02 Aug 2018
Messing with Turkey is not a good idea
in America

Putting sanctions on Turkey? Messing with my host country is not a good idea. Erdogan is a fantastic leader and Turkish people are lovely people. Remember the entire game is about “solutions” … whoever works on the solutions successfully … he will be the ultimate winner. If Turkey, Russia and Iran join hands against you … then it will be a very bad combination for you. Democrats have already worked with Iran in signing the Nuclear Deal.

If my first contact is from these countries and they start supporting my project … then your future goes bleak. You will have to compromise at a later stage or see the rise of the Democrats. Right now, you know nothing and you are doing nothing to address the key issues of the country.

  • You are blowing up trillions in favor of the Establishment
  • You are allowing all exploitation systems to continue
  • The people and country are going in debt by the trillions
  • There is $1.5 Trillion increment of debt under your Presidency
  • You are doing nothing and just sitting there saying “jobs, jobs, jobs”

Any guy who can see through these problems and who can provide the solutions will take the lead. Your knowhow is extremely limited. There are no solutions on our website. The entire website only talks about the problems and the guys who are creating the problems. There is no solution mentioned anywhere.

Tariffs was the right move but since you did not have the complete solution … you took a partial move with very limited knowhow … once something went wrong … you immediately moved back to no tariffs.

While trillions are draining from the country … the only thing that you are busy is with yourself. Defending yourself … defending your Presidency … defending your massive spending … while doing nothing for the people or changing anything at all. You are at an extremely vulnerable state … where maximum forces are against you. It is not a great idea to mess with Turkey at this critical time.

You have already pissed them off via your Jerusalem move. Putting sanctions on them is not a great idea. We told you before … the first comers will be the biggest winners. There is already a massive SM Network at the ground level … the Democrats would love to take the Presidency … with Turkey, Russia and Iran supporting me … you will be cornered with absolutely no knowhow. Most of your policies are racist and divisive. You will be the blunder guy who knows nothing … others will take the lead.

It is not a great idea to screw-up your relations with Turkey. Whatever you have going on with the Pastor … try to resolve it amicably. You don’t want to end up creating teams that can potentially root out your Presidency. You are literally pushing forward our Plan B. Plan B does not have Trump in the leadership.