22 Sep 2018
Is Trump still on the offensive?
in America

My dear lovely lady … is Trump still on the offensive? It’s definitely taking time to get things normalized and positive. Okay, let me show you how it works.

Nothing but goodness
What we have is nothing but goodness and greatness for you. It’s not just for you … but for the people and the entire country … we have nothing but goodness. We are a force for good. And what you don’t realize is that … you are directly using our ideas and concepts and it is benefiting you to a great extent. Examples will help.

  • Jobs and Economy. In the initial months itself we told you to capitalize on the jobs and economy. There is very good growth in this segment and whatever good happens in your Presidency … then you get to take credit for it. We showed you that as a solution to combat the massive media demonization unleashed against you. And it is working … it is helping you promote your Presidency and leadership.
  • Allowing Russia to stabilize Syria. It is good thing that you are continuing to allow Russia to stabilize Syria which is leading to the end of these silly terrorist armies. You are creating world stability. This is something again that we advised you.
  • Tariffs. Putting tariffs on China is another good thing that you are doing. It is providing excellent mileage for your Presidency … that you are standing up for your country.
  • North Korea. You are still headed towards a Nobel Prize for the work North Korea. This is a formula that we gave you. This is again leading to world stability instead of war and chaos.
  • Peace, stability and progress. These 3 things are becoming the hallmarks of a Trump Presidency … peace, stability and progress. And people are loving the new changed leadership in America via President Trump. It is creating very good support for you from the people’s level.

All of the above are good and positive things that you are using as we speak … and it is resulting in phenomenal public support for your President. If you leave aside the demonization and lawsuits run by the Establishment … and if you look at the key things that you are doing and its response from the public … then it is very very positive and supportive. The Establishment Media does not talk about the good things that you are doing and tend to focus on anything wrong that they can pick up. But there are a few good things that are happening under Trump and they deserve recognition and appreciation. We helped you with all of these things.

Generalize the Crime
What our shitty Establishment does is … they “generalize the crime” in order to deviate your attention from the main culprits. The strategy of blaming Democrats for Mueller, lawsuits and demonization is nothing but generalizing the crime. This is exactly what they did for Radical Islam. They blamed the entire Muslim population of more than a billion people for crimes that were being committed by a few sponsored radicals. This is a “deviation strategy” to protect the main culprits.

Blaming a country or religion or a political party for some aggression against you … this is a generalization of the crime. If you see … how many Democrats are there in America? Yes, Mueller has 17 Democrats or so … but how many Democrats are there in America? Half of your entire Congress is Democrats … there are hundreds of Democrat leaders … and half of your country is Democrat. More than 150 million people are Democrats. If Democrats are at fault then does it mean that half of your country is bad? And they are out to get you? It doesn’t work that way.

Generalizing of a crime is nothing but a misleading strategy where you will end up shooting bullets in the air and the main culprits remain untouched. Don’t fall for such misleading strategies.

Major victors against terrorism are Russia, Iran and Turkey
Did you know that the major victors against these armies of terrorists are Russia, Iran and Turkey? Why? Because these countries are not puppeted by the Establishment. When the Russian army or Turkish army would move in … then these terrorists would flee. They would be simply running for their lives. But when American forces would come … they would multiply and expand their operations. This happens because of the “rigged system” that exists in America. You are told something in the White House and some other show is being run at the ground level.

The key countries that are stabilizing the Middle East is Russia, Iran and Turkey. Because they are Establishment independent. We had to understand the main culprits in the malice and activate the right forces to solve the crisis. Otherwise, we were just going around bombing one country after another … and these armies of terrorists were only expanding and multiplying. Do not fall for any “generalizations”. It’s just a misleading gimmick.

Self-experimentation is okay
Second thing … so what you channelized a few billion dollars from GCC countries to Bannon and other experiments to create pro-Trump rallies and campaigns? This was expected. Anyone does some self-experimentation. But what you also have to see is … what was the end result of those rallies and campaigns? Nothing changed in the media. The some public support that is being created for you is mainly because of your own direct efforts via Twitter and campaign rallies. Where is the output of the few billion that was invested?

This is how normal minds function … “okay, we can get $1 … $2 … or $5 Billion from GCC … so let’s do this and do that … and this should work out”. This is where they fail. This $1 Billion is not the “investment amount”. It is just the initial amount to generate hundreds of billions of dollars for the main work that will be done across the country.

What guys like Bannon will be thinking is that … “hey, we got the billion and we are making best use of it”. And that’s totally wrong … that is not how you do it. People tend to work like this because they have no idea about the crisis or how to solve it. This $1 2 or 5 Billion are peanuts. The main chunk of revenue and the main work that has be generated is of a totally different level. How many media channels did Bannon or other guys generate for you with their approach? One? Five? Ten? Twenty? This is again not how it is done.

Our work is just the supporting platform. The main work that will be unleashed via several strategies … that work will generate hundreds of billions in cash and “thousands” of media outlets in Trump’s favour. Yes … not one … not ten and not twenty … we will be creating thousands of media outlets in Trump’s favour… in almost every State and every city. That’s how the work is supposed to be done.

Just taking $5-10 Billion and sticking to what can be done with that … is just a peanut game. Nothing will come out of it. Our work is not about being the media channel … but our work is about creating thousands of media channels. The initial investment of $1 Billion is a tiny investment … that is used only to promote the key strategies and policies required. Then these strategies generate hundreds of billions in revenue and create thousands of media outlets. This is something you should have launched and it would have created a phenomenal support base for you.

However, the point is … it is okay if you are doing some self-experimentation. If you have 2 or 4 or 10 guys or outlets working on something. Then that is fine. We are not against it. We support it and actually multiply it … you should also try to add hundreds and thousands of more support bases. Your best option should have been … doing some self-experimentation yourself and also coordinating with us. You should have invested on both sides.

We have nothing but goodness for you. End the hostility … because it is nothing but Establishment misleading. They are just trying to constrain you in your weakest form so that they get to run their malicious strategies. Stronger the President, the weaker will be their malice. The weaker the President, the stronger they remain.

All of our strategies are about making the President stronger … making the government stronger and making the people stronger. That’s how you manage corporate crime. Today companies run America … not the politicians and not the government and not the people. This needs to change. We are all about empowering the people and the President.