10 Jul 2018
Trump’s childish politics of “plus and minus”
in America

One of your drawbacks is that … you are not understanding who your friend and enemy is in this game. You are looking at it from a very childish perspective of a “plus and minus”. If the guy talks in favor of me … it means that he will support me and if the guy talks against me … it means that he is against me. This is your “plus & minus politics”. And this is an extremely basic and childish way of handling politics. Politics is a far more complicated field that goes beyond plus & minus.

To add to this, given the Establishment misleading and malice that is going around in the world … it becomes a very complicated game. It becomes difficult to understand who is your friend and who is your enemy. And the Establishment actually capitalizes on this chaos and misunderstanding. These guys basically design chaos, friction and wars … it is in these chaotic and high-pressure scenarios that they control decision making and make things happen in their favor.

We are in times of peak Establishment malice and winners of this time will be those who win against Establishment malice. I will give you some examples so that you understand your supporters in this crucial time. “Supporters” does not mean your trumpet blowers. Screw trumpet blowers … I am talking about real-time action. Take a look.

Democrats. Our work is party independent. But since the past 8 years of Obama … the Democrats were in the lead … so, I have an understanding of what they went through and how they function. What you are basically thinking is that … “Democrats are the obstructionists … they are the 13 angry Democrats that are running the Mueller’s Investigation and they want you out of the office.” All of that is a very narrow view of what is going on.

In almost every major US entity, you have to figure out what is Establishment malice and what is pro-people. What is good and what is bad? This is the main issue with rigged systems … you get a mixed response from the same entity. Some Democrats are with Mueller, some want you impeached, some don’t support impeachment and all of them don’t support any of your policies. Now, which of these are Establishment activities and which of them are pro-people efforts?

These are not the times where only “plus and minus” will work. Plus & minus politics is for kindergarten children. We are in very complicated times and you have to be tactical in understanding what is good and what is bad for you. This is how you break down the different Democrat efforts.

  • Democrats with Mueller. Mueller and Russia investigations are mostly dominated by the Establishment. The Establishment has puppets in both parties. Just because they have some Democrats with them it does not mean that the Mueller Investigation is a Democrat agenda. This would be something like Radical Islam. The same Establishment used to hire a few Muslims to blow up a bomb. Just because the criminals were Muslims, it does not mean that we can criminalize a religion. This is exactly what the Establishment did. They used Muslims and ran an international propaganda against Islam. They are using the same gimmick by using Democrats with Mueller. By pointing at a few Democrat puppets, they are pushing you away from the entire Democratic party.
  • Democrats want you impeached. Yes, these are mainly “Black” Democrats … because your many racist statements against the minorities. Black politicians and communities are very sensitive to racist comments and policies … you are an American … you should know that very well. However, this is not a general Democrat agenda. It is only some pissed off Black leaders who cannot put up with you. The Establishment does not have a major involvement in this move. It is only because of your racism.
  • Democrats give you zero votes. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you don’t have good people-centric policies that will address the issues of the current times. You are running a shit show over there. Most of your policies are not even worth supporting. Secondly, the Republicans stagnated Democratic leadership for 8 long years. Accomplishments under Obama were negligible owing to Republican opposition. You are getting a feeling of how Obama felt for 8 years.

Democrats are saving you from impeachment. Now, this is what you don’t realize. You think that Democrats are your enemies but you don’t realize that they are the ones who are saving you from impeachment. If the leadership of the Democratic Party decides … “hey, let’s impeach Trump” … then they can organize nationwide protests … they control half of the Congress and they can easily activate half of the country against you. And its not that they don’t have a reason to do so … the blunders that you are doing … it is repeatedly giving them fantastic opportunities to raise a momentum against you.

But the question is … did the Democrats take up that opportunity? Did the entire party collectively decide to impeach you? It’s so freaking easy to put the numbers together for an impeachment. When they can give you zero votes … don’t you think that they can join together in the same manner for an impeachment vote?

But interestingly, you will observe that the leading Democrats are doing the opposite. They are in fact shooting down requests for impeachment repeatedly. Why? When they are giving you zero votes and opposing all of your policies … why not join together for an impeachment move? Here’s why … because they are playing a bigger game that you don’t understand. You understand only plus and minus. Democrats are the victims of the same Establishment that is trying to tear apart your Presidency. They know very well who these wolves are. The Republican opposition that Obama faced … it was not just Republican opposition … but it was Establishment designed opposition. They victimized Obama’s entire Presidency. The Democrats have seen the Establishment live in working mode just like you are witnessing them.

The Democrats know that you are not an Establishment puppet. We know that you are doing many favors for them but we also know that you are not a puppet. And taking down your Presidency will actually be a favor for the Establishment. This is why the Democrats are saying no for an impeachment. Every time an impeachment request is being made … they discarding it and downplaying it.

The Establishment’s path for an impeachment move has to go via the Democrats. There is a considerable section of Republicans that are not happy with your leadership. Leaders like Paul Ryan will easily pull a huge section of Republicans to support an impeachment move. But they cannot do anything until and unless the Democrats take the lead. Republican traitors will never have the required votes on their own. It can threaten their seats if their impeachment ideas are exposed. They are just sitting there waiting for a chance.

The party that you think is your enemy … that is running the Mueller’s investigation … that want you impeached … that party is actually defending you and protecting you from impeachment. You don’t see it and you don’t understand it … because your politics is at a childish level of “plus and minus”. Who blows my trumpet and who does not blow my trumpet? But in real life, it is the real-time action that counts … and it is the Democrats who are repeatedly saving your Presidency.

