Jews who are not even religious … they don’t even care to follow any religion. So, not every Jew is a devil worshipper or criminal. But if you see the key systems that this Establishment is running … all of them are based upon same misleading and exploitation strategies of Satanism.

Shark eats shark
And the worst part of this destructive Satanism is that … it is a criminal ideology that follows a “shark eats shark” strategy.

  • Non-Jews are animals. On one side, they are running a belief system where non-Jews are treated as animals … like sheep and cattle. Using this system, they are trying to show superiority of Jews over non-Jews … and pulling Jews to support their systems and ideologies.
  • Terminate & expel Jews wherever necessary. At the same time, this very criminal Establishment runs programs to terminate and expel Jews wherever necessary to build more power for themselves.

They try to use Jews against non-Jews … but at the same time … they will expel and terminate Jews when its suits their program. Examples will help:

  • World War I. This war was designed to create Israel by Rothschild.
  • World War II. Mass anti-Semitic programs were run across Europe to facilitate the expulsion of Jews in order to build the population of Israel. So that Israel can be a legitimate country. These guys are the Central Bankers who basically run the European governments. They can protect their banks but they cannot protect the common Jews? They literally designed the killing and expulsion of common Jews all across Europe because it suited their program of the creation of the State of Israel.
  • Israel is bait today. And today the same bankers are using Israel as bait to start World War III. Netanyahu is continuously working on ways to piss off Russia in Syria … attacking Syria again and again … only to start a conflict with Russia. This criminal Establishment is ready to terminate 7 million Jews in Israel only to protect itself. Today the Establishment’s debt based systems are destroying the economies of several European countries and they want war against Russia. Just to protect their criminal systems … they are ready to kill millions of Jews living in their own country.

What we should learn from these sequence of repeated events in history is that … Satanism is self-destructive. The Establishment has been following the wrong guy … they have been following Satan and repeatedly it has resulted in destruction for everyone who has followed them. Take a look for yourself:

  • Communism was designed based upon Satanic principles of looting and plundering the country. What happened to Communism? It led to the destruction of everyone in the country that was subject to this system and it eventually led to the overthrow of the system itself.
  • Debt based systems in the West. What is happening here? Everyone living under these debt based systems faces high cost of living, scrambles to save anything and gets exploited in almost every aspect of life. To the extent that the people and the country are trillions in debt.
  • Porn, Drugs, Guns, LGBTQ … all of these elements are actively promoted by our lovely Establishment. What is it doing to the country? Tens of thousands of people are dying owing to drugs and gun violence in America and Europe.
  • War on Terror. What happened here? Total genocide in half a dozen countries with millions of people dead, tens of millions of people displaced from their homes … and trillions drained from the Western economies.
  • America’s war against Russia. And now since they are at a peak with all of these criminal systems … the solution what they have is … total destruction of America and Europe via Russia.

And our lovely Establishment’s plan is to sit under a rock in China … while the West and America destroy itself via a war against Russia. They will sit in China and watch the fireworks. That’s their game plan.

You can see all of their major systems only lead to debt, death, crime, chaos and destruction … for everyone who is following or who is under their systems. This includes Jews as well as non-Jews. They are facilitating debt, death and destruction for everyone. And that is exactly what Satan does … it brings you all the way to the doorstep of hell and walks away looking for the next target.

Step up to solve the crisis
Firstly, don’t expect the Establishment to solve this crisis. They don’t have it in them. Their minds only work on misleading, leeching, exploiting, running away and destroying others. “Solving crisis” is not in their skillset. It is not in their ideology at all. If something has to be done then it is we who have to do it. We have to step up to solve this crisis. They have absolutely no idea of how to manage this.

Secondly, as long as their debt based systems will remain intact, the debt crisis will continue … the leeching and exploitation will continue. We have to work on eliminating these criminal systems in order to stop the crime and abuse on the people. It has to be done appropriately while protecting the innocent and common Jews … who have nothing to do with this Establishment.

If nothing is done then we will continue to remain in the hands of those who inflict abuse, debt, crime, exploitation, death and destruction on others. This is what Satanism is all about. The path is destructive and the end is also destructive on this path. And it facilitates destruction for everyone involved … the people in the country who are subjected to these systems and the leaders who follow and support these systems. Look what happened to Bush and Hillary … they are the most hated and ridiculed politicians in America. Why? Because of their support of these systems & exploitation. It leads to a terrible end for the people as well as the leaders. Not just in America … almost all Communist leaders got booted out. Satanism doesn’t help anyone. It is self-destructive.