26 Sep 2018
Understanding progress and stalls in this chaotic phase
in America

The Establishment is low level scum
The first thing that you would have noticed is that … the Establishment is low level scum that targets children and family. Bill Clinton was put into a sex scandal … but was his daughter targeted? No. Bush ran War on Terror and all blame was put on Bush at the end of his term. But were his children targeted? Nope. Obama fought against terrorism and ISIS … he faced massive resistance at the domestic level in creating many policies. But were his children targeted? Nope.

Now, look at your Dad. The Establishment is at such a pathetic and desperate low level that it is resorting to attacking the children and wife of the President. The son of the President is being grilled by the FBI for several hours … the daughter of the President is being grilled by the FBI for several hours. The media is busy demonizing all family members. Tell me, which father can keep a cool head when his own son and daughter are being grilled by the FBI?

This is a direct and inhumane attack on the President’s family that is immoral at so many levels. No other President or politician has faced such grilling and investigation in American history. The moment they pulled Don Jr. … the moment they pulled in Jared and Ivanka under investigations … you should have understood the low level scum that you are dealing with. These guys have no morals, no ethics and no regulations … and they treat others like sheep and cattle. This is their ideology. The core Establishment elements follow this crap and they design moves based upon this ideology. Which is why they act in such a low level inhumane manner.

You have to keep in mind the ideology that you are dealing with. Its then that you will understand what they are doing and what they will do next.

Points of Progress
Its been about two years since we are helping you out. Take a look for yourself … in real time … as live proof and evidence … you can see working for you. You will notice that wherever you are following our advice and formulas … you are getting massive support and progress. Some examples:

  • The racist image has been mostly wiped out. The racist image that the Establishment was creating for Trump has been mostly wiped out. Why? Because you followed our advice in how to address the border wall issue, the illegal immigration issue and how to address the minorities. The Establishment is not able to create any more anti-Trump rallies based upon these divisive lines. Hardly anyone is calling you a racist now and the support from the general public has only been building up.
  • North Korea. Not only you are not going for ridiculous wars but you are headed towards Nobel Prizes for work in North Korea. Why is this happening? You are following our advice.
  • Tariffs. You are getting phenomenal support from the public for tariffs. This is again a people centric policy that is working for you.
  • Peace, stability and progress … these 3 elements are becoming the hallmarks of the Trump Presidency. Because you are following and working on the advice and paths that we are suggesting.

You are getting support as well as victories in all areas where we are advising you.

Points of Stalls
While you are getting progress and victories when following us … there are some places where there are major stalls. You have done many favors for the Establishment in hope of their support. Is there any change or progress in these lines?

  • Lawsuits and investigations
  • Intelligence and Legal
  • Media Demonization
  • Democrat opposition
  • Republicans splitting against you
  • Celebrities ridiculing you

Despite the long list of favors done for the Establishment, you are not seeing any progress or support for you in these lines. I don’t totally blame you for doing favors for the Establishment … people do stuff under pressure … you were just trying to manage the situation. But at the end of the day or month or year … you have to see what works and what does not. Wherever we are advising you and wherever you are following us … you are getting phenomenal victories and progress. Establishment favors are not getting you any progress or support.

All of these are “organizational opposition” elements designed via Establishment control in various fields. The organizational opposition has not changed much for you.

Our Advice Works
What you should have realized by now is that … our advice works. You are seeing living proof as we speak that our advice works. Not for you but also for President Putin. Putin has got several victories almost everywhere he has followed our advice.

  • We asked him to support Iran … he got victory there
  • We asked him to support Syria … he got victory there
  • We asked him to fight off isolation by teaming up with other nations … he got victory there
  • We asked him to show patience with the West and America … he got victory there
  • We asked him to be friendly with Europe … he got victory there
  • We asked him to expand trade relations … he got victory there
  • We asked him to take Russia in world leadership … he got victory there

Putin is already having a long line of victories because he has been following our advice. And guess what … we haven’t launched anything yet. This work is via one simple laptop and one website. You have living proof where you work with us and you follow us … and you will get phenomenal support and victories.

Major issues in managing chaos and malice
The major issue in managing the current chaos and malice in America is that … your Dad does not understand his potential. He is an excellent fighter that rises up doesn’t matter how much opposition is there … but his strongest point is that … he is the President. And what you are dealing with is “criminals”. These criminals fear Kings and governments … since thousands of years, this has been their case. Owing to their crime, they fear Kings and governments.

In reality, you are not the one to be making deals or doing favors for them … they are supposed to be at their knees in front of you. This should have been the case. Since you are not understanding what is going on and how to deal with them … you are doing favors for them. In reality, you are the most powerful element in the entire world, after God, that the Establishment fears. Because you are the President of the most powerful country in the world. You don’t realize the enormous amounts of forces that you have at hand that you can use in handling this malice. You can get sweeping and stunning victories.

Squish anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas like a fly
Trust me, we can squish anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas like a fly. We have eliminated Radical Islam and the War on Terror propaganda … propaganda that was being run for 16 years where trillions were spent … world’s top countries were involved and half a dozen countries were being destroyed. Compared to the War on Terror … the anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas are peanuts. These agendas are too petty and too weak. We can squish these agendas as if they were a fly. We can very very forcefully hammer them out.

Very meagre current moves
I know you are trying to do a few things what advisers like Bannon tell you. But then again … where is the end result of the work. Okay fine … $5-10 Billion were already invested in managing the Establishment and creating a pro-Trump support base. But where is the result? The only public support that has been generated is because of your own Twitter usage, campaign rallies and policies like tariffs & North Korea. Where is the response from the investment made with Bannon and others?

Just setting up 5 media outlets will not change America. America is an $18 Trillion economy … the largest, powerful and richest economy hosting 330 Million of the world’s most talented and educated people. You can’t change America with $5 Billion and 5 media outlets.

Can’t blame Bannon because people who don’t understand the problem … this is what they end up doing. You have to channelize hundreds of billions and create hundreds & thousands of pro-Trump support points … all across the country in every State and every city … to begin the change. That’s how the dawn of the change will begin.

Stronger the President, weaker the criminals
Always keep in mind … all of our policies strengthen the government. You need a strong government to handle criminals. Stronger the government, stronger the President. Today, yes there is job growth because the American people are very talented and educated. The main credit for job growth goes to the American people. But today … almost all major systems in the US are rigged, kaput and obsolete … none of them work for the people or the country. All of them drain wealth to the Establishment.

The core of our work is empowering people and providing them strong government support. It will show a phenomenal rise of the people and the country … while creating a strong government that works for them. And stronger the government, stronger will be the President.

All of our policies and strategies … will indirectly strengthen the President … and stronger the President, weaker is the Establishment. It will give you a supreme and powerful hand over the Establishment. And given the fighting spirit that your Dad has … goodness gracious … the Establishment will be on its knees or crawling for support.