28 Jun 2018
A favorable Supreme Court a turning point in the Trump Presidency
in America

Alright, this is what you need to understand “the Supreme Court is your lifeline against Establishment lawsuits”. This is very important. There are 70% chances that Mueller will place criminal charges or some type of indictments. 30% chances are that he may let you guys go … but that’s just 30% chance.

SM has done a fantastic thing to support our work. We need new laws and systems in place … and the old guys n gals in SC … the majority of which are Jewish … are pretty much inclined towards the Establishment. SM has created another vacancy in SC. This is actually done to support our new laws and systems that we will create. But this is a very good opportunity for you to create a good lifeline for yourself.

You need to do your research very well. Pick someone:

  • Who is not an Establishment puppet. Check their past decisions, relations, affiliations, statements and the type of political support that they have made. Make sure that they are not directly or indirectly puppeted by the Establishment. Blind favoritism for Israel is one key attribute of Establishment puppets. Such puppets will show only “wordly” loyalty to you … but the moment the Establishment gives them an order … they will flip against you. You cannot afford to have someone in the SC who is like this. Make sure that you don’t pick an Establishment puppet.
  • Who will support you. This point comes second … if the person is a puppet then doesn’t matter how much sucking up they will do … they will flip when you need them the most. First, make sure that they are not affiliated to the Establishment … not them and none of their family members. And then make sure that they will support you. If they are not puppets then it is more likely they will be more loyal to you. Don’t trust puppets.

It is the SC seat … once they get the job then we have to wait for them to die before they can be replaced … unless someone moves out owing to some health issues. It’s a good opportunity to create a lifeline for yourself.

But then again this strategy is a worst case scenario tactic. It will help you surpass the Establishment doesn’t matter how many lawsuits or how many charges they put on you. Using the Supreme Court will help you once or twice … but repeated use of SC will create a no-confidence-motion … among the public as well as in the Congress. You have already used SC to support your Travel Ban … it was not a wise idea. Everybody knows that the Travel Ban is not as per American principles and norms … and it is something that is highly criticized by almost everyone. But even then SC supported it … your influence on SC is clearly evident.

For now, it worked. But you can use this lifeline only in severe cases. The strategy that the Establishment will try to use is … “repeated and continuous lawsuits with more and more indictments”. They will create an entire pattern of SC supporting the President. They will publicize that the Supreme Court is rigged by the Trump White House and they will move for a no-confidence-motion. Even the SC cannot help you in a No Confidence Motion.

This is how you surpass the No Confidence Motion. One key entity that can help you with NCM is the American public. Right now, you are doing nothing for them … except placing tariffs. You just brag about jobs and economy and say that everything is great. This is not how to win the public’s support. You have to do something and not just brag. Launch people-centric policies that will revolutionize America … then you will get a sweeping victory from every angle.

  • SC will take care of your lawsuits
  • People will take care of the No Confidence Motion
  • And the Media Revolution will fiercely support your policies and Presidency
  • You will become unstoppable

It will become extremely difficult for the Establishment to rattle you or remove you from power. You can reign supreme.

The only major reason why “Intervention Forces” are coming into play is because you are not taking the lead. We are not interested in running your country or being the President … we are repeatedly calling you to lead. Since you are remaining inactive … other elements are coming into action and they are addressing the ongoing issues. It is because of your inaction that other elements are being forced to lead.

This is a fantastic opportunity where you are getting the Supreme Court in your favor. Now doesn’t matter what shit show the Establishment runs … doesn’t matter what charges they put on you … there is a way to handle it. This will work … provided … you form a strong public support. And that sweeping nation-wide public support will come with people-centric policies.

For heaven’s sake, don’t sit there and stagnate for another 1.5 years. Use this fantastic opportunity and turn everything in your favor. This can be a fantastic turning point for your Presidency.