04 Jul 2018
Step forward and enable doing “what is right”
in America

Anti-Trumpers and Trump Haters
Let’s first address the anti-Trumpers and Trump haters out there. If the only thing that you are looking at is “Trump” since the past 1.5 years … then your perspective is very narrow. You need to broaden your perspective and look at the full picture of what is going on … in America and the world. Look at the above pic.

Bomb Mode
If you see the Bomb Mode … then you can see that the Establishment has made at least 4 different types of efforts to start a war against Russia.

  • Via Chemical Attacks in Syria
  • Initiating aggression towards North Korea
  • Creating a chemical attack on Russian spies in London and blaming it on Russia
  • And Israel keeps bombing Syria

These 4 different types of efforts have been made within 1.5 years under the Trump Presidency … to start a war against Russia. And thank God for Intervention Forces like the media & legal networks, Ivanka, Russia, Europe and other world leaders … we were able to stop a huge catastrophe in the world successfully. Intervention Forces worked collectively in doing “what is right” and helped Trump make the right decision. Today, we are living in a calm and peaceful world mainly because of this.

Now, if it was not Trump … and we had lunatic leaders like Bush and Hillary in the White House … tell me, if it would be possible to change the direction of the country. We would have gone with a bombing spree all over. It could have been a total massive catastrophe. Yes, Intervention Forces are playing a key role in changing America’s direction but we cannot give them 100% credit for this. A considerable credit goes to Trump for “listening and following” in doing what is right.

During Bush, millions of people poured onto the streets and all of their calls fell on deaf ears. And this is exactly what is changing in America. When you step forward and ask Trump to do what is right … many a time we are getting a positive response. Trump might not be a perfect leader or a perfect person … but he is a good soul. And the fact that he is responding to what the people, the country and the world is saying … it is proof that there is a good soul in him.

Get out of the conventional mindset
We need to get out of the conventional mindset where we just “vote and hope”. We put one guy in the office and we hope that he will do what is right. And if we don’t like one or two of his decisions … we try to remove him from the office. This is Conventional Democracy. What is going in America right now is … Active Democracy. In Active Democracy, you don’t vote & hope … but you get involved and enable doing what is right. You get involved in every policy and decision that concerns the people … and make your voice heard … and you facilitate in doing what is right.

This is a thousand times more powerful than Conventional Democracy. In a Conventional Democracy, the people have power just once in 4 years when they vote. But in Active Democracy, the people have power every single day … they get to have a voice in every single policy and decision making. You get to shape the country that you live in … you get to run your country. It is Democracy … the rule of the people by the people in its very true sense.

This is the major transition that is happening in America. We are moving away from one-man shows … we are not relying on just one man for the right decision … but we are moving towards “collective action” in doing what is right. And it is enabling a fantastic transition for the country.

Guys who support Trump blindly
And there is a message for the people who support Trump blindly as well. This group is also created because of the Conventional Democracy mindset. Some people might think … “our President is so awesome that he is getting Nobel Prizes for North Korea … he is keeping America First … he is 10 times better than Bush & Hillary … we should support Trump in everything”. Well, this approach is also flawed.

Firstly, Trump is not 10 times better than Bush and Hillary. He is 100 times better than Bush and Hillary (when he does what is right). And the second reason is … take a look at same pic again:

As of now … we have succeeded in stopping genocidal disasters. We were able to stop the Bomb Mode section. A fantastic thing that has happened by stopping the Bomb Mode is that … we turned away from disasters and moved towards focusing on America. Now, the talk about the Domestic policies of America has begun. Today, we are talking about:

  • Immigration
  • Abortion
  • Gun Rights
  • Jobs & Economy
  • Tariffs

But in the previous Administrations, the only thing we were occupied with was:

  • A bomb here and a bomb there
  • Oh my God, bad people want to kill you
  • You are under threat
  • We are under war

We were occupied with total bullshit … bogus Establishment manufactured bullshit. Now, we are talking about stuff that matters. And if you see the numbers that we have at hand … in the Brag Mode … we are doing a few good things … but it will hardly generate $300 Billion per year for the country. If you look at the Blow Mode … you will see the real catastrophe unfolding. Despite having the tariffs, despite working on American Energy, despite having a record breaking jobs growth … we are headed towards a minimum of $30 Trillion debt by the end of Trump’s second term.

We have successfully stopped genocidal catastrophes but there is a major financial catastrophe unfolding. This shift of American direction … from wars to focusing on its Domestic policies … it is an excellent shift. But that’s just step one. The actual work needs to begin now.

Because, the moment America is not able to borrow more money … a total catastrophe will be unleashed in America. This is already happening in Greece. People don’t want to lend them money any more … and the country is in economic ruins. The debt under Trump has already increased by 1.5 Trillion … it was 19.5 Trillion when Obama handed over the economy … now it is more than 21 Trillion. This is the major ticking bomb and all of these wars in the past were nothing but desperate attempts to cover up this financial disaster.

Step forward and enable doing “what is right”
This is not the time to be extremely anti-Trump … nor is it the time to follow Trump blindly. It is the time to step forward and continuously enable doing what is right. This collective action is not about surpassing Trump … but it is mostly about providing Trump the support to do what is right.

Trump makes wrong decisions at times … mainly because it is a rigged system and he has some bad advisers. Collective action helps in beating this rigged system. Collective efforts help in collecting the right intelligence, doing the right analysis and making the right decisions. With collective action we can easily surpass the Establishment … and we are already winning big time over the Establishment.

The Establishment is already losing on several fronts … with no wars … with no more War on Terror … with no more Radical Islam … with tariffs … with American Energy … with a focus being brought on Domestic policies … we are able to defeat them again and again. So … a big thanks to all Intervention Forces … Ivanka, Media, Legal Networks, Russia, Europe and other world leaders … for changing America’s direction and enabling beautiful things to happen under Trump. And thanks to President Trump also for listening to his people willingly or unwillingly … at the end of the day … most of the credit goes to you because it is being done under your Presidency. You are the guy who is shining at the end of the day.

We have a long way ahead. Don’t be all negative … don’t follow blindly … rise up not to oppose but to enable what is right and hopefully … we will find a leader in Trump that listens to his people and who will do what is right. And together, we will move towards a new and incredible America … and create a nation so beautiful that such has never existed before on this planet. Let’s lead in doing what is right and you will soon find the world following us. May God bless America and May God bless us all.

Happy 4th of July!