07 Sep 2018
Don't hold back Putin from working with us
in America

Don’t hold back Putin from working with us. Putin is totally independent of Establishment malice, pressure or control. He can provide the world with fantastic and phenomenal leadership. The great thing that will happen when Putin leads is that … it will bring a major shift in the topic and media frenzy in the US. Everyone will move towards talking about the phenomenal reforms that Putin is implementing and the reforms he is asking for world cooperation.

It will instantly remove all of the bad media attention that is being put on Trump and on the Trump Presidency. Everyone will be busy analyzing whether we should cooperate with Russia or not … whether such policies should be implemented in America and Europe or not? The entire discussion will change in the American media. It will bring a major shift from the current anti-Trump agenda in the West.

Another good thing that will happen is … all of the anti-Russia agenda and the Russia-phobia will be vaporized. It will delegitimize the Mueller Investigation to a great extent. If Russia is providing fantastic solutions for the world then why are we seeing Russia as the enemy of the West? This is the reasoning that will take place almost instantly.

We have to create a major shift from Establishment misleading, hate and friction … and pull the world towards fantastic and fabulous reforms … that will take the world into a new era. That’s why please don’t hold back Putin from working with us.