22 Jul 2018
The Establishment will use Julian Assange as the next “Collusion Bomb” for the Trump Presidency
in America

This is hot in the happening as we speak. The President in Ecuador has changed … which means the asylum status for Assange has changed. How does this affect the Trump Presidency? Exactly.

The Collusion Bomb
Assange has revealed a lot of data against Hillary Clinton during the elections. He has openly said that this data was not provided by any “Russian Government” source or agency. Which means that … he got the data from Russians.

There is already an indictment against several Russian citizens for hacking the DNC. If Jeff Sessions gets Assange extradited to the US … that means that he will be an available element for Mueller. Mueller will grill the shit out of him and extract who were these Russians … how did they transfer the data to you … from whom did these Russians get their orders from? They will try to extract every bit of information from Assange about:

  • Russian hacking
  • Russian hackers
  • How DNC servers were hacked?
  • How Hillary was hacked?
  • Did these Russians cooperate with Trump?
  • Was Trump colluding with Russians?
  • Do you think that Trump was giving them instructions?
  • Do you think that Trump wanted to discredit Hillary and win the elections?

They will try to build-up the chain from Assange to the Russians and link them directly to Trump.

Assange will gladly cooperate
The major issue that you will face is that … Assange will gladly cooperate. He is facing charges of espionage which means life in jail for him in the US. If Trump is going to extradite him then why will he protect or support Trump? He will gladly cooperate with Mueller for some sort of a deal with him. So that he gets a shorter sentence or he gets immunity. In all cases he will talk because Trump is the one that is putting him in trouble.

How to handle this?

  • No Extradition. Tell Jeff Sessions to screw that Extradition Order or delay it for a few months. Britain has nothing against Assange. It is a small charge that he faces there … he will pay a fine and he will be released. Tell Sessions not to process any Extradition Order … or just delay it for a few months. Make up any excuse for the delay. Tell him that you want to watch what Assange does next.
  • Moves to Moscow. Tell Putin to move Assange to Moscow as quickly and as swiftly as possible. The moment he is released by the British … he must be sniffed out of the UK.
  • Assange in Moscow. Once Assange is in Moscow, Mueller can’t do shit to him. Assange becomes untouchable.

Russia is the safest place for Assange as of now
This is the only place where he can do his work from without any fear of Establishment malice against him. Either he has to choose Russia or a close Russian ally for his residence. He is not safe in any other country … not in Latin America and not in any country in the world. He thinks that Hillary is out to get him … but no … he has pissed off the Establishment and the Establishment is pretty darn powerful against one man in Europe or Latin America.

All Mueller has to do is … issue an arrest warrant for Assange and all of these countries will cooperate. The best way to save Assange from Mueller … will be to move him to Moscow.

Assange and Trump Taxes
Yes, I know … Assange made some statements on Trump tax returns. But ignore that … Assange likes to be a public hero and he does not know where to stop. He is new in the game and does not understand all parameters involved. Just ignore any statement that he has made against you and help him to get out of UK.

Otherwise, he will end up being a major Collusion Bomb against your Presidency. Because he will be the closest link that Mueller will be able to get to the Russian hackers. All you need to do is delay the extradition request and tell Assange that Mueller is coming after him. He will readily move to Russia. And since you helped him out and saved him from Mueller … obviously he will not do anything against your Presidency.

Strong points when it comes to Assange
Here are your strong points when it comes to Assange:

  • Democrats. Even if the word gets out that Trump delayed the Extradition Order on Assange then the Democrats will not be able to say anything about it because … Obama pardoned the main guy that made the leak, Chelsea Manning. Obama was seen as a hero when he pardoned Chelsea Manning. Assange only published the info. If Democrats make a noise about it then it will backfire on them.
  • Establishment. If the Establishment makes a noise about it then you can actually double down on it and say … “let us investigate everything that Wikileaks has leaked about the war crimes in Iraq. Let us find out what happened in these civil wars in Libya and Syria even after the leaks of large scale abuses in Iraq”.

In both of your opponents you have an upper hand. Both the Democrats and the Establishment will run away and they will not confront you when Assange is concerned. You can easily handle the opposition and save yourself from unnecessary additional scrutiny.

Note to Assange: Dear friend, you are in a big mess. This is not about Hillary at all. Hillary is just a pawn of the Establishment. You have messed with bigger entities. You are not safe any country in Europe or Latin America. You need to be in Russia or in a strong Russian ally country. Mueller can easily issue an arrest warrant and all American allies will cooperate with them.

The best place for you is Russia. Or you can choose countries like Turkey or Serbia or neighboring Russian countries. I would suggest you to just go to Russia and decide from there. Russia will provide you with a very strong base to fight against this Establishment malice. They will give you strong support in kicking Hillary’s ass. It is because of her that you are in this mess. You can go to Russia and do whatever you want about Hillary. There are enormous amounts of work that you can do from Russia.

You will get 100% political cooperation, full security and a strong base for your work. You have nothing to worry from there. Stop looking for a honeymoon island and don’t pick Latin countries to settle down there. May be later, once we have squished these Establishment assholes then you can think about other countries. Russia is the best and safest choice for you. Trust me, Putin will help.

And yeah, if this works out … then be nice to Trump. He is a nice guy … it takes time for people to understand him. Hopefully, Trump will be doing very nice things for the world in the future … you will like him very much then.