15 Sep 2018
Trump - don’t get misled into taking steps backward
in America

Firstly, God bless everyone in harm’s way in the current hurricanes in America and Asia. May God keep them safe, protect their lives … especially the women and children and may He remove this catastrophe from their lives as soon as possible. My God help them recover from any damages that they might have incurred.

Establishment: Don’t work with the doctors, let the epidemic destroy your countries
Now, coming back to Establishment malice and gimmicks. “Dodging Establishment deviation” is the biggest challenge. If you are able to surpass this then half of the work is already done. And only greatness waits for you in the other half.

Reportedly, the Establishment’s latest gimmick was to “logically evaluate” if this project should be done or not. Lol. Firstly, you are listening to a bunch of criminals whether to protect the bank or not? Secondly, what you should see is … who is evaluating whom? You might be using the smartest people in your Administration or even the FBI, CIA or political advisers and what not. But tell me … where were all of these guys when Radical Islam was at its peak? When genocide was being created in several countries? When trillions were being drained from America and Europe for these shitty wars? When we were moving closer to a war with Russia? Where were all of these “intelligent” advisers?

Evaluation is a step backward
What you should realize is that “evaluation” is nothing but another Establishment gimmick to pull you backwards … to make sure that you don’t solve this crisis. Evaluation was something that was done 10 years ago … we have already proven ourselves dozens of times again and again. In fact, our policies are already running in the demo mode. You don’t even know it.

Tell me do you have anyone in your team … it might be the CIA, FBI or any political advisers:

  • Who have written a thousand pages only on the problem statement?
  • Who has exposed about a dozen malicious systems of the Establishment?
  • Who has wiped out bullshit concepts like Radical Islam?
  • Who has vaporized the War on Terror?
  • Who has stopped a World War several times?
  • Who has saved trillions for America and Europe?
  • Who has saved hundreds of millions of lives?
  • Who has generated hundreds of billions in revenue for America, Russia and other countries?
  • Who has coordinated with the White House and the Kremlin to make this happen?
  • Who has done stuff that the FBI, CIA or even the US President could not do on their own?

Do you have any member in your “team” that can say … yes, I have done all of this? Doesn’t matter what genius you hire … he will not even understand what the Establishment is all about … let alone solving anything. In fact, we will publish books later on … on all of these malicious systems and practices … then people will learn, understand and then they will be able to serve in political offices and serve the FBI & CIA with this know how. This is the simple reason why you will not get anyone capable of understanding, helping or solving any crisis related to the Establishment. Simply because it was not there in their curriculum in political science or criminal science. How can you blame someone on which they have not been trained?

But going out there and taking their advice on “whether to work with us or not” … is like going to a Primary School and asking 5th Grade students of how to manage a mass epidemic that is going to destroy the country. Tell me what will 5th Grade students know about managing and containing new diseases that are killing people?

Your entire FBI, CIA and all political advisers are like 5th Grade students when it comes to Establishment malice. And only a few of them know something about it and the rest of them are totally blank. Not working with us and falling for Establishment gimmicks is like telling a group of highly trained scientists … “wait, first let me take the opinion of 5th Grade students on this epidemic and see what they think”. Even a 5th Grade student with common sense will tell you “call 911”. Even a 5th Grade student will tell you to call the doctors and reach out to the specialists.

Responding to a mass epidemic
Handling Establishment malice is like responding to a mass epidemic.

  • You immediately get in touch with the specialists
  • Form the best team that you can
  • Use full reach of the media to alert and manage the people
  • Gear up all political power to address the crisis
  • Activate all government agencies
  • Coordinate with the people
  • And fix the crisis

This is how you handle any mass epidemic and this is exactly how you have to handle Establishment’s malice in America and around the world.

No problem with evaluations
I don’t have a problem with evaluations. But evaluate the solutions that we provide … feel free to give your best inputs in the solutions. But whether to eliminate a mass epidemic or not … that’s a ridiculous evaluation. It’s not an evaluation … it’s more of a stalling gimmick.

The fake assumption that everything is great and lovely
Some people might be pestering you that America is great and everything is fantastic and you don’t need to change anything. These guys either don’t know what is going on or they are just trying to pester you to keep their jobs. The truth and real time scenario is this:

  • We are headed towards a $30 Trillion debt crisis by the end of your Presidency
  • The country’s and people’s wealth is still being drained to a handful few
  • We are on the verge of a war against Russia
  • The people are living in extremely high cost of living. An everyday American has to survive on 2-3 credit cards only to pay bills … and a huge section of them have to do 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet.
  • The education system is extremely costly
  • The health system is extremely costly
  • The infrastructure is failing
  • People are stuck in traffic for 1-2 hours just to get from point A to point B in the city

Almost everything is kaput and does not work and does not address the current needs of the people. People are the biggest victims of all of these “obsolete systems” that do not work for them anymore. And the worst part for you is that … there are massive anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas put into place … that are only designed to terminate your Presidency.

