02 Sep 2018
Trump win with patience, facts and logic
in America

Patience is going to be incredibly important for your Presidency. You will face enormous pressures from the Establishment from several angles. You have become President at a very very critical and sensitive phase. You will face enormous pressure and there will be a lot of misleading. But if you are patient and use facts and logic … everything will become very easy and you will come out swinging and winning.

As per the Establishment’s plans, America should have already been destroyed. But to their surprise, a new world is being created … new leaders are coming into action … Russia has entered the world stage and nothing is working as per their plan. Things are not surprising only for you … but even the Establishment is facing many surprises.

Everything cannot be won with money
What you should know is that … in life everything cannot be won with money. Do you know why I became popular in SM Networks? Because I was the guy who rejected a million dollars. The Matrix was ready to setup a billion dollar company for me and give me a million dollar pay package just to be the face of that company. Yeah … I told them … “go screw yourself, I don’t need your money”.

Why? Because they were just trying to buy me out. Being a face of their company … means being their puppet … give all my ideas to them … they will use my face to commercialize and monetize them … while I had to be their puppet for life. This is one of the reasons why I was popular … the networks were like … “hey, here is a guy who rejected a million dollars … it seems he has his own ideas … let’s see what he has”.

And today, the same Matrix that was trying to buy me out with a billion dollars to make a puppet out of me … today this same Matrix listens to everything that I say and follows what I say. I did not buy out the Matrix with money … I just used facts and logic … and pulled them towards doing what is right. And I thank SM for their cooperation.

Look at your situation … the same applies to you … you are also in a situation where money will not help.

  • You cannot buy out Mueller
  • You cannot buy out the FBI and intelligence agencies
  • You cannot buy out the media
  • You cannot buy out the lawsuits and charges
  • You cannot buy out the celebrities

Money doesn’t work everywhere in life … sometimes you need to be patient and deal things with facts and logic.

Managing Fear and Cash Deals
There are two major reasons why you are hesitant in taking action against the Establishment:

  • Fear. There are already so many lawsuits and criminal charges are being placed on your Team Members. You don’t want to mess with the Establishment. May be which is why … you keep calling us “fake news & fiction” and that you don’t want to collude with us. That’s the fear talking.
  • Cash deals. The second thing is that … you have some cash deals with a few Establishment entities. You don’t want those deals to get disturbed.

People who don’t understand the Establishment tend to get into such a configuration. The Establishment is not a group of companies … it is an ideology of malicious practices. Every thief runs his own unit. Just because you have deals with defense companies … it does not mean that you cannot hammer the media or Mueller or any other company. All of them are separate individual units … each thief caters to himself. If you break monopoly in the media … it does not mean that the defense companies will cancel their contracts.

Understanding the Establishment and its misleading is the most important task for your Presidency
If you can understand this Establishment and surpass its misleading then half of the job is already done. I know that you are consumed with a lot of tasks at the Domestic level … but I will give you the bigger picture as to what is going on and you will understand the bigger game.

Here is a small overview of the different phases of the work … you can see what SM has been doing and how the Establishment has been misleading in each phase.

Phase of People Rising
By the way, all of these works were done without any cash involved … with the simple use of facts and logic … using one computer. I will give the info very briefly. I started writing about People Power in 2007 when I was in America. The content was picked up by the Matrix and they started implementing and testing my ideas … of a new world with People Power. The whole thing resulted in the Arab Spring … overthrow of governments … and the pouring of millions of people on the streets in several cities across the world.

SM carried out this because I emphasized that “people should rise” against these systems that don’t work for them anymore. If people can rise then things can change. SM said fine … first they implemented in Tunisia and Egypt which led to a change of governments. And then they also carried out the Occupy and Tea Party movements in America. It was all about getting the people involved in politics.

Establishment Misleading
What the malicious Establishment did in this phase was … used these uprisings to spread their wars. They initiated “armed uprisings” in Libya and Syria … destroyed those countries and created terrorist grounds.

They also tried to take credit for Occupy and Tea Party Movements … saying “you keep talking about wars and the Establishment … there is a new world coming … people are rising … there is a new America being formed”.

SM was doing the work and the Establishment was trying to suppress my work by taking credit for the Occupy Movement.

What was the change delivered?
The Establishment said that there is a new America being created … where is it? What they basically did was … they took one small thing that was already happening and promoted that as the solution that will solve everything. What did it solve? Nothing.

Even in countries where the governments were overthrown … nothing changed much. People say … yes, the leaders have changed but our lives remain the same. The same applies to America’s Occupy and Tea Party Movements … what change did they bring in America? In healthcare, education, industries, infrastructure, debt crisis … nothing changed. But they spent Obama’s 8 years … saying that a new America is being created and trying to silence me … while they were destroying several other countries and working towards a war against Russia.

This is how the Establishment misleads. There is not one lie … but there will be an entire mesh of lies that you have to understand and surpass.

Phase of Stopping Wars
SM expected me to lead the Occupy Movement. But I told them that’s not how change will come in America. Change will start from the outside and it will be taken forward from the inside. But before that can happen, we have to stop these wars. Economy and wars don’t go hand in hand. I told them … first stop the wars and then we start working on the reforms.

