31 Aug 2018
A peaceful positive fresh start
in America

We are trying to make a positive fresh start … which means that in the first step … we need to end all hostilities. I gave you a list of hostilities so that you can take a look into it. Don’t use the list of hostilities to get even more hostile … it will only show that you are guilty of all hostilities. This is how you manage it.

  • Investigate and stop. First investigate all channels of hostilities mentioned and if you are finding any active hostilities then stop them.
  • Monitor and contain. This is not a one time thing … you need to monitor and contain such hostilities in the future as well.

If there are no such hostilities or … one or two hostilities from the list were not there at all then no problem. I gave you the info based on the info given to me. All of the hostilities are quite disturbing … and they need to be investigated and stopped.

But under no circumstance you should allow this process to blow up and create more hostilities. It will only show guilt and no interest of a positive start from your side. I am sure you will be able to handle it.

Once the hostilities are contained … then we need to manage the “misunderstandings”. We need to see all points where we are misunderstanding each other. This process is generally much longer than ending hostilities … because we are in a time of a lot of misleading and deviations by a malicious network. This is something that we will need to work on together hand in hand in the long process.

The complaint that I got from your side is that … “I am using tough language” to address the issues. Which I admit … I got pissed off a few times … I said that you are running a scam Presidency and pimping off your country to Mexico, Canada and China. That was very tough language. The language was tough but it resulted in your fixing the issue … you have denied them exemptions on steel tariffs which led to a boom in the steel industry and there are a few towns in America that are praising “Trump” for securing the steel industry.

Yes, I used some tough language but all of it was for the good. It only resulted in love and support for you. Like I said before, any leader following us will get enormous support from the people. Tariffs is a good move and it is pulling enormous support for you. And that is just step one … there are 99 other steps that you don’t even know. Once you launch the complete solution … people will go crazy after you. They will love and adore Trump. And all of these investigations will be smashed.

The only hostility from our side was “tough language” … which we have agreed to manage and contain. We will do it now and we will also monitor it in the future. Now, you need to play your part and check what is happening from your side. Managing the misunderstandings will take time. We will let you know about them one by one as we move on.

Always remember … “being patient” is incredibly important for your Presidency. You have become President at a very sensitive and crucial time. There are malicious forces at play. They can pull off anything. The only way you will win is with patience, facts, logic and intelligence. That’s exactly what Putin is using and he is winning fabulously. He was patient for a very very long time … he worked using logic and intelligence. He followed facts. And today he is seeing a changing Europe for him. He is seeing Russia lead the world. Russia never provided such unique world leadership … today Russia is being seen a respected and trusted world leader that is crossing America is doing what is right. Nobody expected Russia to take the lead ahead of America.

It is easy for Putin because he doesn’t have much malice of the Establishment at the domestic level. Patience for you is going to be a very very important factor. Work with patience, logic, facts and intelligence … and you will come out swinging and winning.