01 Aug 2018
The more you will fight with Mueller, the more you will melt
in America

The current parameters are setup in such a way that … the more you will fight with Mueller … the more it will melt your Presidency. If you are salt then Mueller is like water. The more you talk about Mueller, the more attention you will bring to Mueller. The more the media talks about Mueller, the more popularity the investigation gets. The parameters are setup in such a way that … it keeps a fire under your Presidency. The more you feed it, the more you will burn.

The way to deal with this is … play a bigger game. You need to zoom out of the system and stop playing their game. If you start playing their game then you become a pawn in the game. They already know all of the moves that you can play as President. They setup the entire game around you, knowing all of the moves that you can possibly play. The more you play as per their game, the more you lose. This is how the whole thing is designed.

If you observe … right from day one of your Presidency then this is what has been happening. Something that started off very small … has been made into a huge mountain. They made a mountain out of a dust particle. Why were they successful in their agenda? Because you played their game as per their plan.

This is why I tell you … snap out of the Hotel Owner psyche. You have to play King. If you play as a Hotel Owner … then you keep making all of the predictable moves as per their plan. You are not a Hotel Owner anymore. You are King … you need to play King.

A King doesn’t negotiate with criminals. A King doesn’t do favors for criminals. A King is not afraid of criminals. A King negotiates only with other Kings. You can negotiate with Putin, Merkel and Trudeau. But deal making and negotiations with criminals is beneath you. When it comes to dealing with criminals … a King launches battalions of his forces. He doesn’t even bother to respond directly on his own. He simply launches his armies against the criminals and they are taken care of.

You were crowned King one and a half years ago. Where are your armies? You are King but you are still playing solo Hotel Owner. You don’t have an army of media outlets in your favor. You don’t have an army of politicians in your favor. You don’t have an army in the legal sphere, in industries & corporations or in international support. You are solo in all spheres.

It is the opposite. The criminal Establishment is well connected in all of these spheres and it keeps rattling you using these spheres. The Establishment is playing King and they have made a pawn out of you in your own Kingdom.

Quit playing these stupid games that have no meaning at all. The more attention you give to these games, the more they win. The more you fight in these games, the more they win. The more you publicize this game, the more they win. You need to think big and play big. You need to launch your own games … that are far bigger, more powerful and more meaningful for the people. You need to make a tiny dust particle out of these anti-Trump and anti-Russia games.

The more you play their games, the more you diminish yourself … which is exactly what the Establishment wants. Which is why … they give maximum publicity to each event of these games. Anything happens with the Mueller probe … it gets maximum publicity in all TV channels. Why? To keep the country occupied in this game … to make this game incredibly important … to give immense authority to Mueller … to give Mueller the make or break authority. How have you responded to this game? With defense or offense … both of these moves were expected. You should have snapped out of the game and launched a much bigger game a long time ago.

Think big … play big … play King … you are King.