25 Jun 2018
Trump is mainly dead weight
in America

Trump should forget about getting support from the Democrats … only a moron will support your current policies and strategies. Almost all of your strategies are utterly foolish and disastrous. The only reason why you are in the White House is because:

  • We wanted an outsider in the game
  • You had an Establishment puppet on the other side … Hillary Clinton
  • We knew that you would use common sense and not start a war against Russia
  • And because of your trade imbalance platform

The above are extreme bare necessities for being in the office. The times were like that … SM wanted to test out a “people-centric” approach and see if an outsider selling a pro-American strategy … talking about trade imbalance and a corrupt system … will this win the American voters? Moving you into the Presidency was the first major test of a people-centric approach.

Despite the Establishment unleashing your sex-scandals during the final weeks of the elections … you still got a huge support. SM had to actually rig a few things to make you win. It was not about you winning … it was about a people-centric approach winning. This is something that massive SM networks are working for the past 10 years.

You are not in the White House because you have fantastic policies and strategies. Almost all of your policies and strategies are total crap … and you get massive demonization, abuse and ridicule from the media and public because of that. You have reached such low levels of Presidency that celebrities are literally shouting “F**k Trump, f**k Trump” on National television. Most of this is not your fault … you follow your advisers and most of the advice that you are getting from them is total trash. Stephen Miller is one such beauty that you have … the guy is total trash.

You are sitting there thinking that your Presidency is better than Bush or Obama’s. Firstly, Bush and Hillary are not even worth comparing … these are the monsters of politics. Its like comparing yourself to Dracula and Frankenstein. You are openly bragging that “you are not like Dracula and Frankenstein”. We are supposed to congratulate you for that?

Nobody is supposed to be Dracula or Frankenstein. But this is where the Establishment had driven American politics to … it was bringing the most stupid and incompetent people to the top … and using them as puppets to run their show in the world. That’s how we got half a dozen ridiculous wars … because of incompetent people falling for Establishment puppetry.

That’s point number one. The second point is … this change that is happening in your Presidency where things are getting people-centric … where you are getting support for trade tariffs and you are being encouraged for peaceful cooperation with countries like North Korea … all of this change is happening because of Active Democracy and SM Networks actively working on activating several support points in politics, media and legal networks to change directions and decision making.

It is not because of your leadership, vision or strategies that this is happening. In fact, most of your decisions have been disastrous and you have mostly been a “dead weight” that has to be managed in this work.

You like to remain a dead weight in this work because:

  • Of your cash deals with the Establishment
  • You think the Establishment will create an immunity shell for you from all lawsuits and
  • Because of your hotel marketing strategy

You are the President of the United States but you still keep thinking like a hotel owner. Going for the cash deals irrespective of how it will affect the people and the taxpayers … sucking up to the powerful and buying things at trashy prices and marketing them as 5 Star material. This is exactly what you have been doing in the White House since the past one and a half years.

You are taking the little bit of progress that is happening and bragging the shit out of it. It might be:

  • Jobs or economy … you had very little to do with it. But just like you brag about your hotels … you like to brag about jobs and economy and show it as your victory.
  • North Korea … here again, you were about to start a Nuclear war … but just like a hotel owner that takes stuff at trashy prices and does 5 Star marketing for himself … you did the same here. You took our advice that cost you nothing and you are sitting there bragging the shit out of it … to promote your 5 Star Presidency.

This is a hotel strategy that you have been following since you entered the White House.

  • Personally, you have been only chasing cash and benefiting the Establishment
  • Publicly, whatever good work that Active Democracy and SM Elements are doing … you are bragging it as your great Presidency.

The disadvantage of this “hotel strategy” of yours is that … you will tend to remain a dead weight throughout your Presidency. If you continue this … it means that:

  • You will suck up to the Establishment for the next 3 years
  • You will keep blowing up cash by the trillions
  • You will keep hunting for opportunities for war
  • You will remain a dead weight that will not cooperate and play your role
  • Active Democracy and SM Elements have to surpass you all the time
  • Media networks, legal networks and other world leaders have to come into action to change your course
  • And when the course changes to something nice … you will start bragging about the final result … as if it is your accomplishment.

