23 Jun 2018
Trump needs to learn “tactical resistance” against the Establishment
in America

The Trump Presidency has certain positive points. And none of these positive points include Establishment worship. If you observe:

  • Nobody praises Trump for striking Syria
  • Nobody praises Trump for spending trillions on Defense
  • Nobody praises Trump for supporting the Establishment in any way … like eliminating Net Neutrality rules
  • All of the above moves are not in the headlines and he is not getting positive coverage for them
  • Establishment worship is not helping Trump in anyway as far as his Presidency is concerned

In fact, doing the opposite is helping him. Tactically standing against the Establishment is helping Trump … take a look:

  • Tariffs. Almost all previous Presidents signed Free Trade Deals that cost America trillions in revenue, jobs, industries and technology. All of this supports the Establishment’s “Global Trade” concept. China has been the largest beneficiary of Free Trade and Global Trade. This entire concept is designed by the Establishment to pool all industries, technology and manufacturing to China. Interestingly, when Trump is putting tariffs on other countries … then he is tactically standing against an Establishment concept. Keeping America First and putting tariffs on other countries has given him a strong base to promote his Presidency. No previous US President did this in recent times and Trump is taking a lead in this.
  • Peaceful cooperation with North Korea. Another major step for which Trump gets a lot of credit and positive publicity is for the peaceful cooperation with North Korea. Here again … the Establishment’s agenda is more wars and more destruction that has only been costing America by the trillions. When Trump has moved away from this Establishment’s agenda … he is getting enormous publicity and recognition to the extent that people are recommending a Nobel Prize for him.

Sucking up to the Establishment got you nothing but bad publicity … but tactically standing up to the Establishment and keeping People First is getting enormous positive coverage and they are becoming the pillars of your Presidency.

You yourself can see the real time “factual” effect on your Presidency. Nobody cares about your spending on defense and nobody cares to mention your strikes on Syria. But everyone loves and supports the major moves that you are making on tariffs and North Korea. The Establishment monopoly is there … but once you know how to play the game … it is also very easy to win.

A major limitation – limited know-how
Your moves are good with tariffs and North Korea … but in both the scenarios your major limitation is “limited know-how”. Only trade tariffs will not save the American economy. Tariffs is just step one … it is just 10% of the work … 90% of the moves are still missing. This is an Establishment monopoly crisis and it needs to be dealt from multiple angles. You still have to activate several other strategies in order to fix the debt and economic crisis.

Yes, you are putting tariffs on other countries. But Establishment monopoly means that … all major companies within America are owned by the Establishment and all major companies that are exporting to America from the outside … they are also owned by the Establishment. Using their monopoly, the Establishment can try to hike prices and create a recession within America. They are already working on ways to fail Trump’s tariffs.

You cannot work on fractional information … stick to just one line and hope to win against the Establishment army. The resultant work will be limited and the Establishment will be continuously looking for ways to fail your efforts. In order to fully win against the Establishment, you have to work from multiple angles.

The same goes with North Korea. Nukes and threats are only 10% of the problems in North Korea. There are still 90% of the issues that must be addressed. You have to activate several pressure points and support points in order to fix the North Korean issue. Remaining attached to only fractional information will not give you the full results.

By making only 10% of the moves … you are getting such massive positive publicity where people are recommending you for Nobel Prizes … imagine your rise when you get into the game a total 100%. With just fractional efforts, you are getting so much publicity … imagine the mileage you will get when you make dozens of such moves. You will become unmatchable.

How SM is winning against the Establishment
A simple example that you can see live is … how SM elements are winning against the Establishment. SM did not work only based upon the information that these guys are a Jewish Establishment. If we said that … “these guys are bad Jews … go after them” … then do you think it would work? No, it would not. We had to show them:

  • Where exactly is the problem in this Jewish ideology
  • Who are the exact culprits and criminals behind this
  • How do we keep the common Jews safe while addressing this crisis
  • How their systems are designed
  • Where are their support points
  • How they use the legals, media and politicians to run their show
  • And then based upon the above information … how to organize tactical resistance against the Establishment.

We had to prepare SM from half a dozen different angles to address just one issue being created by the Establishment. When they work with this full information … they are easily able to win. The understanding and organization is where the maximum effort is required. Once you move in with the full understanding and a proper organization … then it becomes a simple knock-out game. It becomes very very easy to win.