25 Sep 2018
Trump is the best fighter ever to have stepped into the White House
in America

Firstly, what you should note is that … attacking Kavanaugh is attacking Trump. There are two major reasons why the Establishment is making a big fuss over Kavanaugh. Number one … attacking and demonizing any Trump appointee or Team Member is indirectly demonizing President Trump. Number two … the Establishment knows very well that Kavanaugh will end up being the lifeline for Trump against all lawsuits being filed against him.

The Establishment’s gimmick was that … sue this guy and take him down via legal procedures. But when Trump is getting his appointed Justices in the Supreme Court … Trump is able to bypass the Establishment in its own game. This is the main reason why the Establishment is freaking out over Kavanaugh. Because they are seeing Trump make a winning move.

A few positive things
Forget the negativity for a moment and let’s see the good things that have been happening under Trump.

Facing multiple crisis simultaneously
What you should know about your Dad is that … we are in very critical and sensitive times. As per the Establishment’s calculations … America and Europe should have already been destroyed via Russia. If you look at the past 3 Presidents … see the crisis that they went through:

  • Bill Clinton … faced only a sex scandal involving only two women. There were no other lawsuits or wars or terrorism to handle.
  • George Bush … I wouldn’t say that he faced a scandal. He was actually complicit in the War on Terror owing to his blatant ignorance.
  • Barack Obama … he faced ISIS and a lot of wars to manage. But he did not have any lawsuits against him or sex scandals.

Now, look at your Dad … see what he is facing.

  • Attempts at nuclear wars … not just any war … but “nuclear” wars. Attempts were designed against North Korea and against Russia via Syria. Both of them were successfully averted.
  • Sex scandals … it is not just one or two women. The Establishment has lined up a lot of women including Pornstars and Playmates.
  • Lawsuits … various lawsuits target Trump.
  • Family Members … these low lifers are stooping down to even attack the family members of the President via lawsuits and investigations.
  • Democrat opposition … they are actively using Democrats to oppose Trump.
  • Split Republicans … not only Democrats are being used against Trump but Republicans themselves are being activated against Trump to create a split in the Party.

The Establishment is simultaneously running every possible gimmick from the book. We had already warned you of these coming times even before you got elected.

Standing tall and fighting back
The great thing is that … it has been almost two years and your Dad is standing tall and fighting back. Doesn’t matter how big a mountain of demonization that the Establishment creates … your Dad rises above that mountain … tells the Establishment “screw you” and then fights back.

Not once did he move towards quitting or resigning. If there was any other routine politician … like Hillary Clinton in Trump’s place … she would have been decimated. Either she would have destroyed the world via a war against Russia and she would have quit.

I know … I take a lot of credit in guiding you guys in making the right decisions in all of these scenarios. But this “fighting spirit” that your Dad has … that’s totally his. Every time he fights back these ridiculous allegations … I look at him and think … “hey, this guy could be the one”. Because in this phase … the times that we are living in right now … this is what we need. Someone who can fight back under pressure … but with patience and logic.

There is absolutely no other US President that has faced so much pressure, demonization, ridicule, lawsuits and challenges. The fact that your Dad is standing there and fighting this through … that itself is incredible.

Interesting changes in the Era of People Power
Let me tell you something interesting that other people will not show you.

Do you know what happens to politicians with sex scandals and lawsuits?

  • They lose people’s support
  • They lose the public’s confidence
  • They resign
  • They don’t get votes
  • And their career is generally over

But look what has been happening to your Dad

  • He is gaining more and more popularity
  • He is gaining more public support
  • People are losing confidence in channels that report against Trump
  • Many people don’t care about any Russian collusion or interference
  • Trump has become the most powerful Republican
  • Trump is a guy with zero political experience and hardcore Washington politicians who spent decades in politics … come to him for an endorsement
  • Trump's endorsements are helping candidates win

The Establishment’s gimmicks are not working as far as the people are concerned. And people are becoming your strongest support element. And what is even more interesting is …

  • What happened to the “anti-Trump rallies”?
  • Where did they disappear?

Forget about protesting against Trump, people are beginning to love Trump.

Why is all of this happening?
There is a phenomenal change that is happening at the ground level and the support is moving in favor of Trump. Why?

  • Dropped racist statements and approach. This was an issue in the early days of your Presidency. Its great that you have dropped making statements against any minorities or religions. Standing up for every American is helping you hold everyone together. The Establishment was designing rallies against Trump using these statements and approach.
  • Employment Growth. There is a fantastic growth in the employment and people are failing to see why they should oppose Trump.
  • Peace and stability. Another major thing that people protest is about “wars”. This is something that is very unpopular among the American people. Both Bush and Hillary are hated mainly for their wars. And Trump is providing the world with peace and stability.
  • Nobel Prizes. Forget about wars … Trump is striking deals with enemy countries and initiating denuclearization programs. He is headed for Nobel Prizes which other Presidents couldn’t do much.
  • America First. Trump is keeping America First by placing tariffs on other countries.

If you see … all of the above are “people centric” moves and they are helping you pull enormous support from the people.

Organizational Opposition
The only opposition that you are facing is “organizational opposition” that is mainly designed by the Establishment. It might be via the media, celebrities, intelligence, legal, Democrats, Republican or whatever. All of these opposition forces that exist against Trump … they are mainly organizational forces … where the Establishment has control and influence. And that’s exactly what you need to break.

Otherwise, you are already pulling a lot of support from the people.

Seamless victories wait ahead
You might think that dealing with the Establishment is a tough job. No, it is not like that. You are already making a few moves and you are totally unstoppable.

  • Tariffs … is anyone stopping you?
  • American Energy … is anyone stopping you?
  • Peace with North Korea … anyone stopping you?

No Establishment entity or politician can stop you … because the opposite is simply stupid. No one will tell you … “hey, let America get ripped off … or let’s keep blowing up hundreds of billions in buying oil … or let’s go for a Nuclear war with North Korea”. No one will say that. This is the power of “logic”. You get to silence and control the most powerful entities in the country.

Politicians and corporations will not have the face to stop you and the people will adore you. It has already begun … people are loving you and supporting you.