Jobs is not everything
What you should realize is that … jobs is not everything. Yes people having jobs is a good thing but that is the very basic necessity of life. If the employment rate during Obama was 95% and you made it to 96% … good job … but that is only 1% of the population. What about the remaining 99% of the population … who already had the jobs … what are you doing for them? What changes are you bringing for them?

You should realize that … the job crisis was a problem that Obama faced and it is already solved. ISIS was a problem that Obama faced … and it is already solved. You cannot remain fixated on “hey, we have jobs and there is no more ISIS”. Of course, these are nice things … but people fail to see your connection to them. Because these were the problems that Obama had already solved. They got finally completed during the start of your Presidency.

You have to move on … with other fantastic reforms that 99% of the people are waiting for. If you only keep boasting about jobs and the elimination of ISIS … it will be only boosting Obama’s image among the public because everybody knows that it was Obama who worked on this. And when you don’t work on anything … then you are headed towards an empty Presidency.

You are ending up being a guy who did not do anything and kept bragging about the good work that the previous guy did. That’s why people are not fighting for you or defending you. How many people are coming on the streets saying … “we don’t want Trump impeached … or shut down these investigations”. No one is standing up for you. You have to show them something that is totally yours … that is being done totally under your Presidency … that you can own totally as your accomplishments. These accomplishments will consolidate your Presidency and give a reason for people to fight for you.

Move beyond jobs
Jobs, ISIS and wars … these are old chapters … those are solved and closed. Now, move on … there is a huge spectrum of issues that you can address … and “make a legacy” for yourself. Almost every major system in America is kaput, they do not address the current needs and they are all totally rigged.

Take the world into a new era
You have to launch phenomenal reforms and take the world into a new era. Yes, you will not only be leading America but you will play a major role in leading the world itself … into a new fantastic and phenomenal era. Jobs is plain basics … move beyond the basics … move beyond 5th Grade know how … and work with the specialists.

Do not allow the Establishment to play any gimmicks to hold you back and give you an empty Presidency. The Midterms are a stone’s throw away and what is your major accomplishment that you can totally own? Tariffs is one … but again it is a very incomplete strategy which will not give its full results without the complete solution. Other than tariffs, you have nothing that you can claim to be yours a 100%. One of the issues with the way you are doing tariffs is that … the next President can simply kill all of your tariffs with one swipe and wash away even this one move that you are making. What will remain out of the “Trump Presidency”?

That is why we are repeatedly telling you … do not allow the Establishment or anyone to hold you back from working with us. You should focus on the immediate next steps … just like you do in responding to a mass epidemic:

  • Connect with the specialists
  • Promote, customize and implement fantastic reforms
  • Take America and the world into a new era
  • Make a stunning legacy for yourself

You have nothing but greatness for yourself.

Logic in action
Sometimes there is a fear of the unknown. Since you don’t know the full solutions yet … there might be some fear … “ow my God, how will I manage this Establishment?” I will give you a simple example of logic in action and how you can do it simply seamlessly without much resistance at all.

Look at the tariffs that you are placing. You are actively combating an Establishment malice of Free Trade that was leeching out jobs, technology and industries from America. The only thing you said was … “hey, we cannot allow our country to be ripped off … we need FAIR trade”. What is this? This is simple commonsense and simple logic.

Is anyone standing against you on tariffs? Is any opposition politician saying … “no, no, no … eliminate these tariffs … let America be ripped off from its jobs and industries”. Is anyone saying this? No. Why? Because the opposite of common sense and logic is stupidity. And no one wants to show themselves stupid.

Public support and growth for America
Forget about anyone opposing you … it might be the Establishment or the opposition party … no one is standing in the way of your tariffs. You are getting a seamless victory … as well as enormous public support & growth for America.

This is just one step and you are getting a seamless victory with massive public support … and no one is able to stand in your way. Almost all of our systems are like this … this is just a demo in action. That’s why we keep saying … work with “patience, logic and facts” … you will win.

The Establishment is try to rattle you, delay you and pull you backwards … be patient … and then come into action with logic and facts. Don’t get stalled … come into action with logic and facts. You will win.

(And yeah … you can continue to take credit for jobs and ISIS. Whatever good happens under your Presidency … the credit is yours to take. But at the same time … also do phenomenal stuff that you can totally own as your own legacy.)