Quit remaining focused only on the words … see real-time action. See what is benefiting you and your Presidency. Look at another example …

The Media. Yeah, the “Fake News” isn’t it? They hate you … they demonize you … you want to use libel laws against them … you want to shut down their operations. You think and operate like that … again because of your “plus-minus” politics. Is it in favor or is it against me? For a moment … forget what the media is talking about you … now look at the real-time impact that the media is delivering for you:

  • Sweeping victory in the Primaries. How did you get a sweeping victory in the primaries against 17 top Republican leaders? Do you remember somebody used to say, “look at the polls, look at the polls, I am at the top!” Yes, the media publicity delivered this victory to you.
  • Billions worth free coverage against Hillary. Hillary was spending like crazy while you were spending only a fraction … but even then you were getting maximum media coverage. Yes, the entity that you call Fake News and the enemy of the people … that entity helped you win the elections.
  • Overwhelming control of the Republican Party. They thought that you would not even win in the primaries but you also won the main elections … to add to that … you have overwhelming control of the Republican Party now. With simple tweets, you are able to help candidates win in their elections. Who is creating this “power” in your tweets? Yes, it’s the media again. It’s the media that provides maximum publicity to every tweet of yours … which is resulting an overwhelming power for you in your Party.

You think that they are your enemy … again because of your childish “plus-minus” politics. But in reality, they are your power. They are the ones who are giving you power over the entire Republican Party. Because of them are you the most talked about politician in the world. Yes, the coverage is not entirely positive … there are reasons for that … but look at its end result … it resulting in immense power for you. Does anyone care what Paul Ryan tweets? Nobody cares … hardly anyone talks about it.

You will see a small shift in the media … at first, they were ultra pro-Trump …and then it nosedived into being totally anti-Trump … and now some channels are becoming pro-Trump again. What is going on? The reasons are pretty much the same as the Democrats.

  • Chosen one. At first, you were the chosen one who came in with a pro-America approach talking about trade imbalance. People loved it and you got enormous support.
  • Establishment Tweak. The Establishment hated what was going on and they leaked your sex scandals. And this added to your racist policies that were being designed by morons like Stephen Miller in your team. The Establishment designed a catastrophic fall in your publicity just before the elections.
  • Policy Issues. Somehow SM Elements helped you win the election. But after that, you still continued with crappy and shitty policies. Just like the Democrats, even the media had to stand up to you and correct your blunders.
  • Establishment Push. Since the talk was anti-Trump and the Establishment owned these networks … the Establishment gave a push and encouraged more anti-Trump activities … by releasing this and that book … Michael Wolff.
  • Pro-People Policies. Recently, you have made a major shift to pro-people policies by using sanctions instead of wars … and you are working intensely on trade tariffs. Both of these policies are pulling some media outlets in your favor.

You think that the media is against you and they are the enemy of the people … because you are too much focused on the words and you are thinking only from a childish plus-minus mentality. Get tactical and look at the real-time action. Right from the beginning, the media has been the most powerful force at your hands. You use it every day. The problem is in your policies. Yes, there is an issue with Establishment monopoly in the media … but that is only a part of the problem. The media follows anti-Trump Establishment moves mainly because of your crappy policies. It’s all about doing “what is right”.

Another example … Establishment entities … you follow guys like Stephen Miller and create racist policies that are run in Israel … all of these policies have rattled your Presidency. You have got immense condemnation, ridicule and humiliation because of these racist policies. You literally have a label for being a racist now. But Stephen Miller is a great trumpet blower … but in action … all of his policies are a total disaster. You have got nothing but ridicule and humiliation because of them. But as per your “plus-minus” childish politics … Stephen Miller is a great guy. Why? Because he blows your horn. Try to see what is happening in real time action as well.

This game is on since the past 10 years. Several elements are actively analyzing, evaluating and knocking out Establishment supporters from America as well as Europe. This is an activity that was recommended during the Obama Administration itself. I just formalized it in the form of an illustration like this:


Remember that. That was April 2017. This is Active Democracy Dynamics. Understand the bigger plan into play. This is how we are able to defeat the Establishment in its own game. Clear specifications have been given … what to support and what not to support … who to take down and whom to keep in power. By tactically understanding how this malicious Establishment functions … we were able to:

  • Eliminate Radical Islam
  • Vaporize War on Terror
  • Begin the creation of good relations with Russia
  • Change America’s direction from war to Domestic issues

If we sat there blowing your trumpet and waited for your leadership … then the world would have been royally screwed. All of this was done without any direct support from the White House. In fact, you jumped into all of these to create a major disaster. Why were you jumping into a pro-Establishment mode and anti-Russia mode? Because of you very naïve and childish hotel politics … of supporting & following anyone who has power.

Quit being dead weight
Quit looking for trumpet blowers. Life is not just plus and minus. Get tactical and join the bigger game in action. Right now, you are nothing but dead weight … that has to be dragged along. You are causing a multi-trillion dollar financial disaster. Everyone had to get involved in stopping your ridiculous attempts at war. Are you going to be dead weight every step of the way?

You are the President of the United States … the leader of the free world … you are supposed to lead not only the country but the entire world. And what are you doing in times of these crucial crises … you are being dead weight … who won’t do shit, who won’t make a move because what you need is a trumpet blower. Get out of your childish narrow political view of plus and minus. Quit being dead weight and look at real-time action that benefits you, your Presidency and your country.