17 Jul 2018
The Nuclear Bomb that Trump can drop on Hillary
in America

You should have basically planned all of this even before leaving for Helsinki. Did you think that the Establishment media network would take it easy? Obviously, they would try to create a commotion. You never created a backup plan to fight back. You are always sitting there and taking the punches.

  • The Establishment is demonizing you … you do nothing
  • They are creating committees and piling up lawsuits … you do nothing
  • They are indicting your team members … you do nothing
  • They will send you to jail … will you do nothing?

Stop pretending that everything is okay because you did favors for them. Don’t you see the entire media network putting your meeting with Putin on fire and trying to grill you to the max.?

This is what you don’t realize in this … the gimmick that the Establishment is playing here is “partisan politics”. When they use the angle of partisan politics they get to activate the entire Democratic Party against you and pitch half of the Congress against you. And then there is a huge section of Republicans that does not want you in power. They are able to activate members from both sides against you.

What are you doing? Where are your plans? Where is your counteraction? You have no plan, no strategy and no counteraction designed. You just sit there and take the beating. This is not leadership … this is getting drilling into the ground.

You need to buckle up and fight back. Whatever they are doing to you using the pretext of party politics … you should be able to hammer the Democrats in the same manner. Yes, hammering the Democrats is not the same as hammering the Establishment … but it will give you huge leverage in this vicious opposition that you are facing. Every time the topic of Russia comes, Trump gets hammered. Why do you put up with it? Hammer them back. Pick up their biggest faults, start investigations, put intelligence agencies behind them, rattle the shit out of them via lawsuits and criminal charges. Why are you allowing all of this being done to you … while you do nothing and take the beating? Who taught you that you should keep on taking the beating again and again and again? It is just ridiculous that you don’t fight back.

Nuclear bomb on Hillary
Forget about the email server … that was nothing. I will give you Hillary’s real “Pandora Box of crimes”. You can literally drop this nuclear bomb on her and totally wipe out her presence in politics for good. Not only that … but she will facing criminal charges like no US politician has ever faced.

Hillary’s major mistakes are not:

  • Benghazi or
  • Email server or
  • Double crossing Bernie Sanders or
  • Taking money in her Foundation illegally

All of those are just petty cash. Her main Pandora Box of crimes is “civil wars in Libya and Syria”.

  • War crimes in Libya
  • War crimes in Syria

Both of these countries were destroyed under Hillary’s leadership. She directed the action on these countries as Secretary of State. Both of these countries are totally devastated and destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed … tens of millions of people have been displaced from their homes. All of this is directly “Hillary’s doing”. She directed these actions and got these done.

You have two major countries totally devastated by Hillary.

  • She literally sponsored civil wars in these countries
  • She spent trillions to fund these wars
  • As a result hundreds of thousands of people were killed
  • Tens of millions were displaced from their homes
  • A huge migration crisis was created in the world
  • It cost trillions to American taxpayers

The track that you should work on is:

  • Where is the accountability for these actions?
  • Why was it necessary to finance civil wars in these countries?
  • What aggression did these countries make against the United States?
  • These countries were just minding their own business and living in peace.
  • Why did Hillary have to go to the Security Council again and again to destroy these countries?

You can very easily open a “war crimes trial” against Hillary GodDamn Clinton. This will be like a nuclear bomb that you can put in the media. Everyone will simply forget about the Russia Investigations. What did Russia do … hack an email server? Yeah right, bullshit. Look at this info … two countries destroyed and a worldwide migration crisis created … by Hillary Clinton and nobody questions it. Just drop this bomb in the media and the entire game will change.

You have everything as evidence that you need against Hillary:

  • All of her public speeches calling for military action on these countries
  • Her repeated warnings that these countries will be totally destroyed in wars
  • Her repeated visits to the Security Council to get a license for military action
  • Her channeling of finance of trillions to the rebel groups in these countries
  • Her channeling of ships load of ammunition to these rebel groups

You have all of the evidence that you need to put Hillary in jail for life. You can rattle the shit out of Hillary with one major bomb. All you need to do is use simple questions like:

  • Where was the need for this?
  • Where was the threat that required us to channel trillions and create a civil war that destroys the entire country?
  • She does not do this once … but she did it twice … in Libya as well as Syria.
  • Why didn’t she stop when she was seeing that people were being killed?
  • Why didn’t she terminate the operation when it was turning into a disaster?
  • Why did she deliberately continue an operation that gets hundreds of thousands of people killed?

This is a major “truth bomb”. That will not only rattle her but it will also rattle many in the Democratic Party.

They will say … Bush also bombed so and so countries. You say, screw Bush … the Republican Party is a party of Trump … it is not a Party of Bush anymore. If you want to talk to Bush … go talk to Bush. Today’s Republican President is all about sanctions, peace and Noble Prizes. We are giving nations great plans for prosperity. We are not decimating any countries for no reason. These civil wars were designed by Hillary … and she needs to answer for them.

Your hands are clean as of now when it comes to war. You are seen as a beacon of hope and peace. Hillary’s hands are dead dirty … explore this side of her activities … and you will get an entire Pandora Box of non-stop malice and crime that has decimated several countries.

There will be some elements who will not want you to use this Nuclear Bomb on Hillary. Don’t listen to them … trust me … you are clean … you are squeaky clean as of now. You can easily crush Hillary and the entire Democratic Party using this point.

This will help you totally diminish the Russia Investigations where no real crime was done … where not a single person was hurt. It will give the American People some real juicy stuff to talk about … where real actual crime was committed against millions of innocent people. Hillary is a mass murderer who is walking around like an angel that deserves to be President. She, in fact, should be sitting in jail for life. These “war crime trials and investigations” will open a new and real chapter in American history and Trump will be seen as the great champion who started this discussion about truth and accountability. You will be seen as the most “reliable leader” who has genuinely changed the direction of the country.

You get several benefits from these investigations:

  • You get to change the topic from Mueller and Russia
  • The moment they turn up the heat on Russia … you turn up the heat on war crime trials
  • You will be winning the people’s confidence supremely … because Mueller is about hacking one DNC server … and the war crime trials are about the lives of tens of millions of people directly affected by Hillary
  • You will be talking about an entire “global migration crisis” created by Hillary while Mueller talks about who met the Russians.
  • You will get to show that the Republican Party is doing what is right and Hillary was an utter total disaster
  • You will get to pull a huge section of Republicans to pursue war crime trials on Hillary by making it a partisan issue
  • The Establishment will be rattled as to what the hell did just happen!
  • You get to hammer others as well … and not just sit there taking a beating
  • You get to consolidate your Presidency

Just boldly and fearlessly declare that you will be opening a “war crimes trial against Hillary Clinton and all of her associates in the creation and sponsoring of civil wars in Libya and Syria”.

Trust me, there will be people on their knees begging you not to do this. But where were these people when Trump was being trampled upon, stomped upon and ridiculed to the max? Don’t listen to them … this investigation will put the real truth in American Media and it will save you to a great extent from this non-stop scrutiny and investigations related to Russia that has been rattling your Presidency. This investigation will help you to push back with great force.