26 Jun 2018
Netanyahu is desperate for war
in America

There we go again. Israel is striking Damascus again. Netanyahu is desperate for a war. They are bent on a conflict with Russia. And our lovely President who is supposed to come into action … at least pull a few strings so that we can stop these guys for good … he is busy stuck in mental voodoo.

His latest request is “humility”. Lol. I already told him … they will keep us occupied in mental voodoo stuff while they will make all of the factual moves as per their agenda. Trump is inactive at a very dangerous time. Or maybe he is directly coordinating with the Establishment on this. Kushner makes a visit to the Middle East and the bombing begins. Seems more like a green light from Kushner. Kushner's moves for peace are so fantastic. If this guy keeps working on more "peace" ... countries will end up in flames.

Trump should get involved and he should pressurize and control Israel behind the scenes. It is a must to keep Israel under control during this phase of the work. The Establishment has exhausted all of their routes for war via America. No one is supporting any new war. Even if Trump or his associates move towards war then they are being either controlled by the media & legal networks … or the war is being stopped by Russia. Either ways, the Establishment’s routes for war have been terminated.

Since they are not getting any movement ahead via America … they are making their own movements using Israel. Israel is basically the headquarters of this criminal Establishment. The Israeli government is nothing but the frontend entity of Central Bankers. Their aim is a war against Russia.

This is what Trump needs to do to control this situation:

  • Backend Politics. Pressurize Netanyahu not to get involved in Syria via backend politics. Netanyahu will give all bullshit excuses like … we are fighting Iran in Syria … Israel has the right to defend itself … this is for our security and bla bla bla. All of that is bullshit. Syria is a sovereign country and its borders must be respected. Until and unless they are attacking you … you have no business attacking them.
  • Loyal Republicans. See if you can get some loyal Republicans who have some balls and they can publicly discourage Israel from such provocative measures. It will be difficult to find politicians with balls when it comes to controlling Israel. When it comes to Trump bashing, everyone has balls of steel … but when it comes to Israel … they turn into chickens. Even then, maybe you will find a few guys.
  • Media Pressure. Media is a very important tool in controlling the Establishment. Try to use media gurus … to analyze the next steps what will happen on this path.
    • What will happen if Syria shoots down Israeli fighter jets?
    • What will happen if Russian S400 systems are used to control this aggression?
    • What if Russia steps forward to protect Syria?
    • What if Israel starts attacking Russian S400 systems?
    • What if a war breaks out between Israel and Russia?
    • Will America enter the war? Whose side will it take?
    • Is America going to consider a war against Russia only to support Israel’s strikes on Syria?
    • Is America prepared for a nuclear war against Russia … only to support Israel’s strikes on Syria?
    • Are the lives of 330 million Americans worth supporting Israel’s strikes on Syria?
    • Is the nuclear annihilation of half of the world worth supporting Israel’s crave for more war?

This is exactly where we are headed. This is exactly what the Establishment has been wanting for a long time. The easiest way to bust Establishment’s plan is … first, unleash their disastrous plans in the media … show the people what the hell these assholes are planning. And simultaneously, use backend diplomacy to put pressure on them.

All of these options should be discussed in the media. Take inputs from Israeli politicians on these possibilities … so that you will know what is going on in their heads. Some Israeli politicians are openly saying that they will attack Russian systems in Syria … which means attacking Russian lives in Syria … inviting a direct conflict with Russia. Put this out in the media and invite them for discussions on these issues and possibilities. You will know what they are planning.

Knowing their destructive plans … you can formulate alternate routes and protect yourself from disaster. This is how you can contain the crisis for a limited period of time. The permanent solution for this malice is rooting out of Establishment monopoly itself … so that they cannot run such malicious and destructive plans using our politicians, media and companies. This solves the problem for good.