Are you understanding where the issue is? Yes, we are making progress and better moves under the Trump Presidency. But the guy who heads the Trump Presidency … that is President Donald J Trump … this guy is being a dead weight in the work. We have to drag his weight and keep changing his direction.

Don’t be a dead weight and lead
We are the only ones who can help you in this crisis. There is absolutely no one else other than us and God. We the ones who are changing the direction of the world. When you work with us … you directly get all of the policies that are required for a new and modern America. You will know everything … all obstacles, how to overcome, how to succeed and how to move forward during each phase and step. It will be like an intelligence system that will guide you through. Instead of being a dead weight, you can lead.

These are fast changing times. During the Obama Era, it was very slow … because the movement was mainly in the Administrative section and we were working only on stopping wars. But now there is a massive awareness in the media and legal networks as well. All of them are coming into action on each issue being pointed out.

Look at their response to your current strategies and policies. How is the response? A long list of lawsuits and a truckload of demonization … because almost all of your current policies are total trash … except for trade imbalance and North Korea. Only with your sex scandal issue, the most hated politician in America, Hillary got more votes than you. That is only because of your sex scandals. Now, if you continue on your current track … with Pornstars on every TV show, policies that are un-American and racist, where you are a total dead weight to any positive work and blowing up of trillions & sucking up to the Establishment … do you really think that you stand any chance at re-election?

Forget about re-election, the Establishment is planning to terminate your Presidency via lawsuits and criminal charges much before 2020. This is the truth that you are living in. And what is Trump doing … being a hotel owner … who keeps bragging about his hotel.

Factual Analysis
You are relying a lot on jobs, North Korea and trade imbalance for re-election. Here are some numbers for you.

  • How much have you spent?
    • More than one trillion on defense deals
    • More than one trillion in corporation and income tax cuts
    • And the regular one trillion yearly debt
    • There is a chance of about $3 trillion yearly debt in the coming years … if you continue this amount of spending and the same policies.
  • How much did you put in the Treasury?
    • You brag about jobs but there is hardly any change in flow of cash to the treasury. Almost all major cash flows to the Establishment because of their monopoly. Having 96% jobs and still remaining in $20 Trillion of National Debt is the problem statement. It is nothing to be bragged about … it is something that you have to fix.
    • North Korea. Yes, North Korea is a good move. You are saving 25 million people from Communism. Actually, you have only asked for nuke removal … you still have to work on Communism … but even if you do that … how do things change for the American taxpayer? Nothing. They still live in the high cost of living depending on 2-3 jobs to survive. Yes, North Korea is an image boost for you … but it changes nothing for the American people.
    • Trade Imbalance. Here is where you are actually putting some tariffs. There will be some cash collection here. Numbers matter … how much? How much have you collected till date? $100 Billion? $200 Billion? Not even close.

If you look at your policies … you are getting a debt of $3000 Billion and you are not making even $300 Billion for the country. Your policies are creating ten times the loss for the American taxpayer. You are comparing yourself to Bush and Obama … under Bush and Obama the yearly debt was only $1 Trillion … but under your Presidency … it is headed towards $3 Trillion. Technically, you are 3 times worse than Bush and Obama.

Despite having such a drastic crisis at your hands … the only thing that you are doing is being dead weight against people who are trying to do good and just brag about yourself. This is the Trump Presidency till date. Designed policies to create $3000 Billion debt … not made even $300 Billion … and bragging that you are the best.

What you are basically thinking is that … “I got my cash deals and I only need to brag about a few points to keep my Presidency. I don’t need to do much work at all. And I can continue this for the next 7 years. Politics is easy.” Your bragging will work only temporarily … because facts impact people … people will see through very easily. And you will be held accountable for everything.