26 Jun 2018
Supreme Court allows Trump’s Travel Ban Failure in victory
in America

Nah, there is failure in that victory. Supreme Court allowing your Travel Ban to continue … is not exactly a victory … the Establishment has designed failure in it for you. This is what would happen if the Travel Ban was eliminated:

  • No more Travel Ban
  • No more banning Muslims
  • No more racism
  • Trump’s Travel Ban would be a thing of the past
  • No one would get to call Trump a racist
  • No one would get to demonize Trump based upon racist grounds

It is something like the Child Separation issue. It was being done and it was very bad. But you eliminated it via an Executive Order … that was a good thing to do. You took away 25% of the talking points away from your opposition. If you had continued with the Child Separation policy … then your critics would continue to have a topic to trash you.

The same goes with the Travel Ban … if it was eliminated … then your critics would lose another topic where they can trash Trump. You are thinking that you won with the Travel Ban … but in reality … the Establishment won by allowing a racist policy to remain … so that your critics can continue to point you as a racist and a radical. Trump … the guy who hates immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks and other minorities. This is the image that the Establishment is campaigning on. There is failure in this victory.

That’s why we ourselves told you to “allow it to fail” … if it gets stopped by someone then it will be a thing of the past. The hammering points of your opponents would reduce. Right now, they have a fantastic list of points on which they can hammer you. Things are not as they seem many a time when the Establishment is concerned.