18 Jul 2018
The Second Major Bomb on Hillary The Formation and Support of ISIS & other terrorist groups
in America

The two civil wars and the total decimation of two innocent countries that never harmed the United States … is just Section A of Hillary’s Pandora Box. The Section B of her Pandora Box is … the formation and support of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Yes, Hillary GodDamn Clinton has a direct hand in the creation of ISIS and supporting its flourishing growth … all of which happened right under her nose. Take a look.

Formation of ISIS and other terrorist groups

  • ISIS was formed in Iraq
  • A country that we bombed for 8 years
  • A country that was totally under our control
  • It happened under Hillary's watch
  • She was Secretary of State while ISIS was being formed in Iraq
  • ISIS came up with an army of 30,000 soldiers
  • 30,000 terrorists were trained in Iraq under Hillary's watch

Now, you tell me … how on earth can 30,000 terrorists be hired and trained for “years” in a country directly controlled by us? This hiring and training of an army of 30,000 terrorists … which later expanded to beyond 50,000 … this did not happen overnight or in one week or in one month. It was systematically carried out over a period of a couple of years right under Hillary’s watch in territories of Iraq. How does Hillary have no idea that such an army of terrorists was being created right under her watch? Not only this … her next moves help this army of terrorist flourish all over the Middle East.

Supply of weapons and ammunition to ISIS and other terrorist groups
Under Hillary Clinton’s watch and under the Democrats … groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda and several other terrorist groups got a “regular and repeated” supply of funds, arms and ammunition. And this was not done at any small scale … this was done at a massive mammoth scale to the tune of trillions of dollars in cash and ships load of arms and ammo.

You should launch investigations into these aspects:

  • How can we not know that 30,000 terrorists were being trained in a country under our control?
  • How did terrorists get American arms and ammunition?
  • How did terrorists get American Humvees and other vehicles?
  • Why were trucks, arms and ammunition "air-dropped" into the hands of terrorists?
  • Hundreds of billions worth arms and ammunition were "unaccounted" for in Libya
  • Billions worth weapons … just disappeared … where are these weapons and who took them?
  • How were American weapon depots looted regularly?

This did not happen once or twice … it happened regularly and repeatedly under Hillary’s watch. There is “evidence” for all of this cataloged. American trucks, vehicles, arms and ammo were literally “air dropped” directly into the hands of terrorists. The terrorists got the entire package delivered by Hillary … right into their hands. These war support packages were dropped in terrorist areas. The same guys that were “beheading American citizens” … these same guys were getting trillions worth of funding, arms and ammo under the Democrats and Hillary.

The questions that you should ask is:

  • To whom was Hillary supplying these weapons, arms and ammunition to? There were dozens of terrorist groups that were getting a free supply of American weapons. Hillary knew that this was happening
  • Why didn't she stop this?
  • What measures did she take to stop this?
  • If these measures were not working then why didn't she stop supplying funds, arms and ammo in these war zones?
  • Why did she continue to supply arms and funds to terrorists that were beheading Americans?

Mueller and Russia Investigations
This is what you need to see … the Establishment Network is using the media, the Democrats and the Republicans to make a big fuss about Russia, Collusion and Interference. But in real time … in real impact … how much is the loss and who got affected by this so-called “interference”?

  • How many American lives were lost? None.
  • How many Americans were hurt? None.
  • How much did it cost America? Nothing.

America and Americans lost nothing because of any Russian activity. Absolutely no one was hurt and nothing was lost.

Now, take a look at the stuff that happened under Hillary's watch

  • Creation of a terrorist army of 30,000 terrorists
  • Beheading of Americans by these monsters
  • Trillions of hardworking American taxpayer money being spent
  • Ships load of arms, ammunition and weapons being supplied
  • Hundreds of billions worth weapons go "missing" with no trace or account
  • The openly visible indirect supply of funds, arms and ammo to the very terrorists that we are fighting against
  • The creation of a global migration crisis
  • The total decimation of two beautiful countries that did no harm to America

The activities that Mueller is investigating is …

  • who met whom
  • what did they talk about in the meeting
  • what emails were exchanged
  • did a server get hacked

All of this is just a "dust particle" compared to the mountains of crime and criminal activities that have happened under Hillary and the Democrats. They have "mountains of crime" on their record. And they have the audacity to come at you with this shit show of who met whom? Trying to demonize and blame Russia in the process … the very country that has helped in fixing this major crisis that Hillary has created. What you don’t realize is that … the bad guys are demonizing the good guys here. What you are not realizing in this entire show is that … “Trump and Putin” are the good guys here. Look at the facts for yourself:

  • Russia stepped in to fix the massive crisis created by Hillary
  • Russia has fought off and defeated the armies of terrorists that were created by Hillary
  • Russia has stabilized the regions and secured the countries that were being destroyed by Hillary’s ridiculous civil wars
  • Owing to Russia’s good work American taxpayer money that was being drained out by the trillions has stopped
  • Russia has done a great favor to America by saving trillions in these ridiculous wars
  • Because of Russia’s world leadership we have peace in the world owing to which America has a booming economy
  • Putin and Russia are the “good guys” here
  • They have done no harm to America or Americans whatsoever … nothing at all

Now, look at Trump’s activities:

  • Trump has canceled and terminated all funding and support activities in these war zones … something that never happened under the Democrats. The Democrats were watching countries being decimated owing their supply of funds and ammo but they never stopped this monstrosity. One of the first things that Trump does is … he cancels all of this funding.
  • Not only that … he goes to the Middle East and tells all countries to stop funding to any of these groups fighting under whatever name. Hillary was doing the opposite … she was going to every ally in the Middle East and begging them for funds and support in these disasters. Trump did the opposite … he canceled all funding going into this catastrophe via the Middle East as well.
  • It is because of this cancellation of funding that the resources of terrorist groups ran out and ISIS was successfully defeated.
  • Trump gets a major credit in the termination of ISIS and the elimination of Radical Islam. Had it been Hillary as President today … then we would have ISIS and terrorists all over the Middle East and North Africa. We would be living in a major catastrophic crisis of widespread terrorism.
  • Secondly, Trump is not creating civil wars in any country. He is using sanctions to control enemy states and bring them to the negotiating table.
  • History is being created under Trump, hateful countries like North Korea are coming to the negotiating table.
  • Trump is not funding and supporting civil wars in any country and terrorists are not creating armies for themselves under Trump. In fact, terrorism has been wiped out from the world under Trump’s leadership.

If you look in real time action … Trump and Putin … are great, positive and fantastic for the world. And what is the Establishment network doing in America? They are trying to portray both of them as the bad guys who are the enemies of humanity. When in real time … it is totally the opposite. The woman who is pretending to be an angel, pretending that she was wronged in the election and that she deserves to be President … she is a monster that has decimated innocent countries, created armies of terrorists and created an entire global migration crisis … and she has zero empathy for those affected and no remorse for what she has done. Technically, she should be in jail for life … let alone running for President.

President Trump needs to very quickly reverse this game and not allow malicious elements to create a mountain out of a dust particle … while the opposition actually has a mountain of crime and atrocities in their hands.