16 Jul 2018
Iran is “politically perfect” to sponsor this project
in America

Do you know one thing … there is one country that is simply perfect to sponsor this project. It hates the Jewish Establishment, Israel and the Trump Presidency. It would love to see the Establishment and the Trump Presidency terminated. And that country is Iran … an extremely rich country with unlimited oil resources and with lovely people. It will finance our project does not matter how much noise the Establishment will make. It will love every hammer that will fall on the Establishment.

The only issue why I did not take finance from Iran was because … it is an authoritarian regime. All I need to do to fix this small issue is … make one tactical move. The Trump Administration has pulled out of the Iran deal and it is crippling Iran’s economy. If there is anything that they will want … it will be the termination of the Trump Presidency. If I channelize my policies to the Democrats … then your Presidency will be over. The Democrats have already worked with Iran very patiently in signing the Nuclear Deal … they will be ready to discuss removal of sanctions on Iran.

The only thing I have to say is … “let Iran implement people-centric policies and in return remove their sanctions”.

  • The authoritarian regime will start getting fixed with people-centric policies.
  • Iran will gets its sanctions removed
  • And the Trump Presidency will be gone

This is a golden deal that Iran can get right now. Iran was ready to sponsor our project during the Obama Administration itself. Putin had made a call and they were ready. I myself said … no, hold this … because I am not sure about how we are going to manage the authoritarian aspect of this regime. Because every entity that will be a part of this project … they will be phenomenal heroes and I did not want to create another Soviet Union and legitimize their regime. That’s the only reason … I did not take finance from them.

All I need to tell them is … “hey, finance from you is fine. But all you need to do to get sanctions removed is … cooperate with the Democrats in implementing people-centric policies”. With one simple tactical move … I can pull Iran in the game.

Iran was ready to hammer the Jewish Establishment when there was no Trump in the game. You have pissed off Iran so much that … you have made them a ripe customer for my project. Iran is the strongest sponsor in terms of being “politically correct” for the project.

  • They hate the Jewish Establishment
  • They hate Israel
  • They hate Israel’s influence on America
  • The Establishment is very weak in Iran … so there is hardly any stalling or deviations
  • Now, they have the Trump factor as well
  • To add to that … doesn’t matter how much noise the Jewish Establishment will make … Iran will only love it and see that the Jewish Establishment terminated from the West. They will strongly support the end of this malicious influence from America and Europe.

This is my official green light to Iran … yes, we are ready for sponsorship from your side.

Trump should don’t blame me that I did not reach out to him first. I gave him 1.5 years and hundreds of requests. If another party gets in the touch with me … then please don’t blame me.

We told you this before … we keep our options open for all works. This project can never depend only on one person or leader or country. We always consider the next option if the first preferred option is not working out for any reason. All Putin needs to do is make one call to Iran and our work will begin. It’s not that we will take finance only from Iran … once we get started several countries will line up. Only the start is important.

You cannot pressurize Putin anymore … because you yourself are under Putin’s hammer. You have openly admitted that the “Russian military officers hacked the DNC” … now, you want Russia to take the blame and face more sanctions. All Putin needs to do is make one statement that … “Yes, I did it because Trump asked me to”. It will change nothing for Putin or Russia.

  • Russia is not dependent upon business from America
  • Europe is Russia’s primary energy market
  • European leaders are already reaching out to Putin
  • European leaders are fed up of Trump and his blunders
  • Putin is a loved and powerful President … it will not affect his Presidency in any way

There is nothing much you can do to Putin if he pulls the plug. I am sure he will not … because he is a very good person. But you should realize that Putin and Russia are not dependent on America. Russia’s primary interest is in Europe which you are screwing royally.

That too … doesn’t matter who finances our project … it might be Russia or Iran or Turkey or GCC or anybody … there is no obligation for us to disclose our donors. We are not based in the US and the US law does not apply to us. We are an international human rights and news group. We do not have to disclose our donors to anyone. You don’t even need to know who financed us. I am not a politician in America that has to disclose all of his financial information.

Your future in politics in America will be under a big question mark … the moment we get finance from an alternate source. As I told you … the first comers will be the biggest winners. Because they will get all of the policies that will change the world as we know it … or they can also say … please don’t give the policies to Trump … please give them to the Democrats … because we don’t like Trump. Since they are the first and the biggest donors … it will be hard for me to reject that request.

I told you … it is all about people-centric policies and changing the world for the better. All what you are doing is sitting there … doing nothing and saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” … it means that you know nothing and you are planning to change nothing. And on top of that … you are exploring for wars. Either lead or others will lead.