19 Jul 2018
How Trump should design an agenda against his opposition
in America

Don’t just go out there and say that “I want to investigate Hillary for war crimes”. You will sound like an old man who went crazy. First, develop a strategy … these are the teams that you will need:

  • Research … get some guys to research and collect all data related to this subject.
  • Media … keep on supplying this data to the media. You need to pull some loyal media outlets in this plan. Don’t give them all details … give them an overview of what to cover and give them all of the related talking points with the list of facts and numbers.
  • Republicans … pull in a group of Republicans to join you on this … to hammer the Democrats and Hillary. Why hammer Hillary? Her plan is to disqualify your Presidency and get into the White House somehow. That’s the only reason we need to hammer her.
  • Justice Department … discuss with them the possibilities of initiating investigations and creating lawsuits.

You should formulate an entire team with a strategy and a plan … then move forward with it by moving ahead of all possible obstacles.

  • Take the Lead. Once everyone is on the same page … you take the lead. Make a simple tweet like “Does anyone know why Hillary started two civil wars that have destroyed their countries and created a global migration crisis?”
  • Media follows … Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine follow up on your tweet with the facts related to the subject … because you have already given them the talking points. They come into action and start hammering Hillary and the Democrats.
  • Republicans support via interviews … Republican leaders attend interviews on Fox … and detail the information that has already been given to them.
  • Create Momentum … make more tweets … involve more channels and more leaders in the topic … to create a momentum. Do it bit by bit … not everything at once.
  • Investigations … once you have the momentum … let others suggest investigations and lawsuits. Here is where you have them under your hammer. Drop the bomb on Hillary here.
  • Investigation team … formulate a team to investigate.

Keep the media involved and use them for every bit of information. You have to “create” enormous publicity for this topic and make a tiny dust particle out of the Russia Investigation.

This is just one of the strategies that you should have launched a long long time ago.

A few pointers that you should keep in mind about this is:

  • Obama. Try to leave him out of it … the guy is clean. He had no idea what the hell was Hillary doing. Because of this shit that she did … he fired her and then tried to reverse everything. If you attack Obama … it will not help much. Because he never marketed war or fear … he is among the good ones. The public has a good image of Obama … if you try to tarnish Obama then the agenda may not take the required momentum because the people have never heard warmongering from Obama. But instead, if you hammer Hillary … then the agenda will sell like hotcakes. Because Hillary did nothing but warmongering as Secretary of State and the people hate her.
  • Founder of ISIS. Don’t call Obama the “founder of ISIS” … because he will sue. And you will not be able to prove that he founded ISIS … because he didn’t. But you can call Hillary the “financier of ISIS” … this is something that you can prove. A lot of American funds have been channeled to ISIS and Al Qaeda groups.
  • Hillary. Once these issues come in the spotlight … Hillary will come begging to you on her knees. Tell her, this is not about her … this is simple party politics. We are just fighting off this vicious demonization campaign being launched against Trump, Republicans and Russia since a long long time.
  • Trying to disqualify you. What Hillary is basically trying to do now is “disqualify” the elections and thereby disqualify your Presidency. That’s what will happen if they prove that there was Collusion and that Russia worked with Trump in taking down Hillary. She is trying to knock you out and become President. That’s why it is important to hammer Hillary.
  • Weapon Companies. Since we are talking about misuse of weapons and ammo … some weapon companies may line up asking you not to talk about Hillary’s war crimes as it may involve their companies. This has nothing to do with the weapons industry … our focus is on “flawed leadership, bad decision making and disastrous moves” by the politicians involved. This is a political issue between the Republicans and Democrats. It has nothing to do with the weapons industry. It is all about bad leadership by Hillary and the Democrats.
  • Blaming the Republican Party for wars. One of the few things that Democrats can do is … blame the Republican Party for starting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will say … “you guys started all of this mess.” How you respond to them is … tell them … “all of that was Bush. Screw Bush … if they have anything against Bush … then go and talk to Bush. Today’s Republican Party is led by Trump … it is a Party of Trump. And under Trump’s leadership:
    • We have almost stopped both of the civil wars that the Democrats had started
    • We have eliminated ISIS and almost all terrorist groups that the Democrats could never do
    • We have stopped the funding into these war zones that the Democrats never did
    • We are not spending trillions in war like how the Democrats did for 8 long years
    • Trump’s Party is not a party of war but it is a party of peace, progress and prosperity
    • In fact, enemy states like North Korea are coming to the negotiating table and we are creating history like it was never created before
    • The world is not occupied by civil wars and a migration crisis today because of Trump … we have peace and the strongest economy that America could have
    • In fact, all of this should have been done Obama as per his promises of 2008 of being anti-war. Despite being anti-war, Obama could not stop these wars. What Obama could not do in 8 years … it was done by Trump within the first year itself.

Propaganda. This point is important. Keep in mind that you are fighting off “propaganda”. Propaganda does not mean that the work is done in one hour or one day or one week … propaganda means “endless and long-term” demonization. You are facing demonization since two years now … it’s your turn to launch a fantastic propaganda that will last for several years against your opposition. So whatever you do … don’t do it with your fullest strength in one shot. Sit back … relax … and leak the information “bit by bit” … take it bit by bit. Every bit should be a dynamite in itself.

  • Leak one bit of information … discuss it thoroughly for one full week in the media. Rattle the opposition with that bit … make them crawl under a rock. And then …
  • Take one week break … because you don’t want the public to get tired of the subject … it’s going to be a long-term subject. You have to give the public a break for one week.
  • And then in the third week … release the next bit of information and hammer the opposition on that bit of info. They should be repeatedly crawling under a rock to protect themselves … because you literally have all of the “facts and evidence” on this topic in your favor.

Run this show at least until your election year … that is 2020. You should take this to a peak in 2020 … it will help you win the re-election. This will be of a great advantage to you and this will be a great way of pulling Republicans on your side on this agenda. It will help you win re-election against the Democrats.

Rand Paul and Ron Paul – Another tip … both of these guys are hardcore anti-war guys. They will fearlessly speak about all atrocities committed in these civil wars. Ron Paul is regularly on RT speaking against wars. Both of them will support you wholeheartedly in speaking against the wars carried out by Hillary Clinton. Give them the research points … they will be glad to help.

If you do this right … it will turn into a debate of the century. Thousands of human rights groups, anti-war groups & activists will get involved and support you. Because you are speaking against wars and in favor of peace … you can pull support from Churches, Universities and Schools as well. You will be looking at another Noble Prize opportunity for digging into all scams, atrocities, overspending and carelessness that happened in these wars. It will start reforming things at many levels. All of this is next steps … for now … just start a basic partisan propaganda using the Republican Party against the Democrats using the civil wars angle. I will show you how to pull the support of the entire country in your favor.

Hope it helps.