20 Jul 2018
Putin’s offer would take the Investigation out of Mueller’s hands
in America

You need to take a look at the next ten steps of how they will enfold … in order to understand the Establishment’s game. Putin offered the FBI to interview the Russians indicted in exchange for them interviewing some Americans of their interest. The idea that “Russia” will interview Americans may not be acceptable for a few. But this is how things would play out in the next steps:

  • Mueller would go to Russia and interview the Russians
  • A Russian delegation would come to America to interview Americans of their interest
  • In the back end, Trump would tell Putin to go easy on Americans and Trump would do everything he can go easy on the Russians
  • The media would continue to make a big fuss about it
  • The Establishment will use Congress members to make a big fuss about it
  • The Establishment will try to design the harshest punishment for the Russians
  • Putin will go easy on the Americans
  • Trump would intervene on being harsh on Russians because it is about National Security and International Relations now. Since Putin is being nice then we need to respond in the same manner.
  • Trump would suggest a “settlement” instead of any prisoner exchange.
  • Even if Russians are made to pay $200 Million, Trump would back channel this money to Russia
  • Worst come worst even if some prison time is suggested for Russians and vice versa … then the Russians would get VIP treatment in America and the same would happen to Americans in Russia

The interesting thing that would happen in all of the above steps is that “this investigation would move out of Mueller’s hands”.

  • Mueller would no longer be solely in charge of this investigation
  • Trump and Putin would have a major role in the next steps … as everything would be about National Security and International Relations … a huge amount of influence would move into Trump’s hands.
  • The second most important thing that would happen is … America and Russia would come on a supportive and cooperative track. They would be in direct collaboration with each other. This “cooperation” is something that the Establishment does not want.
  • The Establishment’s bigger intention in this entire show is “worsen relations with Russia” to facilitate a war. This is a bigger target for them.

A huge amount of media and political pressure on Trump
As of now, the Establishment is showering a huge amount of media and political pressure on Trump … mainly because:

  • They are losing control of the investigation and the process. The process would be out of their control … which means that they cannot design the next steps in the phase.
  • Trump and Putin would have a major role in designing the outcome of this investigation
  • The main idea of this investigation is to show that Trump & Putin are the bad guys. But when Trump & Putin will take the lead in designing the outcome of the investigation … then they become the heroes … they become the nice guys. The world will come to know that … “hey, there was nothing to it … just get along”.
  • The Establishment’s main idea is to terminate Trump’s Presidency and delegitimize it to the fullest extent possible. But when there will be a settlement between America and Russia … this topic and investigations will be closed for good. It will terminate Mueller’s Investigation instead of the Trump Presidency getting terminated.
  • As it is, the Establishment is losing big time to SM Elements at the ground level and voila! Trump and Putin are meeting together in a Summit … and coming up with a mutual solution that will terminate the investigations itself … this is mindboggling for the Establishment.

What you should know is that Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong or illegal for America or the world by meeting Putin. There was not a single mistake out there. The Establishment is only making up shit and forcing Trump to be vicious, aggressive and negative with Russia … which is exactly what they want to do.

Poor Trump Hotel Owner
Poor guy … you can’t blame him … he is a media celebrity who is used to 5 Star comfort … he has no idea how to handle immense media pressure. So what he is doing is …

  • Saying … okay, I misspoke
  • Yes, I agree that Russia meddled and
  • I will not accept Putin’s offer for counter questioning

He basically just nullified the advantage that he got via the Summit … only because the media made some noise. It was not a wise decision. Now, since Trump agrees that Russia meddled and he is not following Putin’s offer … the Congress gets to come into action to create more legislation against Russia. They get to design more sanctions and more restrictions on Russia.

Trump is not really good at managing media pressure … mainly because he does not understand the game. He enters the Hotel Owner mode the moment he is under pressure and starts giving the other person what they want. “Take this, take this, take this and leave me alone”. He does what the Establishment wants him to do and hopes that his troubles will go away.

But unluckily … he just gave full authority to Mueller all over again. He just gave permission to Mueller to run his investigations for as long as he wants and keep rattling his Presidency. This is not how you play the game, Mr. President.

This is what Trump does not realize. He should have basically returned home as a hero and a victor … for standing up to NATO and making them pay their fair share. He threw in a major truth bomb that America pays billions to Europe to protect them from Russia and Europe is giving billions of business to Russia instead of doing business with America. This was a major truth bomb of his visit. The Establishment took a big piss on that and put Trump on a total defense mode even before he reached the US soil back from his visit. This is the type of Establishment that Trump sucks up to.

They took away his victory and they are showing him as a major failure. When in reality Trump was getting a double victory in this visit:

  • He was getting billions of funding from NATO and
  • He also got an alternate path to push these investigations to come to an end

He was saving America and himself … and now since he does not understand the game … he is falling for Establishment pressure.

Whatever … you will get many more chances to change the game later on. Try not to fall for media pressure and don’t start doing everything that the Establishment wants you to. Understand the bigger game.