26 Jul 2018
A mesh over a mesh
in America

This is how it is … if the Establishment is a mesh then SM is a mesh over a mesh. The Establishment has its own network and key decision makers who run the Establishment agenda in the Matrix. But the majority in the Matrix belongs to SM … owing to this SM is easily able to create a network over the Establishment’s network. That’s how we surpass the Establishment almost anywhere we want. This is how we are able to stop Establishment’s malice against anyone … including the President of the United States.

This thing that you saw after the Helsinki Summit … with dozens of Establishment elements pouncing over you and trying to tear you apart. This is something that we already know since the past 10 years. We know what they do, how they do and who they use. From SM Elements, there are a lot of expectations from the Trump Presidency … but since there has been no action from your side … there is a lot of frustration as well. The Establishment has nothing good planned for you guys … trust me on that one. They are literally giving you the Nazi treatment.

  • They have labeled you as racists
  • They are condemning all of your policies and moves
  • They are initiating lawsuits against you wherever possible
  • They are beating up Trump supporters
  • They are putting Trump team members in jail
  • People are being ridiculed and humiliated just because they work for Trump
  • People who wear MAGA caps are being mistreated

This is the exact treatment that was given to the Nazis.

  • They were treated as racists
  • All of their policies and moves were condemned
  • Legal action was taken against all Nazi supporters and collaborators
  • Thousands of Nazi members were tossed in jail
  • The entire concept of Nazism was wiped out and eliminated

This is exactly the track that they are working on for the Trump Presidency. Why do you think we keep telling you that … we like you and the Establishment has vicious plans against you … it is going to be bitter. This is the scheme that they are working on … they want you totally decimated, eliminated and wiped out. Why do you think that I step forward in defending you at times? Because these are the type of assholes that they are. For no reason, they are planning to totally destroy your Presidency … when you are actually a good guy … almost.

Here is where your inaction becomes a major crisis:

  • You take no action against Establishment elements
  • They retain full power and functionality across several spheres in America
  • They keep on running their malicious systems that drain the wealth from the country and people … we got an additional debt of $1.5 Trillion since your Presidency
  • Nothing changes … no system changes … all debt based systems remain intact
  • The Establishment keep rattling you with the fullest force
  • Apart from the people and country being the victims of the Establishment … the Trump Family and Presidency become a major victim of the Establishment
  • Your favors for the Establishment only keep strengthening them
  • Their track never changes and they keep on working on eliminating the Trump Presidency
  • The non-stop demonization and lawsuits continue till they totally destroy you

You yourself are the biggest victim of your favors to the Establishment. They are planning a total decimation of the Trump name in every field possible.

What you should realize is that … your current efforts, moves and policies are very marginal. They will not impact anything and they will not change anything much at all. Tariffs was a good move … but you did not have the full strategy. The moment agricultural products started piling up … you got worried and you moved from tariffs to free trade. Soy Beans is only $10 Billion … we are losing about a trillion dollars in trade deficits.

You make a single move without the full strategy … without preparing for all possible obstacles and scenarios … the moment one thing goes wrong, you flip back. This is the problem with “partial information”. And when you are experimenting with tiny bits of information … then your whole Presidency gets rattled. You have no concrete plan, no detailed strategy and no plan of action in the different scenarios that would pop up.

The whole Trump Presidency is will turn up to be a mash-up:

  • On one side the Establishment is doing everything to tear you apart
  • On the other side, your tariffs are not working out
  • The debt keeps piling up
  • Wealth keeps getting drained from the country and people
  • Establishment keeps designing war games

Eventually, the whole thing turns into a huge mess. Which is why we told you … get in touch and we will work it out. If you are too scared of the Establishment … then don’t lead the movement. Put other loyals on the forefront. Use loyal Republicans to initiate the policies … see the public response … if it is good then go with it. You can use security measures for all scenarios. You don’t need to challenge the Establishment directly yourself. You can just blame it on the other guys. You can keep yourself safe from any adversity that you might be scared of. Your inactive mode is not helping at all.

And lastly, just to make you feel good … the Establishment’s outrage over the Helsinki Summit was not about you at all. Lol. That was mostly about Putin. The Establishment is outraged that they are having to pay Putin for security and cooperation. I just got some reports that the Establishment is shelling out more than $100 Billion in gold to Russia … just for security and cooperation. Don’t know how true that is. But if that’s the case … then that’s exactly what they are pissed about.

These guys are a bunch of criminals and never in their lives they had to pay hundreds of billions of their cash and gold to someone for security and cooperation. They always made countries spend trillions and billions … and made politicians take a slice of that. They always extracted the public’s money and resources. This time, they are the ones who are shelling out hundreds of billions for security and cooperation … and they are going ballistic over it.

They cannot show this anger directly to Putin … that is why they are channelizing this anger via America. Whiny losers. I will update Putin about this tomorrow. This is the biggest loss that they have faced in recent years. The country that they stole from for a hundred years … now they having to pay back to the same country by the hundreds of billions. I will show Putin how to handle it.

But my dear friends … we like you. Just sitting there saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” or doing favors for the Establishment or just making one or two partial moves … is not going to help you in any way. You have to come into action with the full strategy and a proper plan. You need a complete strategy to take your country back from these criminals.