06 Sep 2018
The Establishment trying to use UK for its anti-Russian agenda
in America

Another media attack on the Trump Presidency via NYT. Trump is a target of the Establishment. This is very well known. But this is what you need to see. The Establishment is trying to use UK to frame and demonize the Russian government. Theresa May is being pressurized into being anti-Russia.

What you should know is that after America … it is the UK that is the next major Establishment center. They have a lot of influence in France also … but when it comes to world leadership … it is UK that is more useful. Since Trump is heading America and Trump is very well aware of the anti-Russian and anti-Trump propaganda of the Establishment … the Establishment is moving its base to the UK to run anti-Russian agendas.

This is quite a concern because if you see … almost all of the countries that were directly attacked … like  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria … all of the “governments and leaders” were demonized and their leaders were shown as brutal dictators who could not be trusted. A massive demonization campaign was run against them and they were shown as a major threat to the world.

It is the same Establishment trying to run the same agenda against Russia. This time the target is not any Muslim country … but they are picking Russia as the target. If you see … all of the criminal charges that are being placed … it might be for Election Interference by Mueller or Skripal’s poisoning in the UK … they are targeting the Russian “military”. They are placing criminal charges against the Russian government personnel.

This is a direct attempt to demonize the Russian government and create hostility between the West and Russia. For example, Skripal’s poisoning … where is the evidence or proof that the two specific indicted Russian military officers carried out the attack? They are showing photos of the two guys using the subway train. Is using the subway train a crime? Everybody uses the subway. Just because you saw them on a subway camera … it does not mean that they committed any crime.

Yes, if you caught them on camera … hurting someone, killing someone or poisoning someone … then that can be evidence. Two guys using the subway is not a crime. But then again, the Establishment’s agenda is not about stopping any crime or making peace in the world … it is all about creating hate, friction and conflict. They are designing a massive anti-Trump agenda … that does not stop … it goes on and on and on under various pretexts. In the same manner, they are trying to target Russia.

Trump should call Theresa May and ask her to cool down. Tell her to follow the facts and real evidence … and not run any blind agenda being under media or political pressure. She is literally being pressurized to take anti-Russian moves. US relations with the UK are very strong and Trump should use his influence to control the activities in UK.