30 Aug 2018
The Establishment’s Misdirected Hostilities towards Active Democracy, Trump, Democrats and Russia
in America

The Establishment specializes in “mind games” and in creating friction & conflict between two or more parties. They are running a fantastic multi-layered scheme to create friction and promote hostilities on Active Democracy, Trump, Democrats and Russia.

They know very well that if Trump or Russia starts working with Active Democracy … then the Democrats will automatically follow … which will create a fantastic unified front against the Establishment. So, what they are doing now is … very nicely creating friction and hostilities among all the 4 elements … so that they never unify and nothing is ever done. Instead, this increased friction will help them create a massive catastrophe. Let’s see how they are designing hostilities against each element.

Active Democracy – Cash Based
All of their hostilities are via misleading key elements. The Trump Team is being misled into thinking … “hey, we got all of the cash … we are making excellent deals via defense, trade and also from GCC … why involve Active Democracy? Just shut them down … they are speaking against the Trump Presidency. We have all of the cash deals … we don’t need them … let us just shut them down.”

Now, this is what Ivanka needs to look into. She is being very supportive and making very positive statements for our work. But at the same time very hostile moves are being taken via other Trump Team members that are being misled by the Establishment. Below are some of their moves. We don’t know how far all of these are true but we got reports that some Trump Team members are involved in this.

  • Collusion Charges. It seems the FBI and the Mueller Team is being told to target us for Collusion. It seems we are planning to Collude with Democrats and Russia to interfere in the American Democracy. Owing to this report, Mueller also made indictments against several Russians for their use of Social Media.
  • Indian Authorities. It seems that even Indian Authorities were being used to shut down our work.
  • Racism. We are apparently being termed as “Nazi Racists”.
  • Terrorism. Someone also made a complaint that we were terrorists. This complaint was investigated and discarded by the local authorities.
  • Financial Points
    • Redirection of Funds. It seems that the Trump Team is taking funds by the billions from GCC countries on the pretext of fighting against the Establishment. But these funds are being redirected to Trump interests around the world and a partial amount is being used to carry out pro-Trump activities. Reportedly, this has been done several times.
    • Throttling of our finance. Reportedly, some Trump Team members are also trying to throttle our current finance routes from our personal clients. Not only they are taking billions that were meant for our work but they are also trying to shut down our work.
  • Violence. The hostilities are not limited to legal and financial pressures but it seems that … Trump Team members are encouraging Putin to use violence against us to shut us down … “beat him up to shut him down”.
  • International Pressures.
    • It seems several requests were received by Turkey to stop our work.
    • And the same goes with Russia.

Thank God for Obama’s and Putin’s intervention that these hostilities did not create any major disaster. Thanks to SM Networks as well.

Forget about what hostilities took place … we are all human and we all make mistakes. This is what you need to see … the Establishment is trying to actively use the US Presidency to create hostilities against us. It might be under whatever pretext. Why? Because they know very well that we are only a hairline away from a massive seamless and splendid victory against all Establishment exploitation systems in the world. America is one of the strongest nations in the world and it is also the biggest victim of Establishment exploitation. If America works on these key solutions then automatically Europe and the world will follow. In order to stop this next step … they are using the silliest excuses to create hostility between the Trump Presidency and Active Democracy.

They don’t stop at this … they are playing a much bigger game here. Take a look.

Trump Presidency – Monopoly Based Hostilities
While they are using the Trump Presidency to create hostilities against us … they are actively using their monopoly in the media, legal and intelligence networks to create hostilities against Trump again and again. Trump’s lawsuits, demonization and investigations know no bounds and they keep on expanding. They are maintaining Trump under immense pressure and actively working towards terminating his Presidency.

They are using Trump to terminate our work … while they are using their monopoly to terminate Trump’s Presidency. Not only this … they are pushing Democrats to move forward with an impeachment move against Trump via creating hostilities against the Democrats as well.

Democrats – Mueller Based Hostilities
Trump is being given the impression that the Mueller Investigation is being run by the Democrats. Supposedly, there are 13 angry Democrats who are running the Mueller Investigation. This is just another mind game. The Establishment’s network spreads across both parties. Just because Mueller’s team has Democrats … it does not mean that it is an agenda by the Democrats.

This is how you verify it. Mueller is all about impeaching and terminating the Trump Presidency. In reality, has Obama or Nancy Pelosi ever called for Trump’s impeachment? No, they have not. In fact, they are openly resisting and rejecting calls for Trump’s impeachment. If the Mueller Investigation is run  by Obama then why doesn’t Obama call for Trump’s impeachment?

The truth is that … Mueller is hardcore Establishment activity and the senior Democrats are actually defending Trump … as they know very well that this is Establishment malice against Trump. But the Establishment is misleading Trump into thinking that it is run by Obama. Why? So that Trump becomes hostile against the Democrats. Trump is terminating Obama regulations and venting out his anger on the Democrats.

And when Trump gets more and more hostile against the Democrats … it will give all of the reasons for even the Senior Democrats to call for Trump’s impeachment. There is already a huge split in the Republican Party … there is a huge section among the Republicans that don’t support Trump. All it requires for Trump’s Impeachment is a push from the Senior Democrats. This is exactly what the Establishment is facilitating.

Russia – Monopoly Based Hostilities
Russia is facing hostilities from several angles.

  • From Establishment puppets in Europe
  • From Establishment puppets in America who want more and more sanctions on Russia
  • And also via demonization of Trump-Putin relations which are designed to turn Trump against Russia

It is just one network … the same Establishment network that is designing hostilities against several elements under one pretext or the other. It is turning Trump against Active Democracy … while trying to terminate Trump via their monopoly … trying to turn Trump and Democrats against each other … and also trying to push for friction between Trump and Russia.

The Establishment is the “mastermind of conflict, chaos and friction”. They do all of this stuff via mind games and their monopoly. They literally have books and ideologies that train them in this. We need to take a step back and realize what is happening. It will give us a better perspective on how we are being used against one another for the malicious plans of a Satanic Establishment.

Why is the Establishment doing this? Because this is what terrifies the Establishment:

  • Active Democracy – can provide fantastic solutions and systems that will take the world into a new era. These changes will reform all of the current exploitation systems designed by the Establishment. We can provide a fantastic path of greatness for Trump, Putin and other world leaders.
  • Trump – can be the greatest leader of modern time. Forget about impeachment or termination of his Presidency … he can go down in history as one of the greatest leaders of modern time. He can surpass the greatness of all previous US Presidents when he leads in taking America into a new era.
  • Democrats – are protecting Trump from impeachment and their votes will be crucial in the creation of new laws and systems.
  • Russia – can provide phenomenal and rock solid international support for the work. It can be a key world leader in taking the world into a new era.

So the Establishment’s solution for this is … let’s make all of them fight against each other. Use monopoly to terminate Trump … use Trump to terminate Active Democracy … use Democrats to impeach Trump and turn Trump and Putin against each other. This is exactly what they want to facilitate.

Just step back and see what is happening. The Establishment is terrified at the new world that is unfolding. They know that we will be immensely successful. This is why they are desperately trying to create conflict and friction among the key teams.