I provided the complete guidance … thank God that Obama and Putin cooperated … which led to the eliminating of the very concept of Radical Islam and the War on Terror was vaporized. A huge portion of credit goes to Trump also for canceling the funding in these regions. This is not “fake news or fiction” … you can see what I write and what happens at the ground level for verification. How was Radical Islam eliminated? There are hundreds of pages on this site … you can read and know how it happened.

Establishment targets and misleading
While we were stopping wars … the Establishment’s targets moved to Iran and Russia. They were working on a major World War that would destroy the entire West. While we were eliminating Radical Islam … we had to keep an eye on these moves of the Establishment and make sure to derail them as well … which we did successfully.

Phase of Phenomenal Reforms
Now, we have a massive network that is very actively involved in politics … which is knocking out Establishment supporters from the Congress. It is active in the media, politics and several other spheres of life. We have also stopped wars. Now is the phase of Phenomenal Reforms … which should have started two years ago.

You should know that Trump himself is one of the first victories of this phase. We had to pull outside candidates to bring in a new perspective and make major changes. Trump becoming President is itself a victory in this phase. And this is being carried out within the Congress at lower levels as well.

You will see that whatever I point out to … SM will start working on that. First it was raising the people … we got Occupy and Tea Party Movements. Then it was stopping wars … we eliminated Radical Islam and vaporized the War on Terror. And now it is about changing “decision makers” as we have to create new laws and new systems … to facilitate phenomenal reforms for the people. No one is occupying the streets now and no one is talking about Radical Islam now … everyone is focused on the changing Congress.

Establishment misleading and targets – Trump and Russia
And while we are doing that … what is the Establishment busy doing? It is targeting Trump and Russia. It is running a massive misleading propaganda that is anti-Trump and anti-Russia. This is what Trump should realize … before the Establishment’s targets were Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad … see how much damage they created for these leaders. Today the Establishment is targeting Trump, just imagine the damage that they want to do to your Presidency.

Saddam and Gaddafi did nothing to protect themselves. What happened to them? Assad pulled Russia in the game and today he is safe, he is winning and he is getting his country back. You can’t just sit there in fear and do nothing. You have to activate global forces in your favor and start pulling strings to win.

You should realize that you are a natural enemy to the Establishment.

  • The Establishment does not like your MAGA message. All of Establishment’s systems are about destroying and leeching wealth from America.
  • You are too patriotic. The Establishment likes traitors and not patriots.
  • You keep talking about jobs, jobs and jobs … it only exposes the debt crisis created by the Establishment.
  • You are putting tariffs on other countries which is helping America. The Establishment wants you to destroy America and not help America.
  • Your very victory in elections pisses off the Establishment. You should have never won as per them.

These guys are from an opposite realm and they are your natural enemies. Deal making with defense companies or bankers will not change their behaviors towards you.

Hairline away from Phenomenal Reforms
What you should realize is that … we are just a hairline away from Phenomenal Reforms. Till date, whatever could be done using one laptop has been done. The next step requires a contact from a trustworthy leader who will support our work. It could be Trump, Putin, Erdogan or a key leader who can support our work. And you will find all factors coming into action in your favor. Millions of people on the streets, enormous public & media support, phenomenal changes and the launch of a new era. All of this is just one call away … just a hairline away.

But to make it happen … your simple challenge will be to surpass Establishment misleading that has been misleading us through all phases since the past 10 years. If you see all of the Establishment’s activities … they have only been filled with hate, friction, war and mass spending that only created death and destruction. But if you see SM activities … they are totally peaceful and people oriented.

You will say that this is fake news and fiction. Tell me, who was behind the Occupy Movement? Who led this movement? Name one leader for me. Who vaporized Radical Islam and the War on Terror? Who is behind millions of women marching for their rights? Who is behind the #metoo movement? Who is behind the 3,000 schools that are protesting against NRA? None of these movements have the bankers, oil companies, defense companies or war contractors behind them. All of them are SM based movements.

Stagnation for another 7 years
Let’s say that for some reason … you don’t work with us … then what will happen? Just like the Occupy and Tea Party movement went a total waste … in the same way the Establishment will mislead you again. They will point to these small changes that are being made in the Congress as the “creation of a new America” … when in reality these 50-100 leaders that will change … they cannot do anything on their own when they don’t have any solutions. Monopoly will remain intact … which means that the Establishment will still run the media and own all of the corporations … which means that it will control the popularity of any candidate how it wants and it will continue to manage all campaign finance.

There will never be a “new America” … it will only be a stalling and misleading technique. Healthcare, education, infrastructure, cities, cost of living … absolutely nothing will change. You will be sitting there saying … jobs, jobs, jobs … while the Establishment will be using its forces to target the Trump Presidency and create a catastrophic disaster in the world.

Lead or let Putin lead
Either you lead or let Putin lead. You are surrounded by snakes. If you are not comfortable in taking down these snakes … then let Putin hammer these snakes for you. Trust me, this will not be collusion. You think about collusion because you still don’t know the solutions. Putin can start implementing the solutions in his own country which will lead to enormous publicity for Russia. These reforms will be followed by Europe and the people will rise in America for these reforms. You don’t have to collude with anyone. You can get involved and make it happen directly … or you can let it happen indirectly without any involvement.

By the way, look at the massive changes that simple people are standing up for and winning fabulously. If simple people can win … don’t you think that the US President can come out swinging and winning?