24 Jul 2018
Using your check book on the battlefield to please your opposition
in America

This has been your biggest weak point till date in dealing with the Establishment opposition. You are walking around in the battlefield … writing checks to your opposition. “Okay, so you are the guy with the cannon … here is $100K for you. The guy with the machine gun … here is $200K for you. The guy with the missiles … here is $1 Million for you.” This is your hotel politics being implemented in the White House.

Since your candidacy, we have been telling you … these times are not normal … you will be becoming President at a very sensitive and critical time where the Establishment is trying to destroy your country. You have understood who the Establishment is … but your mistake is that … you are sitting there signing check after check for them … so that they should be nice to you. It is exactly like … walking in a battlefield and signing off checks to your opposition.

And look at the end result … after having spent trillions on the Establishment … giving them everything that they need … the missiles and bombs keep on falling on the Trump Presidency. You are rattled again and again under various bullshit pretexts. You end up having no one by your side except for the few people that work for you. They put the entire media, Democrats and Republicans pitched against you. This is Establishment Monopoly.

You are dealing with a highly organized and structured opposition … that activates elements in:

  • The Media
  • The Intelligence
  • The Democrats and
  • The Republicans

They pick one point and they will activate elements in several spheres to hammer you on that point. But their biggest disadvantage is that:

  • It is bogus and bullshit propaganda
  • It is a bogus anti-Trump and anti-Russian propaganda
  • They are trying to make a mountain out of a dust particle

What you need to do is … quit signing checks for your opposition and start building your forces. You are standing alone in the battlefield taking all of the bombing by yourself. You don’t need to do that. You don’t need to face this bullshit propaganda all by yourself. You can have an entire army that will fight for you.

  • Setup your own intelligence and research team. Collect all of the trash that happened in the Civil Wars in the previous Administration.
  • Pull Republicans on your side. Make this a Republican and Partisan issue … go full swing in favor of peace, diplomacy and sanctions. Stand strongly against wars or civil wars.
  • Democrats. Start hammering the Democrats for all crimes, overspending, deaths, displacement of people and the global crisis created by them.
  • Media. Start channelizing the content to the media bit by bit and run a long term propaganda against your opposition.

This will create an incredibly strong base for you to fight against the current propaganda that they have unleashed against you. Just standing there and taking all of the bombing will not do you any good … and trying to pay off your opposition also will not do any good. You are at war. This is “war” against the Trump Presidency. This is a political war, this is a media war and this is a major psychological war.

The only way you are going to win this is via:

  • Facts and logic
  • Planned and structured manner
  • Setting up your own team and network
  • You need your own army to fight this war for you

You can easily pull the masses by your side and crush your opposition. You should keep in mind that … you and Putin are the good guys here. The bad guys are doing everything that they can to demonize the good guys. They are able to do it … only because they have a small structure in place. If you reverse this game and make the right moves … with each of your hammer, their heads will spin. They will wish that they never messed with you in the first place.