20 Jun 2018
Establishment worship is Trump’s biggest drawback
in America

This is what Trump needs to notice. Observe the movement … where we are headed and what you are doing during this movement. You are mostly on a total contrast. The movement is all about containing and restricting the Establishment’s influence in the world. Since you have your cash deals and assume immunity from jail via the Establishment … you are ending up being a major Establishment worshipper.

The major reason why the Silent Majority is immensely successful against a very organized and widespread Establishment is because their approach is fact-based and they basically hold the majority of the country in their hands. Examples of fact-based approach:

  • War on Terror was a bogus agenda and Radical Islam was also a bogus concept that was only creating genocide in several countries. Because both of these were “facts” … both of these Establishment concepts were vaporized.
  • The Establishment was controlling the “decision-making process” in the country by controlling the politicians and the media. This is again a fact. SM is actively working on knocking out as many as possible Establishment puppets from the Congress and from other key decision-making places. This is one of the reasons why Trump was chosen over Hillary. It was done mainly to eliminate an Establishment puppet.
  • Understanding that Russia is “not an enemy”. This is again a fact. Russia does not have animosity against America or Europe … in fact, Russia wants to be friends with the West. Understanding of this “fact” again led to better international cooperation.

I can go on and on … giving several examples. If you see all of the above examples … they were Establishment agendas. War on Terror was an Establishment agenda … Radical Islam was an Establishment agenda … controlling countries and decision-making process is still a major Establishment agenda that has to be eliminated … being anti-Russia was an Establishment agenda. SM is failing the Establishment in its most “massive schemes” both at the domestic and international levels.

Despite the fact, that the Establishment still has the monopoly and ownership … even then they are losing to SM. Mainly because … when SM comes into action … it is “fact-based” and SM is a thousand times more widespread than the Establishment.

The issue with you is that … there is a massive movement to identify all Establishment supporters and their malicious systems … and then eliminate both of these entities. Establishment’s supporters as well as their systems are being actively eliminated as we speak. We are progressively moving more and more ahead in this direction. Since the work is fact-based … it is also giving enormous positive results via facts that can be measured:

  • No new wars
  • No more fear and insecurity
  • Saving trillions in wasteful war expenditure
  • Job and economic growth is phenomenal
  • A peaceful and progressive environment is created

Now, in this environment, if you end up coming off as an Establishment worshipper then you end up looking like the bad guy. You need to understand the movement of the flow and tactically change your strategies.

Child Separation Policy – Treating Migrants as Criminals
This is what you need to know about this current issue that is quite hot in America’s news networks. Everyone was basically waiting very eagerly as to when Active Democracy is going to be launched … when will this finally begin? What they did not realize is that … since the past one and a half years … we are already in Active Democracy mode.

  • Every action and policy of the Trump Administration is kept in the headlines
  • The media is doing a fantastic job of analyzing and scrutinizing every move that the Administration makes
  • The media is actively connecting politicians and people together … locally and internationally
  • This is activating Intervention Forces when Trump is not on the right side
  • The Establishment has lost to a great extent the control over the country

You hate the media but the media and SM networks get a huge credit for this.

What the media has done is … they have seen a genuine issue being created at the ground level where about 12,000 children are being treated as criminals and about 2000 children are separated from their families. They have brought this issue into the headlines … made massive news out of it … in order to push our politicians to take action. This is an Active Democracy concept in action. The lead on this issue … has not been taken by any politician … not by Democrats or Republicans … the lead has been taken by the media. They don’t hold any government position … they don’t hold any office … but they are citizens of the country actively working on an issue that concerns them … they are playing “Active Citizens”.

By being Active Citizens and with the media in their hands … they are easily able to direct politicians to do what is right. Welcome to People Power.

The Origins of treating Migrants as Criminals
One of the reasons your Administration treats “migrants as criminals” is because you have morons like Stephen Miller who give you such advice. He sits there recommending everything that is being done in Israel as something that is great and it needs to be followed. That’s where you get your support for the Muslim Ban, Border wall and treating migrants as criminals from. All of this is actively being done in Israel.

As per a published report, Israel is the world’s 4th worst countries. Israel is a role model to no one. They have the shittiest and most self-serving, radical & racist policies. If you follow Israel and guys who think that these policies are great … then you end up being a self-serving radical racist. Which is exactly how your image is being formed in America on this issue. Everyone finds Trump to be hateful and racist.

The truth is that … you are not a racist and hateful guy … you are a nice guy who likes to do good work … you like to shine and be great. The problem with your leadership is that … you follow shitty advisers and shitty advice … because of which you get this negative image.

To handle this issue at its core … give guys like Stephen Miller some Administrative work … where he is not advising anyone. If anyone comes to you and says … “hey, this policy works in Israel” … then take that advice and keep it aside. Double check it and verify if it follows “American principles and Christian values”. If it follows American principles and Christian values … and if it is good for the people then only follow it … otherwise, just trash it.

Making the change
Try not to use this issue as a bargaining chip for Border Wall funding. This will show you again as self-serving at the expense of thousands of children. You did a good thing in North Korea … try to maintain that image. Don’t allow people to think that … “hey, this guy was ready for a Nuclear War just for money and now he is exploiting thousands of children for money for his Border Wall. The guy is unbelievably selfish.” This image will tank your publicity to a great extent.

When the issue is about children and the issue is making headlines … then just sweep in and be the hero. Take the lead and rectify the issue.

Power of the Media
Technically, in a Democracy … after the people and the government … it is the media that is the most powerful entity in the country. The media is going to be a very very active element in all major future reforms. It is going to be the interconnection between politicians and the people. Any negative politician will get hammered … positive politicians will rise to glory.

Remember, the movement is always moving in a positive and progressive direction. In 2016, we had Presidential candidates like Hillary GodDamn Clinton on the ballot … which is why you were chosen. But the next election will be a different ball game. There are going to be more people-centric candidates … policies, reforms and fight the people … everything is going to get more and more people-centric.

In 2016, you were chosen over Hillary … but you never know what is going to happen in 2020. Hillary will not be there on the ballot. Prepare for the times that you are seeing … see the movement and the flow … Establishment worship is not going to get you anywhere. The more the negative you come off in each policy & reform, the more your chances of success reduce. On top of that, you have the malicious Establishment that wants to root you out.

There is a major ongoing transition and SM is winning on almost all major massive policies. Try to make the right choices and come off as people-centric. Don’t follow advice from radical morons who will create a racist image for you. Try to get people-centric … it will be easy to win.